Friday, 14 December 2012
Whilst in Edinburgh I treated myself to a cheeky little Primarni haul. I'm going to put it out there, this Primark was like my heaven. I had never been to the one in Edinburgh, and envisioned it being similar to the Primark in London, where you have to fight for your life to get in and out, the queue takes forever, and everything is on the floor. Even the most skilled shopper would have trouble keeping calm, I usually end up in the foetal position hyperventilating somewhere between the entrance and the knitwear section. The Primark in Edinburgh though was pristine, everything was clean, it was bright and spacious and it felt a bit like Debenhams rather than a wrestling pit. I managed to pick up my long - awaited Christmas jumper for £12. (The Primark close to where I stay had run out of stock. Obviously everyone and their mother needs a reindeer jumper for Christmas) Although a bit priceyer for Primark, I will probably wear it every Christmas until it doesn't fit anymore. So it's okay.

Just as I was heading to pay, I saw the rack of leotards and fell in love. For only £6 each I picked up a skeleton one and a wolf one. The skeleton one is a it more casual, I would team it with some high waisted shorts and Creepers maybe. 

The wolf one was a bit more dressy because it had the sides cut out. Raunchy. I would wear this out clubbing with heels and a high waisted black leather skirt. (Also I have noticed just how large my hips are from this picture. Shakira would be proud, my hips don't lie. Bring on the childbearing.*)
I bought both leotards in a size 8 which fit well. They haven't got the little poppers at the pantyline though so if I decide I need the toilet I should probably plan it a few minutes in advance.

*Just kidding please no child bearing.

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