Natural Summer Makeup FOTD

Friday, 25 July 2014

So recently it's been very humid, and basically a nightmare for makeup. It ends up down my face and all over my clothes pretty much. So I wanted to do a look that was really plain and simple to  suit the weather because nobody wants a full face caked on in the heat.

I applied some Benefit Porefessional on my cheeks to cover pores, and then went over my whole face with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in soft beige. I usually use a liquid foundation but when it's this humid I need something more substantial and mattifying to keep the shine away because I have an oily T-zone. I contoured using Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in medium/dark because its nice and matte again, and then highlighted the tops of my cheeks and under my brow bone with the Sleek FaceForm Contour Pallette, which I used a blush from as well on the apples of my cheeks. All of this together gave a very clean finish and no shine. I set it all with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent.

I really lightly filled in my brows with Makeup Store Micropowder in the shade Deadly. I set it off with the Maybelline Brow Gel in dark brown.

For my eyes I just used the Naked Palette 2 powder Foxy just to brighten the eye up a bit, and then lots of layers of the L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara to open my eyes right up. I didn't wear eyeliner to keep it all looking fresh and light.

For my lips I coloured them in using a Max Factor Lipliner  in the shade 10 Ruby and then went over the inside with Topshop Lip Crayon in the shade Coy.

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A Post About a Handbag.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Every now and again something really, really good unexpectedly happens. And you think perhaps it's karma for helping that old lady with her bags or something because there is no way that things like this actually happen. Things like finding £50 in your jeans pockets or getting emailed with a random offer for a dream job or getting a call from Tom Hardy saying you are his one true love and he wants to hitch you. That type of level. Well, it happened to me. (Not the actual Tom Hardy thing but on a similar level of joy.) 

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I went into London to meet some of my girls for a nice, relaxed day of wine and carbs in the sun. Obviously shopping involved. The one and only thing I wanted was to come away with a brown, everyday handbag. I had been looking for one for weeks but unfortunately I am incredibly picky with bags and the slightest thing can turn me off or make me see it as tacky. I don't actually own any brown bags, I always go for black. But I think brown is better for Summer/Autumn/Spring so the time came. I looked pretty much in every shop and basically gave up. 

We had already been in Zara but I was walking past another one and basically this bag was right on the floor in the middle where someone had changed their mind and dumped it by the door. So I told my friend to hold fire and went and picked it up and it was £100 (authentic leather) in the sale for £40. It was the bag. So I went to pay and (here is the really good bit.) It scanned through as £25. I literally tried not to snog the girl behind the till. I had been more than willing to pay the £40. Hell, I would have paid the hunner.

 It's the perfect size, it's not too big but fits everything I could need including cameras and dog toys in it with ease. The leather is supple and the best shade of tan. There's no random stuck on embellishments and the gold detailing and buckles don't look tacky or like they will bronze. It is literally the perfect bag. And I literally found it in the middle of the floor for 75% off!

  I am so glad I helped that old lady with he bags.

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Haul | Topshop, Brandy Melville, American Apparel etc.

Friday, 11 July 2014

I have a big haul post today, apologies for the image-heavy nature of it.

So I went into London and basically got sucked up into all the sales, so I have a few purchases to share which I'll also do in a kind of Outfit Post type scenario. I will also be doing a video so I'll upload that in a few days time hopefully!

So firstly I have an admission of guilt. I spent £56 on a pair of shorts. I KNOW I KNOW. But hear me out! I have about 5 pairs of denim shorts in my wardrobe that I can't wear because they are either too big, or my butt cheeks hang out everywhere. I have really wide hips in comparison to my waist and legs so finding jeans or anything high-waisted that fits is like trying to find MAC in a Debenhams. So when I tried on some shorts in American Apparel and they fit like a glove.. well it's an investment isn't it? You can wear denim sorts year-round with tights and they will last forever. So that's that.

I also picked up this loose vest top from Topshop for a tenner, because I wear white a lot and it's just a basic staple piece. The belt in the picture is from Miss Selfridge, but I got that a while back. Can you guys see why I bought the shorts now!? Perfect fit!!

When I was in Topshop getting the vest I saw this bodycon dress in the sale by an independent brand called WYLDR. I tried it on and it was an XS and somehow fit. When something XS fits you buy it, regardless of what it is. Just because you squeezed in. But I do actually really like the dress I think it's flattering and perfect for summer. It came in at only £22 as well. Bargainous.

I don't usually go into Jack Wills, I find it overpriced and a bit preppy for my usual style but I went in for the sale and tried this sweatshirt on and it felt gloriously soft. I left the store and about 4 hours later thought 'Oh sod it, I want that sweatshirt.' And here we are.

 It's really good quality and with Autumn rapidly approaching it will be good to throw on with some skinnies or just to wear with my PJs for nights in with a cuppa. I love the material as well I think it's really pretty and a nice way to get a patter into an outfit without it being overbearing.

I had been after a casual day-dress for a while after a catastrophe involving me shrinking all of my H&M ones in the dryer. This Brandy Melville one is super super thin material, making it ideal for summer. I'm always a fan of parisian stripes as well, so this was an easy choice at £25. I love Brandy Melville in general, they always have such lovely boho-style things to choose from.

Lastly I had been after a white bikini for a while because the weather has been gorgeous, I have a pool to sunbathe by and let's be honest - white makes a tan look perfect. They were all ridiculously expensive everywhere until I found this one in New Look. I love the lace detailing it's just perfect for summer and throwing on with some shorts and a kimono and boots. Don't worry, I won't get too explicit on the blog but you can see what the top looks like. (It's really supportive too, you don't feel like you're falling out of it ever.)

 So that's what I got last week, a video to come soon too. Have you found anything decent in the sales this year?
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OOTD: Bloody boiling.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

There is a heat-wave in London currently. Not a cushy 23 degrees chill-in-the-sun-with-a pint type heatwave. We are talking 26 degrees melt-on-the-floor-consider-suicide heatwave. Especially if you have a low tolerance like me. I had the day off work which was glorious, so went into central London to spend all that money I don't have. Mission: Wear as little as possible without being mistaken for a Street Walker.

The go-to was a crop, obviously. Nothing black. (Also obvious.) This crop was a Topshop basic from last year but they have similar (actually nicer IMO) ones in stock this season. Paired them with these tailored shorts from Miss Selfridge. Denim would be too heavy for the heat I think, and these are high enough to hide my midriff, which I'm never keen to parade. Sandals are Birkenstock rip-offs from Primarni, the perfect solution if you can't decide whether to bend for the trend or not. Ugly? Yes. Comfortable? So much comfort. Solution = Primarni. Always Primarni.

I added my beloved orange clutch, and then freaked out that the outfit looked too classy for me. So I threw in some tacky jewellery and was good to go.

Sunnies were a gift from my girl Daisy, the bracelet is Primarni, the watch is Timex. My 'hood bitch' hoops were from New Look a while back, originally purchased for a 90s themed party but they've stuck around for when I need to spice an outfit up. My tattoo was done by Rebecca Vincent at Circle London. I always think it looks good with some chunky gold costume jewellery.

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40 F*cks List II

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A long time ago I made a list of 50 people I would like to engage in sexual relations with. It was a relatively popular post, and time and tastes have changed so I thought I would revise a new list. (Ten short of 50, it got difficult.) Old List can be seen here.  
Disclaimer: I have not slept with anyone on this list, unfortunately. And this list is in no particular order.

1.Beyonce Obviously.
2. Jorah Mormont. He can spy on me any day.
3. Jon Snow knows something about being hot.
4.  Lord Baelish. 
5. Dave Franco
6. Elsa. Admit it she's hot. 
7. Tom Hardy. I still want his hardy.
8. Vanessa Hudgens, because she was sexy in Spring Breakers.
9. Bradley Cooper, especially in a suit.
10. Jennifer Lawrence because I'm an unoriginal conformist to society.
11. Rachel Mcadams, she's bloody glorious. Always.
12. The dude from Save The Last Dance. What a cutie.
13.  Poussey. Accent a droite, bitch.

14. Pharrel. Aye, he could make me happy.

15. Adriana Lima

16. Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner. Not at the same time though.

17. Obama. 

18. Remus Lupin. Things could get a bit freaky after dark but I'm game if he is.

19. Awkward threesome with Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

20. Hugh Grant if he was like 10 years younger.

21.Tinie Tempah. My ultimate soulmate.

22. Kelly Kapowski. The definition of glorious, and my first ever woman-crush.

23. Mila Kunis and her bedroom eyes.

24. Christian Bale, especially in American Psycho minus the raping and murder parts.

25. Amanda Holden

26. Cersei because I love a bad bitch.

27. Phoebe Lettice. The only attractive cast member in all of Chelsea. 

28.Ed Westwick, especially in a suit, especially with his British accent.


30. George Clooney, the definition of a silver fox.

31. Jennifer Anniston because she's rocking hot for her age. Cudos.

32. Kuzco because he is hands down the funniest male character ever written by Disney.

33.Christina Aguilera

34. Nina Nesbitt, the ultimate sweetheart.

35. David Beckham. He's only gotten better with age.

36.Victoria Justice

37. Rebeca Fox

38. Danaerys. This woman is PERFECTION in every single way.

39. Skylar Austin. Top cutie.

40.  Paul Rudd. The funny guy always wins.

And finally, 3 People I would NEVER sleep with.
1. Joffrey

2. Spencer

3. Avril Lavigne

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