As most of you probably know from my instagram account, Steven and I have just returned from Florida where we went out to see his Mum.  We've been a few times before and whilst I wouldn't really recommend it (it's a very bizarre state), it was lovely to get some sunshine, have a break off work and relax. This is going to be a super image-heavy post, so bear with me. 

Best part of the trip: visiting the beautiful St.Augustine and staying in a beach cottage. Very instagrammable, but also you could lay on the beach all day long because a breeze meant it was never too hot. The sea was warm, the people were friendly and our cottage had a private strip of beach so we were totally on our own which was nice.

This was me on said private beach and the blue house I'm pointing at is where we stayed. There was a little hammock and outdoor sofa bit where we had breakfast which was delivered for us in a picnic basket. Yeah, I know, stop with the cute.  


 Let's all take a minute to appreciate Steven's abnormally long and lean legs. Giselle, is that you?

Cliche White Girl & Pool Float Gram.


I got a tattoo. Not on a whim, I booked a few months before. Stay tuned for the reveal (it's still a little scabby...) 

Me before said tattoo, snapped in all my glory by my instagram boyfriend. (Just kidding, he's a logistcs analyst, but you probably can't tell by how great this photo of me is.)

Being classy as usual.

 Wearing some overpriced pants/trousers from Free People drinking rose and being everything I hate.

And some scenic pictures of me in front of the prettiest trees I'd ever seen and in St Augustine town center.

7 things I would like you all to know about my trip:

1. I didn't brush my hair for pretty much the entire time and it basically became one large dreadlock
2. I got drunk and cried in front of Steven's mum but it's cool because wine was 9 bucks for a litre and a half
3. I didn't tan at all.
4. I ate a burger basically every day until I discovered Publix Subs - oh my God.
5. It isn't as easy to take a sexy photo on a blow-up pool unicorn as people make it look.
6. Cracker Barrel is both the best and worst place I have ever been in my entire life.
7. I spent a hundred quid in Michaels on llama-related stationery. I regret nothing.

I've had this blog for a long time, since it was recommended at University. I've never really found my niche with it, and every now and again I'll get a boost of motivation and go out and do a shoot and bank a few fashion posts and the blog lives on.

I've been reflecting a little on my blog and instagram (you know, the important things in life) and I'm not really being real with myself. I'm a writer, not a fashion blogger. I can write 2 pages about the new Gucci release but I won't be the girl toting it around taking photos of it and looking glam.
(Big up respect for any real life fashion bloggers, you are the unicorns of the world.)

But for me, these are the 10 reasons I will never be a real fashion blogger:

1. I will always have a hairband on my wrist and a bag big enough to carry around everything I *probably won't* need, and it's just not very chic.

2. Fashion influencers seem to look amazing every time they leave the house. Honestly, I just can't be assed putting that much effort into my appearance.

3.  They also seem to have permanently growing wardrobes, whereas I am constantly trying to throw stuff out from mine - counterproductive for a fashion blogger I would imagine.

4. If I have twenty quid I'd rather spend it on a large pizza and bottle of wine at the weekend than on a top  -  and you can't blog about the pizza. (Or can I.... ? Stay tuned!)

5. It's actually a lot of hassle finding somewhere that looks nice with good lighting to shoot - plus you have to ask your friends to take all your pics for you when really you all want to be doing something else.

6. *Waits for backlash* I'm not thin enough. Fashion bloggers are aspirational and that's why they gain following - because they look incredible or  have amazing wardrobes. Constantly comparing yourself to other people is pretty unhealthy, but you can't help it when you're scrolling through the feed all day.  Realistically, I'm not thin enough to look great whatever I wear, and I'm not willing to give up the aforementioned pizza and wine nights to get there.

Edit : I'm not saying I approve of this 'thinner looks better's mentality but it's rooted into society and makes us all feel a bit shit sometimes I think. 

7. Shooting honestly feels like a bit of a chore rather than fun for me - and weekends are for having a merry old time, not chores.

8. I don't actually dress very well. Pretty key if you're talking about personal style.

9. It's been like 7 years of selfies and I still haven't found 'my angle'. It's time to accept I probably don't have one. (I'm crying tears shaped like Kylie Jenner as I write this admission.)

10. It's just too much pressure trying to be something you're not.

So it's taken a while but at least I can cross one thing off my list of potential blog niches. In all honesty my blog may well go back to what it was in the early days - a place for me to write about all the things I hate. (Apparently myself, judging by this post.)

But seriously, it's important to do the things that make you happy and feel fulfilled, and I've realised that fussing over an instagram theme and fretting about getting a great shot rather than experiencing the moment without a phone isn't making me happy. It's not an accurate representation of who I am.

An accurate representation of who I am would be this gif:

And this gif is probably an accurate representation of what is to come for my blog, so prepare your loins and girdle up, lads.

Let me know your thoughts on fashion blogging,my fashion posts, and anything else!

A hot-topic and trigger for many an office debate, I know a lot of you have probably had many sleepless nights wondering who exactly I fancy the most from Game of Thrones. I admit, I've had sleepless nights myself trying to work it out as it seems to change episode-to-episode. But I forced myself to consider all points and form a definitive list.

In order, and without any hesitation:

1. Daenerys Targaryen
Nobody can argue, she is an absolute dreamboat and she has blooming dragons. The exact opposite of a crush with baggage. She is clearly the ultimate #GirlBoss and thus honoured with number 1 place in my heart and my list of crushes.

2. Khal Drogo
LOOK. AT. HIM. And when all the Dothraki are riding around standing on their stallions waving their spears around... let's just keep it PC and say they need more airtime.

3. Jorah Mormont
I'm just obsessed with this guy. I would honestly get greyscale just to spend some alone time with him in his cell. Pushed down from first place to third because of how obsessed he is with Daenerys - I can't really compete with that. 

4. Missandei
Probably the most beautiful person on the show, but minus points for being kind of boring. Sorry hun. 

5. Greyworm
He always looks slightly concerned but if he didn't he'd be super hot. Loses some points for not having genitals. (Probs why he always looks concerned tbf.)

6. Littlefinger 
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a sexy accent.

7. Margaery Tyrell
What a go-get-em kinda gal. Big fan, and she had incredible hair and bedroom eyes. Plus her grandma would be the coolest ever grandma-in-law. (Unless you're Joffrey, in which case she was kind of the worst.)

8. Jaimie Lannister
Hottest guy but lost a ton of points for the whole incest thing. Can't really see past that.

9. Daario Naharis
Yeah I mean he's cute but what even happened to him?

10. Podrick Payne
I've heard big things about Pod. ;) Also just look at him. He is so pure and innocent and protective and I just love him. Lost some points for looking like a little brother, although he's aging nicely as the series progress. 

11. Rob Starke
Undeniably pleasant to the eye but doesn't listen to anybody else and a little too arrogant to make it any higher than 11th place.

12. Jon Snow
Likewise, Jon is aesthetically pleasing there is no denying it, but he has absolutely no banter.
We are 6 seasons in and he has never laughed or made a joke. I need a little more bantz from my bbz.

13. Tormund 
Oh, I do love a **(Edit: NORWEGIAN?!)  man. Plus he's super badass. Loses points because I want to see him kiss Brienne more than I want to kiss him myself, but the attraction's there for sure.

14. Bronn
 I mean, who doesn't love a badboy?

15. Gendry
 I like how he wields a hammer instead of a sword. Absolutely no fucks given and that's the kind of guy I'm a fan of.

16.  Renly Baratheon
Plus points: Handsome face and great hair. Negative points: Gay

17. Talisa Stark 
Absolute mega babe, but didn't get enough air time for me to fall in love with her properly. Also she had the opposite of a sexy accent. Lastly, she came across a little too 'mumsy' for me to even really want to take her on a night out. 

18. Tommen Baratheon
Ok, I know he's like 12, but what a beautiful little face he has. He's on here as a premeditated guess that he's going to be even more handsome than Jaimie when he's older. I could be wrong - I thought Bran would grow up to be handsome. But for now, I have high hopes for little Tommen. 

19. Tyrion Lannister
We could drink wine together, pee our pants laughing together, plot the demise of our siblings together, and also he's super intelligent, which is always a turn-on. Only this far down because he only fancies  prostitutes. 

20. Sansa Starke
Number 20 because she is beautiful, but also miserable as sin.

1. Bumping into my exes when I look like shit.

2. Spiders.

3. Someone finding my entire life-worth of internet history.

4. Liking someone's photo from 48 weeks ago on Instagram.

5. What the doctor would say if I told the truth when they ask how many units of alcohol I drink in a week.

6. Hangovers.

7. The biscuit breaking when I dip it in my tea.

8. Farting at the gym.

9. Domino's being delivered without the extra dip.

10. Discovering an intolerance to cheese.

11. Going for a handshake when they go for a hug.

12. Thinking my headphones are plugged in but they aren't so everyone knows I sit listening to the Legally Blonde broadway musical soundtrack in my spare time.

13. Discovering my boyfriend is secretly one of those people who argues with strangers on celebrity Instagram pages.

14. My foot somehow getting caught on the escalators in the tube station and my leg ripping off when it reaches the bottom.

15. Falling instantly in love with the driver of a white van when he shouts out the window at me and then him driving away and me never seeing him again.

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