Photo diary from our trip to Cambodia. (Spoiler: There are many dogs.)

 Horse riding in Sihanoukville

Befriending the locals

Meeting the tiniest gato

Me two seconds after completing Draft 1 of Amity!

The time Steven finally became an insta-boyfriend.

The sea-hammock where I read TATBILB.


I am the shadow and he is the ray of light in the relationship, clearly.

Trying to paddle board.

My new best friend.

She really liked this stick. 

Pool 1 of many.

Beach hut #1 where a giant gecko roomed with us.

Sihanoukville sunset

Doggo #918740921875087135

Boat in Koh Samloem

Potential to sell to Mac as a desktop screensaver.

Me, happy to be leaving the gecko-infested beach hut.

Beach hut #2 - no geckos to be named


Reasons I am not built for a tropical climate:
1. I have approximately 67 insect bites despite lathering myself in repellant. Including between my fingers.
2. I sweat profusely all day long to the point that deodorant is literally futile.
3. I have a very unsexy heat rash on my back.
4. I found a red spider bug in my bikini bottoms the other day. If I didn't find it when I did, I am convinced it would have crawled inside me and laid eggs and I would have given birth to spider bugs.
5. I saw a tarantula in the jungle.
6. Going to bed is like lying on sandpaper and no matter how many showers I have, sand has become part of my soul.
7. My hair has matted and become one large dreadlock.
8. I have woken up every night itching from my 67 insect bites and been unable to get back to sleep because it's just too hot.
9. It's too hot to drink alcohol without getting the shits.
10. I have been attacked by three rabid cats.
11. I spent time coming to the conclusion that Steven would not win a fight against a monkey, and is therefore an unsafe travelling companion for late night jungle walks. We saw 5 monkeys, they all looked cross. I was afraid and would not repeat the experience.

I'm old. Today is my 26th birthday and although I always joke I am like a grandma I realised today just how true it was.
 When did we become grown ups?   I realise with horror it's  snuck up on me over time and I have the proof.

1. I don't make fun of Bridget Jones style pants any more. In fact, I welcome them with open arms.
2. My ideal night out no longer starts at 11pm, it ends at 11pm. 
3. On payday the first thing I looked up was 'carpet cleaners near me'.
4. The only reason I still have Facebook is for when I'm drunk and want to look people up from school to see what they're doing now and compare success rates.
5. My entire feed is people getting pregnant, engaged, or refusing to adult and living abroad.
6. Everyone's profile pictures are now couple photos and not selfies with cute filters.
7. I check the egg box before I pay for them.
8. People ask me stuff at work and I realize it's because I'm an adult with years of experience and am actually qualified to answer the question. Which still seems weird to me.
9. All my bras are now those soft triangle ones from Urban Outfitters with no wire rather than sexy lace push-up ones.
10. I don't get ID'd in Sainsburys anymore, even when I don't have any makeup on.
11. I go to Sainsbury's without wearing makeup, because I've realised nobody cares, especially not me.
12. I use Pinterest to look at home interior posts and furniture DIY.
13. I consider buying Elle Home every time I go to a newsagents, rather than my usual Cosmo.
14. I say things like 'make sure you eat before you go drinking'.
15. I drink a bottle of wine when I go out, instead of a bottle of vodka.
16. My hangovers last about a week.
17. I go to therapy and nobody's making me.
18. I plan dates with my friends up to 3 weeks in advance because otherwise we just won't see each other.
19. I have to drink coffee every morning otherwise it's a horrible day for everyone.
20. I am excited when I get to go to bed at 9pm.
21. I save my receipts.
22. I check my bank balance and juggle money from accounts to improve my credit rating.
23. I get Christmas cards for my pet-sitter. 
24. I look up the prices of houses on our street because mundane and nosy things like that became interesting to me at some stage in my pathetic existence. 
25. I read the newspaper on the way into work every morning. And enjoy it.
26. When I'm on holiday I find myself interested in the architecture and supermarket offerings

So there you have it. 
I am officially old and boring.

Don't get me wrong, I still spend most of my time wearing animal-themed onesies and ponchos in the house listening to McFly and vomitting my brains out from a hangover on Saturday mornings, but in general, at some stage, it looks like I grew up. And tbh, I'm not all that happy about it. 

A quick apology post because I absolutely have neglected blogging recently.
(Side note: How BEAUTIFUL does my best friend Abi look as a bride? These two girls are my oldest and closest friends from school and I had the best day ever - crying all the way through the ceremony - watching Abz get married to her hunky hubby.)

So back to my apology.
The truth is, I've been completely overwhelmed and invested in my book, which releases on August 4th.
I wasn't even sure whether to renew my calliekazumi.com domain name because in all honesty I don't know how much time I will have to blog going forwards!

I LOVE blogging, and what started as a place to share fashion-y thoughts developed into a diary where I could rebuild myself and writing on here and getting messages from you all helped me when I was really struggling with my depression.

I will continue to blog ad-hoc whenever things happen (my birthday is very soon, and I have a romantic trip to Cambodia booked which I will be posting all about on here!) but my time is going to have to go to writing books.

Being an author is something I have always dreamed about and losing my job gave me the time to reconsider a lot of things. I am so thankful to have the support I do and the opportunity to do something I feel so, SO passionate about!

My YA Fantasy novel will be coming out in less than a month on Amazon, and there is a sequel which is currently a WIP to be released before the end of the year.

After THAT, I'm currently in the plotting stage for an entirely separate series - an urban fantasy inspired by my own personal struggles with mental health.

I hope you will all understand why I have not been blogging recently.

I love you all, miss you all and will be back whenever anything exciting happens, I promise!

Callie xxxx

Hello friends,

I've been away for a few weeks doing too much sun-soaking and wine-drinking and not enough book-writing. For that reason, this will be largely a photo diary post as every second spent writing anything other than the sequel to my debut book (releasing this summer, obvs,) is time wasted. 

A quick rundown of ;

Kayaking in the caves
Exploring the caves
Discovering amazing wine is only 1 euro 50 for an entire bottle
Discovering being gluten free in Spain is very easy at tapas bars
Being with my best friend for two weeks straight
Getting a good tan on my legs
Reading Dolly Alderton's book

Falling down a crack in the rocks whilst snorkling and cutting/bruising up my ankle
Vomitting red wine after a late-night pub quiz
Losing pub quiz because we were the only ones there under 50
Losing Bingo in the interval break of said quiz because I didn't know how to play and couldn't find the numbers quick enough
Getting sunburnt right under my boobs
Finishing The Gender Games series and having to come to terms with the fact it was over

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