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Friday, 14 December 2012
Run to Boots, quick! There's a special offer on Soap & Glory!
I won't lie, when this news came up on my newsfeed I went into town in my pyjamas. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
As an avid Soap and Glory fan, this offer of 9 Products for £27 instead of £60 is a bargain. Miraculously, I didn't have any of the products included already so I got to come home for a luxury shower and try them all out to share with you guys! It's great value for money, I've stocked up for the whole of 2013 now. Every single person at the check out had one of these bad boys, so I definitely recommend grabbing one asap!
Ugh look how pretty it all looks! Some of the bottles are absolutely mahoosive as well so it's not like you're just getting rubbishy samples, they're the full size product! I'll do a run through of all of what you get one by one. (You also get loads of tokens for Soap and Glory to use in the start of 2013 :)  )

 So the Peaches and Clean is the first product which is like a deep cleansing facial wash. It smells absolutely heavenly, like actual peaches! I had to stop myself eating it after that time I tried to eat my boyfriends lemon wash and ended up foaming at the mouth. It just smelt so good!!! 20 years old and still having to be told not to eat soaps is a bad sign.
I had a full face of makeup when I got in the shower and after using this I came out with just a tiny bit of mascara under the eyes, so I'd say it did a pretty decent job!!
Best Point: The Smell
Worst Point: Nobody around to warn me not to eat it, I had to use willpower.

Next up was the Clean On Me body wash. I did as instructed and stepped out of the shower to lather it all up. Not much to say about it as it is just a general body wash, but it just smelt of cleanliness. Like a sweet soapy clean smell. I really liked it, and the bottle is massive!!
Best Point: The Smell
Worst Point: None.

I was really excited to get their Thick and Fast  mascara, as I haven't actually tried too many of their cosmetic line yet. It is perfect! It went on smoothly with no clumps, my lashes were long and thicker and looked like I was wearing the Naturalite fake eyelashes!
I went over them with my Louise Gray mascara from Topshop and the result was perfect. I think I just found my perfect mascara combo!
Best Point: Everything
Worst Point: Nothing.

The Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss I tried on very quickly over my lipstick. It tastes okay. I generally am not a fan of lipglosses, I am a lipstick girl at heart. As it came in the package I will use it, but I doubt I would buy another one just out of personal preference. I only dabbed a tiny bit on, it gave a nice rosy shimmer and wasn't too sticky though so as far as lipglosses go it's pretty good.
Best Point: No stickyness. Hate picking hair off my lips!
Worst Point: I generally just don't like lipglosses very much!

 I put on the Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk  on my legs and knees just after coming out of the shower. They now feel like silk. I won't like, I wasn't a fan of the smell. It was quite almondy which I didn't like, and it was quite thick to rub on but it does what it's intended for!
Best Point: Silky Legs!
Worst Point: Almondy Smell :( 

The Hand Food is something else I was excited for, as someone who works in a bar my hands are always being washed and feel quite rough. First impressions was good. My hands felt soft and slippy and moisturised, I'll probably throw this in my handbag and carry it around all the time as it was really good. A few hours later my hands felt dry again but I've only tried it once, so I'll have to come back and do another full review!
Best Point: Does what it is supposed to!
Worst Point: None so far!

I had high expectations for the Sugar Crush Body Scrub after Zoella blogged about it. It worked wonders on my wonderfully smooth legs, and is definitely something I will continue to use. However, as far as Soap & Glory goes, I actually much prefer their Breakfast Scrub. I think the smell is a lot nicer. But if you like the smell of limes then this is probably better suited for you as an exfoliator!
Best Point: Lovely smooth exfoliated skin!
Worst Point: Much prefer the smell of their Breakfast Scrub, which gives similar results.

Lastly were the two products I haven't actually tried yet, the Heel Genius foot cream and The Righteous Butter. The foot cream has to be worn overnight to sink in and I wanted this blog up today to give you all a chance to buy the pack! So I will post about it later. The righteous butter I have used before. I find it very similar to the Body Milk they include in this package, although I prefer the smell and it's easier to apply in the tub form than the squeezey bottle form.
Perhaps it is better as more of a daily moisturiser after the shower and the Body Milk would be better suited as a one-off deeper hydrating moisturiser.

So, let me know what you think, and let me know if you buy a package for yourself!!

3 comments on "Soap & Glory Special Offer!"
  1. I'm so unbelievably angry at myself for spending £10.50 on The Righteous Butter last week when I could have got all this for just a bit more money! ohh well, these all seem lovely I can't wait to try out more Soap & Glory things as I love the few bits I have at the moment. I still drool over The Breakfast Scrub every time I go into Boots it's mad that I haven't bought it yet! xxxx

    1. Oh no that's such a shame! After using all of these a bit more, the Clean on Me is one of my new favourites, its so thick and foamy! <3 so if you need a new shower gel maybe try that one :) Ughhhh The Breakfast Scrub is so delicious! xxxx

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