OOTD - The Studded Shirt

Thursday, 27 December 2012
Studded Shirt- Missguided, Shoes- Primarni, Bag- Michael Yane, Skirt & Jumper - Internacionale.

This is my OOTD for a horrible, wet and rainy day. So really, not overly practical. I'll probably catch hypothermia, but I can't bring myself to wear my new beautiful coat out in the pouring rain where it will probably get ruined.
Ignoring the fact that I look a bit like a crack addict in the first photo, I'm running to the station to pick up my boyfriend, and then tonight we're going to dinner and to see Life of Pi where I will probably change into heels. (I've read the book because I wanted to before seeing the film. It had a great twist at the end which was much needed after what seemed like a relatively tedious storyline in my opinion, but the visuals looked amazing.

So I based the outfit around my studded denim shirt which I got for Christmas from my favourite online store, Missguided . It actually has studded cuffs as well as the shoulders which I didn't like, I thought it looked a bit too much for me but I rolled the sleeves up and really liked that look. I teamed it with small studded pumps from Primarni, a new bag which is Michael Yane and I got for Christmas. I will be sure to do a 'What's in my Bag' when I get back to uni for you guys as it's filled with lots of fun goodies at the moment.

Here's the best bit - my jumper and skirt are both from Internacionale! My friends and I constantly make jokes about Internacionale. It's tacky, it's cheap and it's like a Primark which isn't socially acceptable yet. Whenever I'm in there I find myself looking around first to check nobody sees me going in. What a snob. A friend the other day said she got a call asking where she was and had to whisper "Internacionale" under her breath to hide the shame.

All that said, my faux leather skirt is a great fit and at £8 was bargainous. Similarly, I've worn this jumper all winter for just £11. And both were on a "buy anything get 2nd item half price" which they seem to do often. So despite being seen in Internacionale being considered social suicide by many, I hold up a middle finger up at everyone because it has one or two hidden gems. We should probably all just realise that most people probably shops there secretly and accept it as a part of life.

Are there any shops you secretly love to raid?

5 comments on "OOTD - The Studded Shirt"
  1. Such a cool outfit :) lol I know what you mean about Internacionale, but I've found some v.pretty things in there. When will people get over the fashion snobbery?! :P xx

    1. Thankyou!
      I agree. On the other hand though, I wouldn't say no to a Prada bag..!

  2. Tooo beautiful , love the outfit xxx

  3. love your skirt! looks great with your denim shirt in the first pic
    ordaining serendipity

  4. Internacionale has just opened where I live and it has so many bargains! Lovely outfit xo


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