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Wednesday, 26 December 2012
Every year my mother makes my sister and I a Christmas stocking. The fact that I am 20 and don't live at home does not deter her, she absolutely loves it. This year, she asked me what I was into so she doesn't get anything I don't use. I said 'makeup.' And I got an amazing stocking this year!
(That being said, she also got me herpes medicine? I asked why she got it and her reply was ' I thought that was what you got all the time?' 'No mum, I get migraines all the time, not herpes?!' ) So now I have some herpes medicine chilling in my house in case any of us ever get a cold sore or jiney herpes I guess.

So I thought I would share with you some of the treats I got. Obviously I haven't had time to try them all out yet, but if you have any of them let me know what you think! :)

Left to right:
LouiseGray lipstick from Topshop in Legend. The packaging is amazing. Pink, gold and shine all at once? Yes please! The colour is amazing too, it reminds me of Macs Lickable which is one of my favourites :) I think this colour may actually be on sale atm too, so go grab it quick!
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h. I haven't used this yet but am a big fan of gel liners so I'm excited to see how this goes :)
Topshop Blush in Neon Rose  This colour is amazing. It's like a bright coral and it isn't a powder, it's like a stiff cream? You just dot it on and blend it in and it gives a lovely rosy glow :) I love this, a definite new favorite and cheaper substitute for my current daily blush, Coralista by Benefit.
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara. My favourite mascara, I always use it as the top coat, it gives it real thickness and length.
NYX Faux Lashes Mascara.  I haven't used this yet but am very excited, I've never had NYX makeup before this Christmas so it should be good fun to try it out :)
Collection Big Fake Ultimate Fake Lash Effect Mascara. This was actually given to my mum who gave it to me as she has watery eyes and can only use waterproof mascara. I haven't used this yet so will have to let you know how it goes! Does anyone else have this? How do you like it?
Topshop lip stick in Coy. I haden't tried one of these before but I love it. It is like a chunky pencil and just glides on. It's soft and doesn't feel like it's drying out my lips, and the colour is amazing! So bright and it really covers all my natural lip colour considering it's a few shades lighter.

The Sparkler all over shimmer by Bodyshop: I got this from a family friend, and when you pump it quite a lot of body shimmer pumps out. (I got a bit of a shock first time actually.) But once rubbed in it's a lovely subtle bronzy shimmer, I will definitely try this on myself on the next big night out, like New Yeas :)
Diesel, Fuel for Life Unlimited Perfume: This wasn't actually a stocking present but a main present, I had been using the Diesel Fuel for She since college but when this upgrade came out I loved the smell so I asked for it for Christmas, just in time as my other ran out and I've been smelling of natural musk lately..
NYX Makeup SPF15 in Soft Beige: What I thought was cool about this foundation is that it has Suncream in it, so when I got to Miami in March I'll be able to use this and not get sunburnt! The colour is slightly darker than my natural colour but that's okay as I plan on tanning in it! It's quite thick too, but I think I just put too much on as it was my first time using it :)

What did you all get for Christmas?

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  1. Hey doll! I also have the blush by Topshop and I absolutely love it! It's so easy to blend out and it looks so natural on my skin. Happy Holidays!

    1. I know, I've fallen in love with it!!! Thankyou, and you! :) x

  2. You're right, you did stock up on your stocking gifts! All of that makeup looks nice, let's see it on you!! Also, that story of your mom getting you herpes medicine is absolutely hilarious!

    1. Thankyou! I will do asap!!
      I know, my mother is crazy. x


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