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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So after reading Cosmo Body I decided to make a healthy food shopping list which I can use while I'm at uni to make sure I eat healthy :) At home it's easy to eat healthy with my mums cooking and I've lost 4 pounds but at uni when you're drinking and getting takeaway all the time and can't cook proper meals it's harder. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else trying to be healthy too :) (You have to exercise as well obviously. Or else you're not healthy, just hungry.)


Eggs (poached)
Wholemeal Bread
Bacon (Can't go without bacon. A strip with some toast won't kill you.)
Pears (My favourite but any fruit in the morning is healthy!)
Yoghurt (I love Onken.)
Oats or porridge with
Semi Skimmed milk and for a treat
a drizzle of honey :)

Broccoli (or whatever veggie you like) Omelette. (Just use the egg whites if you wanna be super healthy.)
If you're on the go make a sandwich. Turkey & Salad.
Baby Potatoes for a side. Boiled is healthiest.
Jacket potato w/ Tuna & Light Mayo

Stir Fry veggies & Chicken w/ a bit of either rice or noodles.
Chicken (grilled) with some steamed vegetables. Carrots for me.
Fish is good. Cod or Tuna.

Snacks & Treats:
Frozen yoghurt (My favourite is mango)
Pistachio's :) Yummy. Roasted w/ no salt is probably best.
Popcorn, but not the crappy kind in a bag, the kind you pop yourself in a pan.
Apple w/ no added sugar peanutbutter :) Fibre & Protein!
Hot Chocolate :)
Grapes. I like to sit and pick at them while I do work or watch tv.
Carrot Sticks if you just want something to eat for the sake of it.

Drink lots of water too, have a glass before you snack in case you're just thirsty. This is just the list of things I would buy, but everyone's different! I'm 5ft 6/7, a size 10 and I weigh just under 9 stone atm but it fluctuates. I bloat easily. While I'm at uni I excercise roughly 5 times a week, I'm in the lacrosse team and I go to the gym when I can be bothered. When I'm at the gym I tend to do the crosstrainer for as long as I can (Just over an hour is the longest before I want to kill myself) and then do the bike for like 10 minutes to cool down (and sit down ha.)
I'm not a nutrition expert AT ALL (I'm actually lazy as hell and bloody love a McDonalds every now and again) but all the diets in the magazine looked good so I just threw the best looking ones together to form this list. :)
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  1. I love you for this post! Nothing's difficult to prepare or anything but good for you! Which is good for me since I am dieting but am awful at cooking.

  2. great post, I love eating healthy (:

  3. omg the fruit salad bowl looks so good that I'm craving healthy food now :))
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. great post for summer!i definitely try this!!!
    yummi photo!


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