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New Years Resolutions 2013

Sunday, 30 December 2012

I really liked the way that Katie from Dolly Bow Bow did her New Years Resolutions post, so I made my own. (Check out her post here.)

So 2012 has been a great year, and I have some really exciting resolutions to help me make 2013 even better.

  • Work Hard & Get Good Grades - I want to carry on getting 2:1's and above in all my modules to help me get into a Masters.
  • Start Masters Applications - I want to apply to Kingston, Bath Spa, Oxford Brookes and possibly Stirling for Creative Writing.
  • Try Running -  As a new way to keep fit, I want to get into running. I got some amazing running trainers to help me start and my flatmate and I could go on runs together! (Though I'd be struggling to keep up with her!)
  • Get Fit & Healthy, Inside & Out - Go to the gym 5 days a week and eat healthily, get my bikini bod on for Miami in March!
  • Stop Biting My Nails - Treat myself to new nail polish and rings when achieved.
  • Blog Freqently - Try to build up my blog more :)
  • Save £ This Year - For Miami and moving flat! 
  • Find a Flat For Matt & I - Flat hunting for moving in together in June! Exciting!! 
  • Get A Pet - A little companion for the time Matts away and after!
  • Get More Work Experience - Because every little helps!
  • Cook More - With the cook books my parents got me :)
  • Be Positive - Because it will make me a nicer, better person.

What are your new years resolutions? :) 

This photo isn't even edited.

Friday, 28 December 2012


I really hope everyone gets this joke.

OOTD - The Studded Shirt

Thursday, 27 December 2012
Studded Shirt- Missguided, Shoes- Primarni, Bag- Michael Yane, Skirt & Jumper - Internacionale.

This is my OOTD for a horrible, wet and rainy day. So really, not overly practical. I'll probably catch hypothermia, but I can't bring myself to wear my new beautiful coat out in the pouring rain where it will probably get ruined.
Ignoring the fact that I look a bit like a crack addict in the first photo, I'm running to the station to pick up my boyfriend, and then tonight we're going to dinner and to see Life of Pi where I will probably change into heels. (I've read the book because I wanted to before seeing the film. It had a great twist at the end which was much needed after what seemed like a relatively tedious storyline in my opinion, but the visuals looked amazing.

So I based the outfit around my studded denim shirt which I got for Christmas from my favourite online store, Missguided . It actually has studded cuffs as well as the shoulders which I didn't like, I thought it looked a bit too much for me but I rolled the sleeves up and really liked that look. I teamed it with small studded pumps from Primarni, a new bag which is Michael Yane and I got for Christmas. I will be sure to do a 'What's in my Bag' when I get back to uni for you guys as it's filled with lots of fun goodies at the moment.

Here's the best bit - my jumper and skirt are both from Internacionale! My friends and I constantly make jokes about Internacionale. It's tacky, it's cheap and it's like a Primark which isn't socially acceptable yet. Whenever I'm in there I find myself looking around first to check nobody sees me going in. What a snob. A friend the other day said she got a call asking where she was and had to whisper "Internacionale" under her breath to hide the shame.

All that said, my faux leather skirt is a great fit and at £8 was bargainous. Similarly, I've worn this jumper all winter for just £11. And both were on a "buy anything get 2nd item half price" which they seem to do often. So despite being seen in Internacionale being considered social suicide by many, I hold up a middle finger up at everyone because it has one or two hidden gems. We should probably all just realise that most people probably shops there secretly and accept it as a part of life.

Are there any shops you secretly love to raid?

Stocking Makeup

Wednesday, 26 December 2012
Every year my mother makes my sister and I a Christmas stocking. The fact that I am 20 and don't live at home does not deter her, she absolutely loves it. This year, she asked me what I was into so she doesn't get anything I don't use. I said 'makeup.' And I got an amazing stocking this year!
(That being said, she also got me herpes medicine? I asked why she got it and her reply was ' I thought that was what you got all the time?' 'No mum, I get migraines all the time, not herpes?!' ) So now I have some herpes medicine chilling in my house in case any of us ever get a cold sore or jiney herpes I guess.

So I thought I would share with you some of the treats I got. Obviously I haven't had time to try them all out yet, but if you have any of them let me know what you think! :)

Left to right:
LouiseGray lipstick from Topshop in Legend. The packaging is amazing. Pink, gold and shine all at once? Yes please! The colour is amazing too, it reminds me of Macs Lickable which is one of my favourites :) I think this colour may actually be on sale atm too, so go grab it quick!
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h. I haven't used this yet but am a big fan of gel liners so I'm excited to see how this goes :)
Topshop Blush in Neon Rose  This colour is amazing. It's like a bright coral and it isn't a powder, it's like a stiff cream? You just dot it on and blend it in and it gives a lovely rosy glow :) I love this, a definite new favorite and cheaper substitute for my current daily blush, Coralista by Benefit.
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara. My favourite mascara, I always use it as the top coat, it gives it real thickness and length.
NYX Faux Lashes Mascara.  I haven't used this yet but am very excited, I've never had NYX makeup before this Christmas so it should be good fun to try it out :)
Collection Big Fake Ultimate Fake Lash Effect Mascara. This was actually given to my mum who gave it to me as she has watery eyes and can only use waterproof mascara. I haven't used this yet so will have to let you know how it goes! Does anyone else have this? How do you like it?
Topshop lip stick in Coy. I haden't tried one of these before but I love it. It is like a chunky pencil and just glides on. It's soft and doesn't feel like it's drying out my lips, and the colour is amazing! So bright and it really covers all my natural lip colour considering it's a few shades lighter.

The Sparkler all over shimmer by Bodyshop: I got this from a family friend, and when you pump it quite a lot of body shimmer pumps out. (I got a bit of a shock first time actually.) But once rubbed in it's a lovely subtle bronzy shimmer, I will definitely try this on myself on the next big night out, like New Yeas :)
Diesel, Fuel for Life Unlimited Perfume: This wasn't actually a stocking present but a main present, I had been using the Diesel Fuel for She since college but when this upgrade came out I loved the smell so I asked for it for Christmas, just in time as my other ran out and I've been smelling of natural musk lately..
NYX Makeup SPF15 in Soft Beige: What I thought was cool about this foundation is that it has Suncream in it, so when I got to Miami in March I'll be able to use this and not get sunburnt! The colour is slightly darker than my natural colour but that's okay as I plan on tanning in it! It's quite thick too, but I think I just put too much on as it was my first time using it :)

What did you all get for Christmas?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a high heel was stirring, not even a blouse;
The stockings were packed in the drawers with care,
In hopes that some fine boots would soon make a pair.

The shoppers were nustled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Topshop sales danced in their heads;
And mamma in her jammies, and I in mine too,
Had just settled down for a dream about Schuh.

When out in the town there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter,
Away to the windows I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the streets filled with new-fallen snow,
Gave the lustre of mid-day to products below,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a bright red sign reading "reduced - to clear!"

With a little old store girl, so lively and quick,
She went through her sales list, checking each tick.
More rapid than eagles her shoppers they came, 
And she whistled, and shouted, to the till they all came.

"Now, Topshop! now, New Look!, now Miss Selfridge and Schuh!
On, Nike! on Harrods! on, Mac store, you too!
To the top of the street! To the top of the store!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fleet,
when they meet with an obstacle, made for the street
So up to the high street the shoppers they flew,
With their bags full of clothes, and makeup giftsets too.

Merry Christmas to all you lovely blog readers out there :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

I'm here to share with you my Christmas story :)
I have been pining for a fur coat the way a dog pines for it's master when they leave the house. Similarly, when the master returns home, the dog will begin to jump up and down and salivate madly in excitement. This was similar to my reaction when finding The Coat.

The Coat was in Miss Selfridge, for £98. With the £20 off promotion, it was down to £78. With my 25% off as a member of staff, it was down to my budget.
I was racked with guilt when purchasing it, spending that much money on myself at Christmas is simply unheard of. But the fur coat is timeless, and will last me forever.
Living in Scotland means I need some form of warm outerwear anyway, so if anything, it was an investment?

Whilst clearing out the Last Chance rail, I came across a little black tutu dress. £75. What a joke. I admired it, but put it back. Post the £50 odd spend on the coat, I could never justify £75 on this dress.
I daydreamed about the outfits I could make from it. I could wear it to the Sports Ball in April. I could team it with black tights and a baggy cardigan and court shoes and wear it shopping in London. Oh the dreams.

When the little machine was left out that tells you the price of something, and the future price of something, I took a little chance. There it was. £75, £40 on 24/12/2012.
I put it on hold.
Staff discount once again, brought it down to a nifty £30.

It is beautiful. And I cherish it. And it is beautiful and will be worn with pride, as will The Coat.

What are you all hoping to find in the Christmas sales?? And Merry Christmas!!! XXXXX

MissGuided - The Sequin Dress

Tuesday, 18 December 2012
So as previously noted, the trend for Christmas dresses 2012 seems to be sequins - and lots of them.
Think tacky Christmas bauble, then turn it into a garment.
Of course, it's a good and stylish kind of tacky, like the Creepers trend. Not a tacky type of tacky, like the Crocs trend.
(God help anyone who has bought those little flower pins to stick into the holes in Crocs.)

Now for me, I struggle with sparkles, glitz, glam and anything remotely feminine. The dark gothic studded trend which swept the highstreet stores has treated me well. The sequins - not so much.
But browsing my favourite online store, I've noticed some really nice sequinned dresses.
The Evie Sequin Leather Skater Dress  (left) is the perfect combination of glitzy Essex princess and gothic Camden  punk. The mix of materials flatter each other and balance out the dress. At £34.99, it's a bargain, especially if you use the Unidays discount and make the most of being a student.
So if anyone fancies gifting me this dress, give me a message, because I'm too poor after all my Christmas shopping! ;)

The second dress I fell in love with is the Temina Sequin Bandeau Skater Dress in Antique Gold. (right)
I usually wouldn't look twice at something so sparkly, I wouldn't imagine it would be overly flattering.
However, working at a bar and my friend walked in wearing this dress and looked absolutely amazing. It looked ten times more expensive than it actually is, and it was just the right amount of shiny. It was flattering and shiny and I want it. 
So if you are feeling that wee bit more festive than leather, then this is the one I would opt for, at just £5 more. (It's available in gold too, but with my Eskimo like pale skin I would be washed out. Curse my pale ancestors.)

What do you think of these dresses and the sequin trend?
Link me to your favourite Christmas dress! :)

My Christmas LBD.

Monday, 17 December 2012
Apologies for the average to poor photograph on my part, we were running late to leave so I threw it on self timer and just grabbed the quickest shot ever on the way out.
The trend for this Christmas in all the highstreet stores seems to have been a mixture of sequins - and plenty of them, and velvet. I'm definitely not a sequins type of girl, I find all the jingly-jangly a bit irritating so I opted for a velvet dress for the Christmas season. You can never go wrong with a LBD, and this one can be worn for all sorts of occasions. 
I bought in in a little boutique in the town where I live, for £30 which seemed reasonable seeing as I've already gotten a few wears out of it. The store is based in Stirling and is called BettiLovesIt. 

I teamed it with red lipstick (obviously, Christmas is the best excuse for a red lip!) The lipstick is actually one by Natural Collection, in the Moisture Shine range called Cherry Red. It's only £1.99 and one of my all time favourite lipsticks. It goes on smoothly, stays on for a relative amount of time considering the price and is the perfect red. Could not be happier with that find!
A red handbag from last year's River Island range to match the lip, and a thrifted yellow blazer. (See my old post on yellow blazers from the summer.) 

I actually also wore the dress to my works Christmas night out, as you can see above and below.I thought it was a really flattering shape. I wore coral shoes from Miss KG from the Kurt Geiger Debenhams range (I don't think they sell them anymore), to have a bit of colour pop. I think they really flattered the outfit. My flatmate on the far left is wearing a dress of mine also which is from Missguided, her shoes are from a local boutique called Frank. My friend in the middle is wearing a sequinned dress from Republic, which should still be stocked.

How would you accessorize this dress, and what's been your Christmas Party Dress for 2012?  Let me know :) 

Revamped and Company

Friday, 14 December 2012
I hope you are all enjoying my new and improved blog :) Revamped all the layout, bought myself a snazzy new camera (who needs money at Christmas anyway,) and have been taking extra care with my posts :)

I popped into town today to pick up the Soap & Glory special offer gift pack , and popped into Smiths to get Company Magazine as well. I saw they had a Company Street-style Edit magazine too, so I put my tips from last night to good use and bought them both for 7 pounds.
I just felt it was worth mentioning as an avid reader, I find Company is one of the only magazines with a real emphasis on blogging, and always has great tips and inspirational bloggers giving opinions and advice.
It gives good career advice in general, as well as all the important updates in fashion. So if you haven't picked up a copy yet, I advise you to !
Especially as this month is a Superblogger special, and the Style Edit means I can keep up to date with the changing trends as well as getting even more  blogging advice!
Perfect reading with a hot chocolate :)

Soap & Glory Special Offer!

Run to Boots, quick! There's a special offer on Soap & Glory!
I won't lie, when this news came up on my newsfeed I went into town in my pyjamas. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
As an avid Soap and Glory fan, this offer of 9 Products for £27 instead of £60 is a bargain. Miraculously, I didn't have any of the products included already so I got to come home for a luxury shower and try them all out to share with you guys! It's great value for money, I've stocked up for the whole of 2013 now. Every single person at the check out had one of these bad boys, so I definitely recommend grabbing one asap!
Ugh look how pretty it all looks! Some of the bottles are absolutely mahoosive as well so it's not like you're just getting rubbishy samples, they're the full size product! I'll do a run through of all of what you get one by one. (You also get loads of tokens for Soap and Glory to use in the start of 2013 :)  )

 So the Peaches and Clean is the first product which is like a deep cleansing facial wash. It smells absolutely heavenly, like actual peaches! I had to stop myself eating it after that time I tried to eat my boyfriends lemon wash and ended up foaming at the mouth. It just smelt so good!!! 20 years old and still having to be told not to eat soaps is a bad sign.
I had a full face of makeup when I got in the shower and after using this I came out with just a tiny bit of mascara under the eyes, so I'd say it did a pretty decent job!!
Best Point: The Smell
Worst Point: Nobody around to warn me not to eat it, I had to use willpower.

Next up was the Clean On Me body wash. I did as instructed and stepped out of the shower to lather it all up. Not much to say about it as it is just a general body wash, but it just smelt of cleanliness. Like a sweet soapy clean smell. I really liked it, and the bottle is massive!!
Best Point: The Smell
Worst Point: None.

I was really excited to get their Thick and Fast  mascara, as I haven't actually tried too many of their cosmetic line yet. It is perfect! It went on smoothly with no clumps, my lashes were long and thicker and looked like I was wearing the Naturalite fake eyelashes!
I went over them with my Louise Gray mascara from Topshop and the result was perfect. I think I just found my perfect mascara combo!
Best Point: Everything
Worst Point: Nothing.

The Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss I tried on very quickly over my lipstick. It tastes okay. I generally am not a fan of lipglosses, I am a lipstick girl at heart. As it came in the package I will use it, but I doubt I would buy another one just out of personal preference. I only dabbed a tiny bit on, it gave a nice rosy shimmer and wasn't too sticky though so as far as lipglosses go it's pretty good.
Best Point: No stickyness. Hate picking hair off my lips!
Worst Point: I generally just don't like lipglosses very much!

 I put on the Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk  on my legs and knees just after coming out of the shower. They now feel like silk. I won't like, I wasn't a fan of the smell. It was quite almondy which I didn't like, and it was quite thick to rub on but it does what it's intended for!
Best Point: Silky Legs!
Worst Point: Almondy Smell :( 

The Hand Food is something else I was excited for, as someone who works in a bar my hands are always being washed and feel quite rough. First impressions was good. My hands felt soft and slippy and moisturised, I'll probably throw this in my handbag and carry it around all the time as it was really good. A few hours later my hands felt dry again but I've only tried it once, so I'll have to come back and do another full review!
Best Point: Does what it is supposed to!
Worst Point: None so far!

I had high expectations for the Sugar Crush Body Scrub after Zoella blogged about it. It worked wonders on my wonderfully smooth legs, and is definitely something I will continue to use. However, as far as Soap & Glory goes, I actually much prefer their Breakfast Scrub. I think the smell is a lot nicer. But if you like the smell of limes then this is probably better suited for you as an exfoliator!
Best Point: Lovely smooth exfoliated skin!
Worst Point: Much prefer the smell of their Breakfast Scrub, which gives similar results.

Lastly were the two products I haven't actually tried yet, the Heel Genius foot cream and The Righteous Butter. The foot cream has to be worn overnight to sink in and I wanted this blog up today to give you all a chance to buy the pack! So I will post about it later. The righteous butter I have used before. I find it very similar to the Body Milk they include in this package, although I prefer the smell and it's easier to apply in the tub form than the squeezey bottle form.
Perhaps it is better as more of a daily moisturiser after the shower and the Body Milk would be better suited as a one-off deeper hydrating moisturiser.

So, let me know what you think, and let me know if you buy a package for yourself!!

Whilst in Edinburgh I treated myself to a cheeky little Primarni haul. I'm going to put it out there, this Primark was like my heaven. I had never been to the one in Edinburgh, and envisioned it being similar to the Primark in London, where you have to fight for your life to get in and out, the queue takes forever, and everything is on the floor. Even the most skilled shopper would have trouble keeping calm, I usually end up in the foetal position hyperventilating somewhere between the entrance and the knitwear section. The Primark in Edinburgh though was pristine, everything was clean, it was bright and spacious and it felt a bit like Debenhams rather than a wrestling pit. I managed to pick up my long - awaited Christmas jumper for £12. (The Primark close to where I stay had run out of stock. Obviously everyone and their mother needs a reindeer jumper for Christmas) Although a bit priceyer for Primark, I will probably wear it every Christmas until it doesn't fit anymore. So it's okay.

Just as I was heading to pay, I saw the rack of leotards and fell in love. For only £6 each I picked up a skeleton one and a wolf one. The skeleton one is a it more casual, I would team it with some high waisted shorts and Creepers maybe. 

The wolf one was a bit more dressy because it had the sides cut out. Raunchy. I would wear this out clubbing with heels and a high waisted black leather skirt. (Also I have noticed just how large my hips are from this picture. Shakira would be proud, my hips don't lie. Bring on the childbearing.*)
I bought both leotards in a size 8 which fit well. They haven't got the little poppers at the pantyline though so if I decide I need the toilet I should probably plan it a few minutes in advance.

*Just kidding please no child bearing.

Barry M & Topshop Xmas Makeup

So it's the festive season and everyone is going out for Christmas work nights out, parties, and other general holiday celebrations.

For a few of my said nights out, I went into Edinburgh to pick up some new sparkly make up bits and pieces and came out with a lovely little selection.

Boots were doing a 3 for 2 across all cosmetics, so I picked up 2 BarryM nail varnishes, and 2 BarryM glitter liquid liners. (Also nabbed 2 Bourgeois eye shadows to make the most of the deal, but they aren't included in this post.)

 The two nail varnishes I grabbed are called 355 Gold Mine Glitter (left) and 351 Yellow Topaz Glitter.
The Gold Mine Glitter went on beautifully, with a black base and just the right amount of golden sparkles. A new favourite of mine :) The Yellow Topaz Glitter I put on over a red base, as from my experience you shouldn't paint your nails with BarryM glitter and hope to get it off. Ever.
It looked really lovely, and the glitter had some really big bits among the small ones which gave it a more unique look than most glitter nail varnishes. I will definitely be using it more, experimenting over different colours.

I also bought two eye liners from their Glitter Liquid Eyeliner range. The gold came out beautifully, really vivid colour with loads of sparkle and glitter. Perfect with a brown smokey eye for Christmas. The black one was much more disappointing, I could barely see the glitter when it was on dispite absolutely coating my eye in the stuff. I tried to put it over normal black eyeliner and also on it's own, nothing seemed to make much of a difference.

I'd heard great things about the Topshop Lipsticks on Zoella's blog, and I am a firm lover of Topshop's makeup range. Their pencil eyeliner is my absolute favourite! I love my darker and brighter shades, so I bought Depth (left) and Inhibition for £8 each. Inhibition is in Matte and the colour comes out nicely, it reminds me of my favourite Mac, Rebel. The colour may not be as vivid or stay on as long as Rebel, but at half the price it's to be expected. Depth was more of a sheen texture, and I haven't found I like it all that much just yet. Because of the sheen, it comes out looking a bit as if I haven't applied it properly, despite giving it two or three coats. I do like the colour, although for me personally it comes out a bit more black than deep purple. I've been wearing a coat of it over Mac Rebel to work and it gives it a bit of a deeper shimmer which I like though, so I have found a use for it!

Finally, I got the Louise Gray Mascara. Topshop has done me proud. Aside from the pretty packaging (anything pastel pink will attract me like a desperate singleton in a room full of male Abercrombie models), it really goes on nicely. It gives length and doesn't clump at all, and my lashes look natural and long. A perfect base coat I think. I'm not sure exactly how much I paid for it, I think it was around the £10 region, but it was worth it. I really love this mascara and will definitely buy it again! 

Have any of you tried any of these products or similar? What did you think? Let me know! :) 

A snippet of what's to come.

Thursday, 13 December 2012
I have bought myself a shiny new camera to take lovely photographs to share with you all. Unfortunately, my boyfriend decided to take a million jokey selfies with it so I have to pop into town tomorrow for some new batteries. But I have lots of exciting posts to come on recent hauls over Christmas, clothes and makeup. I hope you can all be patient with me whilst I get it all together! Here is a cheeky sneak peak at one of my Primarni buys...

Blog Revamp

Tuesday, 11 December 2012
Doing a massive blog revamp. Making it slightly more personal, a lot more image based, clearer, and basically an all round nicer blog :)
I haden't blogged in a while so it will give me something nice to do over Christmas, I just need to get myself a good new camera!

My new satirical comedy blog is also doing quite well, so please check it out here:

Thanks guys :)

xxx SIS xxx

The Yellow Blazer

Sunday, 29 July 2012

So in a recent haul I showed a yellow blazer I got at a vintage store in the sale for a tenner.
I wasn't sure at first but after some Googling I have come to the decision it was a good buy. I wore it out to lunch today and will do so again for work next week.

 It can be teamed with any black or white combo easily, today with a black dress (Topshop last year), but can also look good with high waisted Levi's,  and a black or white plain top.

I teamed it with a bright pink lipstick to compliment the colour and to add a summery feel to it. I think in general it's a nice item to have as it adds a bit of fun to an otherwise duller outfit. What would you wear it with?

SIS xx

My Lovely Life List

Sunday, 22 July 2012
I saw a post on a blog called the Lovely Life List here, and decided to do one for myself. I feel like I have no idea where my life is headed, and maybe this list can give me some small (or big!) goals to aim for. I'll cross them off as they come to happen!


  • Live and work in the USA for a few years. (Preferably New York.)
  • Have Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Have my perfect wedding. 
  • Go to an outdoor movie screening.
  • Own a teeny beautiful little boutique or cafe in a seaside town after I have children.
  • Be a bridesmaid for my best friend.
  • Bury a timecapsule, and open it up 25 years later.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Learn to skateboard.
  • Own a horse.
  • learn to snowboard!
  • Have a book published.
  • Stay in a big treehouse.
  • Adopt a child.
  • Own a house rabbit. 
  • Write for Vogue, (Or another high class fashion/women's magazine)  even if it's just one article.
  • Be truly happy and content with life.

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • The Verdon Gorge, France.
  • Yosemite National Park, California.
  • Disneyworld Florida, again. (I was too young to appreciate it!!!)
  • The Whitehouse.
  • Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
  • Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California.
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia.
  • Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. 
Just For Fun.

  • Make a dolls house
  • Play Twister with paint.
  • Go to the Harry Potter world.
  • Go to the Harry Potter studios.
  • Go skinny dipping.
  • Skydive.
  • Do a bike ride or something for charity.
  • Gallop down a beach on horseback.
  • Go to Mexico or America for Spring Break.
  • Go to a restaurant and only order desserts.

  • Have only one husband ever.
  • Get over my phobia of pregancy so I can have a kid.
  • If I can't get over my phobia, adopt a kid.
  • Have my own doggy. <3
  • Not end up like my parents ever.
  • Be a happy, proper family, who are all close and lovely to each other. 

  • Have all matching underwear.
  • Get rid of all my graphic tee shirts and dress like someone who is 20, not 15. Unless they're to sleep in.
  • Grow my hair to be long and lovely and thick and healthy.
  • Be able to wear heels on a day to day basis without my feet killing or me falling over.
  • Wear a suit to a job. A sexy suit.

  • Take a photo every day for a year.
  • Give only hand made presents for Christmas one year.
  • Choose a cookbook and try every recipe in it.

Healthy Eating Shopping List

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So after reading Cosmo Body I decided to make a healthy food shopping list which I can use while I'm at uni to make sure I eat healthy :) At home it's easy to eat healthy with my mums cooking and I've lost 4 pounds but at uni when you're drinking and getting takeaway all the time and can't cook proper meals it's harder. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else trying to be healthy too :) (You have to exercise as well obviously. Or else you're not healthy, just hungry.)


Eggs (poached)
Wholemeal Bread
Bacon (Can't go without bacon. A strip with some toast won't kill you.)
Pears (My favourite but any fruit in the morning is healthy!)
Yoghurt (I love Onken.)
Oats or porridge with
Semi Skimmed milk and for a treat
a drizzle of honey :)

Broccoli (or whatever veggie you like) Omelette. (Just use the egg whites if you wanna be super healthy.)
If you're on the go make a sandwich. Turkey & Salad.
Baby Potatoes for a side. Boiled is healthiest.
Jacket potato w/ Tuna & Light Mayo

Stir Fry veggies & Chicken w/ a bit of either rice or noodles.
Chicken (grilled) with some steamed vegetables. Carrots for me.
Fish is good. Cod or Tuna.

Snacks & Treats:
Frozen yoghurt (My favourite is mango)
Pistachio's :) Yummy. Roasted w/ no salt is probably best.
Popcorn, but not the crappy kind in a bag, the kind you pop yourself in a pan.
Apple w/ no added sugar peanutbutter :) Fibre & Protein!
Hot Chocolate :)
Grapes. I like to sit and pick at them while I do work or watch tv.
Carrot Sticks if you just want something to eat for the sake of it.

Drink lots of water too, have a glass before you snack in case you're just thirsty. This is just the list of things I would buy, but everyone's different! I'm 5ft 6/7, a size 10 and I weigh just under 9 stone atm but it fluctuates. I bloat easily. While I'm at uni I excercise roughly 5 times a week, I'm in the lacrosse team and I go to the gym when I can be bothered. When I'm at the gym I tend to do the crosstrainer for as long as I can (Just over an hour is the longest before I want to kill myself) and then do the bike for like 10 minutes to cool down (and sit down ha.)
I'm not a nutrition expert AT ALL (I'm actually lazy as hell and bloody love a McDonalds every now and again) but all the diets in the magazine looked good so I just threw the best looking ones together to form this list. :)

Suitcase Space

Monday, 9 July 2012

This post is for things which, with hindsight, I have deemed to be a total waste of suitcase space.

1. Foundation. – I brought three. I’ve used none. The sun either melts them off, or you just can’t be bothered putting any on. You don’t tan through them anyway, and I’ve found the more brown my face gets the better and clearer my skin looks anyway, thus not needing it anyway. I used a light poweder – Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – and still only used that three times when we went out for dinner to reduce shine because I have oily skin. I doubt I’ll even wear any when I get back home now anyway as it won’t match my new and improved bronzed skin tone. So yeah. Leave the foundation mousses and liquids at home, total waste. (I’ll just add, my sister cakes her face in the stuff as she has pretty shitty skin and when we go out it looks ten times worse than if she just didn’t put any on after it all melts into her skin and clogs up her pores.)

2. Hairdryer . – Why I thought I’d need one of these in 30 degree heat is beyond me. My hair dries in about 5 minutes flat from the air, which is much healthier for it anyway.

3. Straighteners – What was I thinking. I don’t want to frazzle my already sun dried hair even more. Besides, natural waves and curls look better on holiday anyway.

And now, 3 things which I definitely should have brought with me but didn’t.

1. Strapless Bra – I brought lots of strapless dresses and no strapless bra’s, which have led to me going braless most of the time. (Miley Cyrus would be proud.)

2. My phone/camera cable – So I could upload photo’s I’ve taken straight away and blog more.

3. My Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory – My tan would probably look better if I had it here.

Lastly, 3 things I did bring and am thankful to hell and back that I didn’t forget.

1. My girl boxers from Topshop - because when I got a burnt to f*** ass from my skimpy bikini shorts they were they only form of underwear I could wear without being in pain. Plus, I’m not up for going completely commando.

2. Camomile Lotion – This stuff works 10x better than Aftersun on burns, mine cleared up super quickly so I could get back into the sun.

3. I can’t pick between the makeup I’ve been using so I’ll just list it all. This is all I’ve been wearing the whole time I’ve been here: Bougeois Waterproof Mascara, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub and my rose tinted Carmex Lip Balm. No need for lots of makeup in this heat, just enough to make you feel like you don’t look like a complete troll when you go out for the day.

Friday, 15 June 2012

A couple of weeks ago I bought the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, (£4.95) and absolutely fell in love so I thought I'd give a review. It comes in a real sweet little pot and it's so pink and sparkly! Lush says it "clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth." I would definitely agree that it does all of this!

The little pink crystals are like sugary exfoliators, and it smells absolutely amaaazing! Best part is it's edible!

My favourite at the moment is the Carmex Moisture with Peach tint. (£4.49) It is super moisturising and has a really nice rosey tint to it if you can't be bothered wearing lipstick or are having a lazy day.

In the end your lips feel super smooth and soft and perfect as a base for applying some lipstick :)

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