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Tuesday, 18 December 2012
So as previously noted, the trend for Christmas dresses 2012 seems to be sequins - and lots of them.
Think tacky Christmas bauble, then turn it into a garment.
Of course, it's a good and stylish kind of tacky, like the Creepers trend. Not a tacky type of tacky, like the Crocs trend.
(God help anyone who has bought those little flower pins to stick into the holes in Crocs.)

Now for me, I struggle with sparkles, glitz, glam and anything remotely feminine. The dark gothic studded trend which swept the highstreet stores has treated me well. The sequins - not so much.
But browsing my favourite online store, I've noticed some really nice sequinned dresses.
The Evie Sequin Leather Skater Dress  (left) is the perfect combination of glitzy Essex princess and gothic Camden  punk. The mix of materials flatter each other and balance out the dress. At £34.99, it's a bargain, especially if you use the Unidays discount and make the most of being a student.
So if anyone fancies gifting me this dress, give me a message, because I'm too poor after all my Christmas shopping! ;)

The second dress I fell in love with is the Temina Sequin Bandeau Skater Dress in Antique Gold. (right)
I usually wouldn't look twice at something so sparkly, I wouldn't imagine it would be overly flattering.
However, working at a bar and my friend walked in wearing this dress and looked absolutely amazing. It looked ten times more expensive than it actually is, and it was just the right amount of shiny. It was flattering and shiny and I want it. 
So if you are feeling that wee bit more festive than leather, then this is the one I would opt for, at just £5 more. (It's available in gold too, but with my Eskimo like pale skin I would be washed out. Curse my pale ancestors.)

What do you think of these dresses and the sequin trend?
Link me to your favourite Christmas dress! :)

3 comments on "MissGuided - The Sequin Dress"
  1. wow what awesome dresses :)
    great post!


  2. beautiful dresses!! :)

    new follower :)♥,
    The Misty Mom

  3. I love the Temina sequin dress in antique gold, that colour is lovely :)
    Daniella x



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