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The Yellow Blazer

Sunday, 29 July 2012

So in a recent haul I showed a yellow blazer I got at a vintage store in the sale for a tenner.
I wasn't sure at first but after some Googling I have come to the decision it was a good buy. I wore it out to lunch today and will do so again for work next week.

 It can be teamed with any black or white combo easily, today with a black dress (Topshop last year), but can also look good with high waisted Levi's,  and a black or white plain top.

I teamed it with a bright pink lipstick to compliment the colour and to add a summery feel to it. I think in general it's a nice item to have as it adds a bit of fun to an otherwise duller outfit. What would you wear it with?

SIS xx

My Lovely Life List

Sunday, 22 July 2012
I saw a post on a blog called the Lovely Life List here, and decided to do one for myself. I feel like I have no idea where my life is headed, and maybe this list can give me some small (or big!) goals to aim for. I'll cross them off as they come to happen!


  • Live and work in the USA for a few years. (Preferably New York.)
  • Have Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Have my perfect wedding. 
  • Go to an outdoor movie screening.
  • Own a teeny beautiful little boutique or cafe in a seaside town after I have children.
  • Be a bridesmaid for my best friend.
  • Bury a timecapsule, and open it up 25 years later.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Learn to skateboard.
  • Own a horse.
  • learn to snowboard!
  • Have a book published.
  • Stay in a big treehouse.
  • Adopt a child.
  • Own a house rabbit. 
  • Write for Vogue, (Or another high class fashion/women's magazine)  even if it's just one article.
  • Be truly happy and content with life.

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • The Verdon Gorge, France.
  • Yosemite National Park, California.
  • Disneyworld Florida, again. (I was too young to appreciate it!!!)
  • The Whitehouse.
  • Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
  • Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California.
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia.
  • Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. 
Just For Fun.

  • Make a dolls house
  • Play Twister with paint.
  • Go to the Harry Potter world.
  • Go to the Harry Potter studios.
  • Go skinny dipping.
  • Skydive.
  • Do a bike ride or something for charity.
  • Gallop down a beach on horseback.
  • Go to Mexico or America for Spring Break.
  • Go to a restaurant and only order desserts.

  • Have only one husband ever.
  • Get over my phobia of pregancy so I can have a kid.
  • If I can't get over my phobia, adopt a kid.
  • Have my own doggy. <3
  • Not end up like my parents ever.
  • Be a happy, proper family, who are all close and lovely to each other. 

  • Have all matching underwear.
  • Get rid of all my graphic tee shirts and dress like someone who is 20, not 15. Unless they're to sleep in.
  • Grow my hair to be long and lovely and thick and healthy.
  • Be able to wear heels on a day to day basis without my feet killing or me falling over.
  • Wear a suit to a job. A sexy suit.

  • Take a photo every day for a year.
  • Give only hand made presents for Christmas one year.
  • Choose a cookbook and try every recipe in it.

Healthy Eating Shopping List

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So after reading Cosmo Body I decided to make a healthy food shopping list which I can use while I'm at uni to make sure I eat healthy :) At home it's easy to eat healthy with my mums cooking and I've lost 4 pounds but at uni when you're drinking and getting takeaway all the time and can't cook proper meals it's harder. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else trying to be healthy too :) (You have to exercise as well obviously. Or else you're not healthy, just hungry.)


Eggs (poached)
Wholemeal Bread
Bacon (Can't go without bacon. A strip with some toast won't kill you.)
Pears (My favourite but any fruit in the morning is healthy!)
Yoghurt (I love Onken.)
Oats or porridge with
Semi Skimmed milk and for a treat
a drizzle of honey :)

Broccoli (or whatever veggie you like) Omelette. (Just use the egg whites if you wanna be super healthy.)
If you're on the go make a sandwich. Turkey & Salad.
Baby Potatoes for a side. Boiled is healthiest.
Jacket potato w/ Tuna & Light Mayo

Stir Fry veggies & Chicken w/ a bit of either rice or noodles.
Chicken (grilled) with some steamed vegetables. Carrots for me.
Fish is good. Cod or Tuna.

Snacks & Treats:
Frozen yoghurt (My favourite is mango)
Pistachio's :) Yummy. Roasted w/ no salt is probably best.
Popcorn, but not the crappy kind in a bag, the kind you pop yourself in a pan.
Apple w/ no added sugar peanutbutter :) Fibre & Protein!
Hot Chocolate :)
Grapes. I like to sit and pick at them while I do work or watch tv.
Carrot Sticks if you just want something to eat for the sake of it.

Drink lots of water too, have a glass before you snack in case you're just thirsty. This is just the list of things I would buy, but everyone's different! I'm 5ft 6/7, a size 10 and I weigh just under 9 stone atm but it fluctuates. I bloat easily. While I'm at uni I excercise roughly 5 times a week, I'm in the lacrosse team and I go to the gym when I can be bothered. When I'm at the gym I tend to do the crosstrainer for as long as I can (Just over an hour is the longest before I want to kill myself) and then do the bike for like 10 minutes to cool down (and sit down ha.)
I'm not a nutrition expert AT ALL (I'm actually lazy as hell and bloody love a McDonalds every now and again) but all the diets in the magazine looked good so I just threw the best looking ones together to form this list. :)

Suitcase Space

Monday, 9 July 2012

This post is for things which, with hindsight, I have deemed to be a total waste of suitcase space.

1. Foundation. – I brought three. I’ve used none. The sun either melts them off, or you just can’t be bothered putting any on. You don’t tan through them anyway, and I’ve found the more brown my face gets the better and clearer my skin looks anyway, thus not needing it anyway. I used a light poweder – Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – and still only used that three times when we went out for dinner to reduce shine because I have oily skin. I doubt I’ll even wear any when I get back home now anyway as it won’t match my new and improved bronzed skin tone. So yeah. Leave the foundation mousses and liquids at home, total waste. (I’ll just add, my sister cakes her face in the stuff as she has pretty shitty skin and when we go out it looks ten times worse than if she just didn’t put any on after it all melts into her skin and clogs up her pores.)

2. Hairdryer . – Why I thought I’d need one of these in 30 degree heat is beyond me. My hair dries in about 5 minutes flat from the air, which is much healthier for it anyway.

3. Straighteners – What was I thinking. I don’t want to frazzle my already sun dried hair even more. Besides, natural waves and curls look better on holiday anyway.

And now, 3 things which I definitely should have brought with me but didn’t.

1. Strapless Bra – I brought lots of strapless dresses and no strapless bra’s, which have led to me going braless most of the time. (Miley Cyrus would be proud.)

2. My phone/camera cable – So I could upload photo’s I’ve taken straight away and blog more.

3. My Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory – My tan would probably look better if I had it here.

Lastly, 3 things I did bring and am thankful to hell and back that I didn’t forget.

1. My girl boxers from Topshop - because when I got a burnt to f*** ass from my skimpy bikini shorts they were they only form of underwear I could wear without being in pain. Plus, I’m not up for going completely commando.

2. Camomile Lotion – This stuff works 10x better than Aftersun on burns, mine cleared up super quickly so I could get back into the sun.

3. I can’t pick between the makeup I’ve been using so I’ll just list it all. This is all I’ve been wearing the whole time I’ve been here: Bougeois Waterproof Mascara, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub and my rose tinted Carmex Lip Balm. No need for lots of makeup in this heat, just enough to make you feel like you don’t look like a complete troll when you go out for the day.

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