An Open Letter to Dr. Walter Palmer

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dr. Palmer, (or do you go by Dr. Death now?) 
I hope you're having a truly terrible day.
I am writing this open letter not just to you, but anyone of your community who partakes in the legal 'sport' of hunting wild or endangered species.

Three Essential Summer Dresses | OOTD

Sunday, 26 July 2015

There are three types of dresses you need to get you through the summer. The shape and cut should vary to suit your shape - I always opt for a skate or something to cover the tum-tum area, but this is just my preference. I'm going to skim through the three dresses to get you through the summer in this post. 


The 10 Things EVERY City Girls' Wardrobe Needs.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

These are the essentials, the things any 'City Girl' needs in her wardrobe as safeguard fallbacks to avoid an 'I have nothing to wear!' disaster. (We've all been there.) For me I'm very much a monochrome type o' gal. All blacks, whites, and if I'm feeling very daring, some navies, creams and stones. I feel like these are the most flattering for me, and perhaps I've become a much safer dresser since my Uni days. But whatever your style or taste, these are the ten pieces you will find yourself reaching for time and time again, regardless of the occasion.