The OOTD Instagram Loves, a Vivienne Westwood Bag & my Youtube Explanation

Monday, 6 July 2015

Something weird happened this weekend. I posted a standard OOTD post onto my Instagram account, which had a humble 420-something followers. The most likes a photo ever got was 100, which I thought was some sort of witchcraft with my average being probably around 20. This morning my account is sitting on 1116 followers and the OOTD post below has 2060 likes.  I honestly don't know what is going on, but hell, I'm gonna ride the wave like a trooper and give you all a proper OOTD post. I think this warrants it. 

I wore this outfit to a BBQ. Originally my hair was half-up, half-down, but I ended up shoving it all up to keep the heat at bay. I feel it was a wise choice. My sunglasses are no longer online, but are by Quay Australia and I bought them in the Oxford Circus Topshop. They are an absolute dream, I love them. The bridge is higher meaning my tiny Voldemort-esque nose doesn't look even smaller than usual, which is great. 
The top is from H&M, it's not online but was bought a few days ago so if you pop in it'll probably still be there. My shorts are from Urban Outfitters but are quite old now, these from Missguided are similar though.  I wore just plain black pump shoes, which were also from H&M. 

The bag is a dream. An absolute dream. My friend saw it and was quick to bellow "Oh my God, a Vivienne Westwood!" And I have to be the first to admit - it's a replica. I stumbled across this high-end replica site and decided to give it a shot. It ships from China (where all good replicas come from) so the shipping is often slow, but at the prices you pay it's worth it. In classic Ebay style you have to make sure your seller is reputable with over 100 sales and over 98% positive rating to avoid disappointment, but I paid £11 for this bag and can honestly say it's of a pretty damn decent standard. It would cost at least £30 in Topshop without the VW logo. So it's well worth it in my opinion. And nobody knows it's a fake except us. I won't tell if you don't.

I kept the makeup look as simple as I could, and did a summer makeup look using only drugstore products. (A rare thing for me - I love my NARS and MAC.) I actually filmed it for a Youtube video. I announced starting a Youtube channel a few weeks ago. I uploaded a '25 things about me tag' only to rapidly take it down again the next day. I filmed a 'British Tag' and this makeup tutorial which I've yet to edit, but I've got to say - I'm so f*cking AWKWARD?! My voice is so monotone and I just look so uncomfortable and it all sounds so fake for some reason that I just can't bear it, it makes my insides absolutely cringe. I want to pull through with my promise, and will keep trying to film something that doesn't come across as painfully awkward where my Youtube Virgin status isn't so glaringly clear, but you're all just going to have to be super patient with me until then.

Anyone have any video ideas that are a bit quirkier than the norm to get me going? Or have any idea how my Instagram photo spread so quickly?! Let me know! 
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Moisturising Lips: The Ultimate Product Combo

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I wear lipstick every single day. It's an addiction, which can lead to dry cracked lips quite easily. I'm quite lucky in that my lips never get too dry, and I make sure to Carmex them every morning before I do my makeup. When my lips are feeling in need of a bit of TLC, this power-duo from Lush have got me covered. (This is not a paid for post!) 

The first is their Lip Scrub in the flavour Bubblegum. I just want to mention now that it is edible, and tastes delicious. so sweet and (funnily enough) like bubblegum. Any cosmetic that allows you to eat it and actually taste good is a winner in my books.

This is super inexpensive and lasts ages. This is my third tub in the last two years, so a little really does go a long way. I'll use it maybe once a week, and just dab a tiny bit onto my finger and rub in circular motions into my lips. It's a sugar-scrub exfoliant, so any dry skin will fall away. I cannot emphasise enough how good it smells. 

After that I take a tiny bit of their Lip Balm in Honey Trap, and smother that all over my lips too. This is not your regular smooth, oily balm. It feels almost matte, probably due to it being made from honey. It's a bit thicker and you need to have a good rub of the pot to get enough onto your finger. (I tried to make that sentence sound less dodgy, but couldn't. Apologies.) It smells nice, but is not edible, so don't try to eat this one. This is a pricier lip balm at I think around £6 and it doesn't last too long, it's a little pot. But it does really moisturise the lips, especially post-exfoliating.

I use these two items together perhaps once a week, and my lips stay plump, soft and moisturised despite the layers of matte MAC lippies I slather them in every day! An absolute dream combo. What do you use to moisturise your lips? (I hate Vaseline - just me?!) 

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5 Words to Ruin a First Date

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I have this best friend. Her name is Daisy. She has an afro which is sometimes blue and sometimes pink, she makes earrings for fun and is generally much cooler than I am. Every single moment I spend with her is spent laughing, and even though we are on other sides of the country, I heart her. A little while ago, we picked up on the trending hashtag #5WordsToRuinADate and started having a conversation about it. The results were bloggable.
D: 'I'm in an acapella band.'
C: 'My waxing took 8 hours.'
'Wanna see my stamp collection?'
'I'm into fantasy bedroom role-play.'
'...Worked a summer in Maga.'
' I'm waiting on test results.'
'Nan's just parking the car.'
'You remind me of Miley.'
'Just checking my Myspace profile.'
'You probably haven't heard them.'
'My cousin is pretty hot.'
'I did my fair time.'
'Do you like Little Mix?'
'I always vote for UKIP.'
'I play World of Warcraft.'
'I shagged that girl once.'
'Russel Brand is a revolutionary.'
'Drug of choice is meth.'
'Sexual inequality doesn't exist anymore.'
'Girls say I'm too big.'
'I play on Men's Hockey.'
'Ed Miliband's my spirit animal.'
'You look like my Mum.'
'I don't conform to society.'
'So, I was watching Hairspray..'
'Do you even lift though?'
'I can use clingfilm instead?'
'Drakes lyrics are so relatable'.
What would be the worst 5 words you could hear on a first date?
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ASOS Wishlist: The Denim Edit

Monday, 29 June 2015

Summer is officially here with London greeting 35 degrees on Wednesday. Phew! I thought I would throw together a season-appropriate Wishlist on ASOS, payday can't come any sooner! For me this season is all about neutrals and denims, mixing it up with animal print and holographic accessories. Perfect. 
Ultimate Chunky Toffee  V Neck Jumper £28
Vila Grey Classic Trenchcoat £35
MARA Leather Silver Pointed Flat Shoes £32
Levis Denim Shirt Dress £85
American Apparel Denim Skirt With Button Detail £56
Pocket Tee with Long Sleeves £12
Soft Casual Shirt £28
Denim Western Jacket £35
Halterneck Sundress in Rib Stripe £28
Adidas Originals ZX 500 OG Retro White Trainers £70
Denim Side Split Shorts in White £28
Relaxed Fit Drawstring Denim Trousers £35
Dune Abbie Snakeprint Flat Shoes £41 down from £69 currently!
Dune Dolice Grey Snake Leather Duffle Bag £120
JAMILA Lace Cut Holographic Sandals £22 
Dune Leopard Pony Flat Pointed Shoes £69
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Home Interior Inspiration

Thursday, 25 June 2015

I'm moving out of London this Saturday to go back home to Sussex. I wrote a post about the pros and cons here, but the main thing for me is the ability to save money for a really great place of my own next year. To keep the motivation going on those 2 hour commutes, here's a mood-board of the type of home I'd love to own eventually. (All sourced from Pinterest or Weheartit).

Point of note:  Wooden shelves on the hanger w/ bronze detailing. 

Point of note: Rustic wooden table and white board ceiling. Would love this table with benches instead of stools or chairs. Also love the open front sink. 

Point of note: White floorboards, rustic wooden coffee table, the saddle decor and chandelier. Dreamy.

 Point of note: Darker walls with loads of plants. I want plants everywhere!

 Point of note:  Ladder. I'd love one in the bathroom to hang towels off. 
Point of note:  Wooden bench along the hall. 
Items of note: Ikeas giant potted bonzai trees and wooden tables with benches.
Habitats breakfast-in-bed trays.
Urban Outfitters plant stands and terrariums. <3
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The Jugged Hare Review, London

Friday, 19 June 2015

Last weekend my parents came into London so we went to the Jugged Hare for Sunday lunch. I read online that their roasts were great - but we weren't actually given a Sunday roast  menu? I don't know if perhaps they stopped doing them, but we just ordered off the normal menu and specials menu that we were given. It's based near Moorgate tube station.

The interior is quite quirky and eccentric - a LOT of taxidermy rabbits/hares and skulls so if you're squeamish this won't be a good place for supper!! My mum wasn't a fan of the taxidermy at all, but I suppose it's all about their aesthetics. The bar area was nice with barrels used as tables, but we were seated at the back in the restaurant area. It is not a quiet, secluded or dark place for lunch. It's very open and bright and we were seated right next to the kitchen - not great for atmosphere but nice to see all the food being cooked from scratch and seeing all the plates come out!

Our waiter was very attentive, he was always on hand whenever we needed him. (Even offering another bottle of wine when we were having desert coffee, which was a bit odd.)

My dad ordered the Devilled Lamb Kidney on Toast for his starter, and he absolutely loved it. (Pictured above). My starter was the Wild Boar Bomb, which was essentially wild boar slow-cooked so it fell apart at the touch, similar to pulled pork. It was in a big ball which was coated with a thin and crispy layer of pastry, and served with gravy. It was delicious, but not quite as photogenic as my dad's starter! 

I was humming and ahhing over the steak or the pigeon pot, and chose the pigeon because I figured I couldn't get it in as many other places. I made the wrong choice! My dad got the steak which was perfectly cooked medium raw, but my pigeon was a nightmare!! I had to carve it off the bone myself, which despite being photogenic just should not have been served whole. It was a LOT of effort, very fiddly and there wasn't a lot of meat at the end of it all. It didn't taste good enough to justify the effort of spending 15 minutes trying to cut it off the carcass, and the bean stew it came in was equally average. The chips I got on the side which were hand-cut were brilliant though, and my ever-attentive waiter spied me having troubles with my meal and rushed over with a bad-ass steak knife to try and make my life a bit easier. 

For dessert I got the pretentiously named 'steamed banana cake' which was essentially a banana muffin and some sauce and peanut butter ice-cream. It was pretty delicious to be fair. 

All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the food (except me and the pigeon!) but I think it is more of a quirky, borderline-snobby place to take someone you want to impress. The food was (in my opinion) overpriced and I've been to many smaller, busier restaurants in London where the food has been a lot better at a cut of the price. If you're after a certain atmosphere, swanky surroundings, impressive menu options and attentive service, The Jugged Hare is a good shout though.

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Ignorant Voices Everywhere Are Shouting About the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A petition has been launched against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which takes place in GuangXi, China. When this article was written it had amassed 561,285 signatures.

 Let’s break down the reasons that are acceptable explanations for supporting this cause, as laid out in the petition letter itself:

 1.    The fact that China has the second largest number of rabies in the world, causing huge economic costs and hundreds of deaths. Continuation of this festival implies a lack of vigilance at tackling this public health concern.

2.    The fact that dog theft is a huge problem and a major route of supply for the dog meat industry. Allowing the festival to continue shows a lack of concern for the dog theft that is happening, a crime which is heartbreaking for caring owners who fall victim.

3.    Food safety issues – many dogs involved are ill or contaminated and not properly checked or examined the way they should be before being slaughtered for meat. 

If any of the above three are the reason you signed the petition, you can stop reading. Your argument is educated and your concern is genuinely for the people of China. I salute you in your efforts in raising awareness to make China a safer place.

If your opinion rings familiar with either of the below points, I want to explain why you should not be signing this petition:

1.    The animals are inhumanely killed.

2.    You do not agree that dogs should be eaten, and the festival endorses this belief.
Let’s tackle the first point, which is perhaps the most common reason that the media is ganging up to fight against the Dog Meat Festival. This point is backed by animal-rights fan Ricky Gervais, who stated 
"I’ve seen the footage that HSI has captured on video, and it breaks my heart. I will never forget the look of bewilderment and fear on the faces of these poor animals — the dogs and cats await a horrible fate. No animal deserves to be treated like this."

(I would like to point out at this stage that Ricky Gervais is not a vegetarian.)

 So the issue is that these animals are afraid, awaiting a horrible fate and inhumane slaughter? I see. And we don’t have this in the UK? 

I agree, it’s upsetting to see this imagery but people seem to be jumping very quickly to be outraged at what is happening across the world in China, when it happens here in the UK too. There are unfortunately hundreds of slaughterhouses carrying out ‘inhumane’ acts of slaughter in order to feed us hungry Brits our burgers and sausages for dinner. Perhaps your time would be better spent trying to change the issues in the country you live in, rather than worrying about another nation. At least if we fight against inhumane slaughter in Britain our voices have a better chance of actually making a difference. 

Of course, this is just my opinion, but my second point will make you realise there are better ways to spend your time then signing this petition to end cruelty to these animals.  


I would like to point out that at no point does the petition actually address the way in which the animals are slaughtered, or tackling inhumane practice.  It mentions the animals being slaughtered publically, and the effect this can have on children in particular, but at no point is the actual slaughtering act discussed. You signing this petition will in no way fight against the inhumane methods used on the dogs, so if this was your main reason for signing the petition then there’s absolutely no point. You should have read what you were signing properly.

You can argue it's 'raising awareness' but if you are making a brazen online presence to support humane treatment of these animals, don't you think your time would be better spent supporting petitions that actually fight your actual cause, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of a closely-linked petition that has absolutely no impact on what you actually want? (For the ill-treatment of the dogs to end.) 
Food for thought. Excuse the pun.

And perhaps the most ignorant and uneducated opinion: You do not agree with eating dogs. The key word here is OPINION. This is what you believe, and you believe this because you have been brought up in a culture where dogs are recognized as loyal and loving family pets, not food. Your opinion is how you feel, due to your circumstances. Your opinion is not the only opinion, and it is not the opinion of hundreds of Chinese who eat dog meat in the same way we in the UK rabbit. (Which, may I add, many people own as a pet.)

 It is a part of their culture to eat dog meat, whether or not we agree with it. Who are we to impose our Western opinions and views on their traditions and culture? Do we not have our own animal issues in the UK to deal with?  It was only in 2013 that cosmetic testing on animals became illegal, yet we sit here thinking we are high and mighty advocators of animal rights. 

If you want to sign a petition about harsher punishments for those involved in dog-fighting rings in the UK, go ahead. If you want to sign a petition about making hitting a dog illegal in the UK, go ahead. But to sign a petition because you don’t agree in another countries choice of food… Well that’s really none of your business, is it? 

It would be like Indonesian citizens (the country with the largest Muslim population) creating a petition against the UK selling pork and slaughtering pigs. Goodbye to our pulled-pork sandwiches, because Indonesia doesn’t like us going against their beliefs. Am I putting this into perspective yet?

 To sum up my argument clearly for anybody who has struggled to grasp the main point, it is as follows: 
Be educated about what you are signing before you sign it.

 Do I personally agree with eating dogs? No! I have dogs at home who I consider family. 

Do I personally agree with the way they are killed or think that it is humane or moral? No!

Do I think that my views are the only views? No! 

 I do not agree with Westerners trying to impose their beliefs on other cultures and ramming their opinion down the throats of other nations. 
Make sure you are signing the petition for the RIGHT reasons: to help China improve as a country. 

If you want to register support for ending inhumane slaughtering of dogs in China, I suggest you look for another petition because this one is not going to help you fulfil your goal. (Try this one.

If you want to end dogs being eaten in general (even if slaughtered humanely), I suggest you stop being so closed-minded and accept other cultures practices.

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