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Topshop Makeup & Camden Finds

Tuesday, 31 December 2013
I popped into Camden the other day to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and treated myself to a few bits. I have always stood by Topshop makeup as the best high street makeup for value and quality. I picked up one of their brightening pens, which to be honest was slightly disappointing. It's not overly easy to applicate, you have to twist the end and then liquid starts coming out of the brush. I'm sure I will get used to it though. 

The second thing I picked up was one of their cream blushes, which I love. It feels like a cream but once you put it on it turns into a powder and you can blend it out with a brush. The colours are always really vibrant, and have wonderful pigment. This shade is called Afternoon Tea. 

The last thing I was on the hunt for was a beautiful vintage ring. Camden Lock always has dozens of jewellery stalls, and I scoured every last one in the search for the perfect ring. Just as I was about to give up, I found this one for £15. I'm not sure what it's made of but I have worn it constantly and my finer hasn't turned green, so I would guess it's sterling silver. I think it's absolutely beautiful, and looks like a vintage engagement ring. Totally pleased with this find!

Where do you go for reasonably priced vintage style jewellery? 

The Volume Spray from the Gods.

Thursday, 26 December 2013
I saw Zoella mention this volume spray in one of her 'favourites' videos and decided to try it. My hair is very flat and lifeless a lot of the time, but I don't like to backbrush because of the damage it will cause. I decided no harm in trying, and the spray was just under £4 so not exactly a bank-breaker.

It gives a matte finish which I love (I hate when hairspray makes my hair look greasy!) and its not sticky or smelly or anything. All in all, I really love this product and will definitely be sticking with it. I would even go as far as saying its the best volume spray I have ever tried! If you like the messy bed-head type look, I would definitely try it!


What do you guys use for volume? 

Missguided New Years Dress Options!

Monday, 23 December 2013
I really hate New Years. I know I sound like a scrooge, but I do hate it. It's an anticlimax. You feel pressured to go out and avoid being boring, but when you do go out it's so busy you can't even get a drink all night, and if you do, it's £10 for a single vodka and cranberry. There's no public transport, and in the morning you just wake up £60 poorer with a headache and can't help but think 'I should have just stayed in.'

That said, there is one part of New Years I do enjoy. Obviously, the getting together with your friends and dressing up nice for a night. Unfortunately, I am on a student budget, which means my dress options are limited. As always, I went to Missguided for choices. I find they always have beautiful party dresses for very reasonable prices, and this year I was not disappointed. I chose my favourites, and I will explain why.

December is the month for no exercise and lot's of parties and food. Because of this, I have gained (no joke) a stone this month. I know, I am as horrified as the rest of you. You don't realise how much the gym does until you stop going! So alongside the rest of the nation, I will be back to exercise in January. I gain all my weight on my torso and upper thighs, so I wanted dresses which would hide the weight I've put on. This means no body cons (unless they are peplum perhaps). Sequins and patterns can also hide any excess pudge nicely, and everyone loves sequins at festive times. I am also horribly pale, so I had to choose my colours very carefully. These are the ones I ended up deciding between:

Kira Strappy Swing Dress in gold - The sequins are perfect for glamourising an outfit, the swing style is in fashion, and it flares out so you can hide the pudge. Perfect. I really like the colour as well, I think it would be flattering on any skin tone. (Hurry, only size 10s left at the moment!)

Diona Sequin Wrap Dress - I love this dress. The black means it is suitable for all year round, the wrap gives you a bit of booby action (flaunt the good part ladies!) and the skater style hides the belly rolls (hide the bad part ladies!) What's not to love? One thing - it sold out. I saw it in the morning, and by the evening only size 14s were left. Today, none. I assume they will restock though before New Years, so it should just be a case of checking back. 

Gabey Rose Embellished Swing Dress- I really like this because it can be worn to so many different occasions, and can be dressed down or up to an extent. I also liked that it was a bit longer than the others, and longer at the back. Perfect for hiding those turkey encouraged thunder thighs.  The low cut means you can get some cleavage out too if you team it with the right bra, and the sequins give it that little hint of festive fun. And did I mention, it's in the sale?! Hurry!

 Hetsey Playsuit in Black - This is perfect for hiding flab and still looking fabulous! It covers all the right parts, but you can still get some boob on show discreetly. It's also a playsuit, so if you plan on getting completely blitzed and chances of falling over are high, it's a good option to avoid an embarrassing unplanned knicker flash (let's be honest, we've all  been there!) This was my boyfriend's least favourite, but what do men know about fashion anyway!

Ultimately, I did what all females do, and started a group chat with my girls and asked their opinions. My friends all rock very different styles, but everyone agreed on the same one, so I ended up opting for this one:

I'll probably style it with some black wedge heels, gold jewellery, banging long extensions and some dark lippie. 

Which was your favourite?!

Pet Stocking Fillers - Last Minute Ideas!

Sunday, 22 December 2013
Because everyone deserves a special treat at Christmas, especially man's best friend! Here are some bits and bobs I got little Draco Malfoy, there is still time for you to make a quick dash to Pets at Home or Sainsburys too!

(I plan on sending this photo out to all my neighbours with a detailed and thorough description on the back of exactly what Draco has been up to this year. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?)

Chanel Loafer Dupes

Ever since seeing PrettySickly's Chanel loafers that she picked up in Duty Free, I've wanted a pair. Of course, I can't justify spending £500 on a pair of shoes on my student overdraft, so I pushed my lust to the back of my skull and added it to the list of things I will buy when I become as rich as the Kardashians. I think this shoe is the epitome of what defines classy and fashionable.

Image Sourced from Ebay.

I popped into town a few weeks ago in search of some staple pieces for my fashion internship in London, and it hadn't really crossed my mind to look for shoes. Rule #1 of the fashion intern guide is never wear heels, because most of the time you're on your feet running errands and nobody wants bleeding heels and a swaggy walk that looks like you've pooped yourself. But when I was in River Island and saw these shoes, I immediately thought of the Chanel Loafers, and decided £28 was an OK price to pay for a pair of shoes that would last me a substantial amount of time. (I usually only buy my flats from Primarni.) 

As you can see, they have the same quilted design, the same long toe, and a nice small gold embellished heel which gives it a little extra something, in my opinion. I have been wearing these in slowly and really love them.

You can find them here.

What's your favourite type of flat for a smarter occasion?

River Island Christmas Sale Picks

Saturday, 21 December 2013
I am a firm believer in doing all my Christmas sale shopping online. You get the better choice and selection, and you don't have to wrestle through hoards of sweating women eager to grab that last size 6 heels you are desperate for. A few stores have already launched their sales, and I have done a post on my Motel favourites already. I noticed today that River Island have launched their sale online also, so I thought I would share my favourites with you.
You'll notice a lot of shoes - River Island is my favourite place for shoes but they are usually quite pricey so at sale time I go a bit crazy. I will probably choose a few bits from this selection I show you and eventually film a big Christmas Sale haul for you all!

Black Patent Crossover Wedges - £25 down from £65! What a bargain!! These are gorgeous. I literally cannot get enough of them. The only thing deterring me is the heel height - I really struggle with anything past 4 inches and tend to only opt for wedges even then. That said, the fact it's a platform takes some of the height away. Right on trend with the monochrome and PVC vibes, this would look awesome for a night out. Do you guys think I should get them? I could always return them…

Faux Fur Collar - £12 down from £25. Fur is big this winter, and I have been adoring it for spicing up outfits. I probably won't get this collar just because I already have a plain black one from Topshop, but I was eyeing it up in store a few weeks ago and would probably invest in it if I didn't already have a statement fur piece. I've been loving wearing my collar with coats, bomber jackets and even long sleeved teeshirts, it really gives my outfits an extra oomph.

Bright Yellow Loafers - £20 down from £40. I find RI shoes are always a really good quality and last a long time, better so than Topshop. Loafers are really great for giving an outfit a sophisticated vibe, and these in bright yellow will give a colour pop and a quirky twist to an otherwise plain outfit. I'd wear them with skinny jeans and a plain white oversize shirt tucked in.

Teen Vogue Handbook - £5 down from £10. I just think this is a nice little addition to a collection of fashion books I have, and as I graduate in a few short months (eeeeek!) and am looking for a step into a career in fashion I will probably treat myself to this and have a cheeky read over the holidays!

Flatform Loafers - £15 from £35. As mentioned above, I think these are a nice twist on a classic loafer. As also mentioned above, I can't walk very well in heels so any added height is a bonus for me. If you like these though you will have to act fast, I have just noticed they are selling out in most sizes already.

Cream Raglan Teeshirt - £10 down from £20.  I think it is a wardrobe essential for a woman to own a smart white tee. This can be worn literally anytime, for any occasion and is easy to dress up and play down. For a tenner I would definitely invest in this, and will probably pick this up for my haul.

Which is your favourite item? Should I go for the monochrome wedges?!

My Motel Christmas Sale Picks!

Thursday, 19 December 2013
As a die-hard Missguided fan, I rarely head into Motel territory. (Not because I don't like it, just because I always tend to find what I need at Missguided, which is often cheaper.) I decided to check it out for it's Christmas sale though and boy, was I pleased.
I thought I would do a round up for you guys of the favourite pieces I found. I will probably buy a few of these and do some outfit posts and a mini haul video for you guys, but you will have to stay tuned for that!

Bonnie Long Sleeve Crop Top in Mint Palm Leaf Print - £12. To match with the palm leaf print mentioned below, this long sleeved top is a super cute way to enjoy some spring layering opps. I would throw this underneath a strappy black skater dress or team it with a high waist skirt and a low scoop neck jumper.

Vinnie Cut Out Body - £22. This is basically a simple leotard with cut out sides. I love to wear these on a night out teamed with high waisted skirts, and I think the cut out effect on the side makes it a little bit more edgy and sexy than a normal leotard. I also have a rib tattoo which rarely gets to see the light of day, so it can have a cheeky peek through the gaps. It's available in white, black, teal and lime, and a couple of them are £19.

Jodie Skinny Crop Pants in Pink Palm Leaf Print - £28 down from £38. I think these are so dope. The pastel colour makes them more summer appropriate, but imagine these with a baggy camisole tucked in, some sandal wedges and a big old hat and sunnies. They also have legging versions in pastel blue for a reasonable £15 here, if you want something lighter than jeans.

Kadie Skater Skirt in Rose Print - £22. How amazing is this printed skater?! Perfect for every season in my humble opinion, giving a nice colour pop to the current monochrome trend. Definitely teamed with a bright lippie, either MAC's Lickable or Maybelline's Fushia Flash for a more affordable option. Perfect for a night out too with a wet look crop top or bralette and blazer.

What are you guys enjoying most from Motel's sale?

Camden At Christmas

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

 Yesterday we went to Camden for some Christmas fun. Unfortunately I tried to take my OOTD posts in natural light, and as a result of our dreary nation they came out pretty poor, so you will have to excuse that!

I wore my headband from Accessorize, an oversized jumper from Missguided, Disco leggings from Missguided, frilled socks from topshop alongside my go-to New Look boots. My lipstick is MAC's Rebel (check it out in my Mac collection video.) I wanted to be comfy and also I have put on nearly an entire stone (eek!!!) in the December celebrations. (As my boyfriend put it "you aren't big, you're just bigger". Nice one Matt, thanks for that! This is what Christmas is all about though, stuffing yourself like a Turkey until you can barely move and have to lie in bed in a comatose state with a food baby of 8 months.

For detailing I wore a watch gifted from my mother, my Topshop sale necklace and a friendship bracelet which I got as a xmas present from Daisy <3 (Never too old for a friendship bracelet!) I know there has been much debate on the Starbucks/ Costa Christmas drinks palaver, and I have to admit that for me, Costa has won hands down. This is a photo of my croissant and Chocolate Orange Mocha Latte before I devoured them. Perfection in a caffeinated drink.

Enjoy some photo's of Matt and I enjoying some bubble tea.

Do you prefer Starbucks or Costa this Christmas?

Bagged it.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013
As you all probably know by now, Missguided is my favourite place to shop. Despite being horrible overdraft in my student account due to Christmas, when I saw on Instagram that Missguided were offering 20% off AND free next day delivery, I decided to make a purchase I had been eyeing up for a while. A snake skin doctors bag. *salivates.*
It arrived the very next morning and is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I absolutely love the structure of it and it feels really sturdy and can hold a whole load of junk in it. (perfect for me, I carry around my life.) It has a pocket in the back which is ideal for slotting a phone into and then inside it has another 2 zip pockets and card holders.

(Apologies for the dodgy photographs, my lighting is awful so everything comes out blurry at the minute. Curse you're ever-dark winter Scotland!)

The interior is leopard print too, and we all know how I feel about leopard print. It's retail price is £30, but as I said I got 20% off bringing it down to a nice and justifiable £24, absolutely bargainous. If you want to check it out and you can find it here. This will definitely be my go-to winter bag, every woman needs a classy black handbag and I think I may have just found mine! Below is Draco modelling my Ralph Lauren scarf and graciously giving you an idea on size. (He is deceptively large for a pomeranian yorkie poodle mix.)

What's your favourite bag this winter??

Stocking Gift Guide for Her.

Saturday, 30 November 2013
With Christmas quickly approaching, I made the catastrophic mistake of going into town on a Saturday to post a parcel.
It was like the scene in Mean Girls where the animals are by the watering hole, or possibly the stampede scene from the Lion King that left us all crying into our parents arms as children. (And adults.) It was total mayhem. I thought I would save you all the trouble of going into town in December and possibly losing a limb in Topshop by putting together some gift guides that you can get online, and so here is the first of the lot: Stocking gifts for her. (All under £10, Santa's not made of money.)

Hetty Desk Vaccum, £9.99 at WHSmiths.
It's pink, it's called Hetty, and it's appropriate to have on your work desk because it serves a purpose. Perfect. Great for the OCD cleaners and messy hoarders alike. Who doesn't want a pink desk hoover?!

House of Holland Nails, £8.99 at Boots.
These are amazing, and there are so many different quirky designs, one to suit everyone! This is my personal favourite because it's customisable, choose what you want your nails to read and you can stick on the appropriate letters. Who knew spelling could be fun!?

Doughnut Notepad, £5 at Urban Outfitters
Because who doesn't enjoy stationary and who doesn't enjoy doughnuts?

Lunchbox, £6 at Newlook
I have one of these myself and it's the perfect size for some little healthy bits and bobs and a sandwich. It also saves so much money spend on Starbucks for lunch! And it helps you stay healthy! "No sorry, I can't have that biscuit, I just had my healthy lunch and am STUFFED!"

Multistack Rings, £7.99 at Missguided.
Stackable rings have been on trend for a while now, and you can pick these ones up at Missguided in either gold or silver, whichever is more to your liking. 7 rings, one present!

Lip Bullet, £5 at Topshop
For me personally I know I have a lot of Topshop makeup stocking fillers because my mother is fabulous. These lip bullets are only £5, and if you want to go a bit pricier their lipsticks are £8 and come in a colour to suit everyone. My favourite high street makeup brand by far. Definitely get better quality than you pay for with Topshop!

What are you hoping to get in your stocking this year??

The Miranda Effect.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
The end of my University life is fast approaching, and what a whirlwind four years it has been. This said - the most frequent question I have been greeted with by anyone who I don't see on a weekly basis is "What are you going to do when you leave?" A deadlined version of "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Which to me sounds much less threatening/terrifying.

And so I have given this a lot of thought, the days have changed from when I wanted to be a dinosaur or Elle Woods. My new choice is much more reasonable, though possibly ten times less likely. When I grow up, I want to be Miranda Kerr.

Why? Well, just look at her. She's fabulous. That's why.

On top of her somehow eternally youthful face and dimples I would sell my mother for, she is also my most recent new style icon. This is why:

I think the first thing to applaud her for is the fact that these are candid shots. Meaning she was not necessarily expecting to have her photo taken, nor ready for it. I think if someone followed me around taking candid shots I would be blinking in most of them and doing something like dribbling in the rest. I bow down to you, Kerr.
In other news, her style is amazing. I love how she dresses up otherwise casual outfits with tweaks like the bright Michael Kors bag and the velvet thigh high boots. Other recurrent features are her signature red lips (perfect for the Christmas period), the big bags (perfect for all the shit I lug around with me. Carrying around my dogs jumper is necessary at all times, I swear!) and the sunglasses.

I wish I was the type of woman who could pull of wearing sunglasses all times of the year, but unfortunately in Scotland you are lucky to get a bright sky for a week mid August, let alone the rest of the year. If I walked around in my black RayBan dupes people would probably assume I was blind and try to help me cross the road.

I am completely in love with her casual luxe style, and may give it a go and add my own tweaks to it the next few weeks and see how I get on. I will do some OOTDs so you can see how I get on.

Who is your style icon?

A scarf by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet.

Friday, 22 November 2013
I have done it. I have found the perfect winter scarf. I feel like a chorus of angels should start singing and Beyonce should manifest and ask to be my best friend. It started in a Politics seminar, of all places. There is a boy in my class who is exceptionally beautiful - he looks a bit like a Ken doll (as in Barbie and Ken), only well dressed and more stubbly. So he sauntered in this fine afternoon with an amazing scarf on, which I was of course quick to compliment. Then I did what any sane woman would do in a bid to avoid de-masculating him and asking where it was from. I spent the hour peering at him from all angles, leaning at awkward positions and generally looking a bit like someone suffering from a minor epileptic fit until I caught a glimpse of the label. Ralph Lauren. Of course - no man so well dressed would shop at Primark as I had been hoping.

On coming home I quickly went on the Ralph Lauren website to find the scarf, which didn't take long. Unfortunately I exited the website just as quickly as I had clicked onto it on seeing it cost £75 for a scarf and then I ate my feelings.

However, the very next day I ran to TK Maxx for my Christmas shop (I prefer to call this being thrifty -  not cheap.) I checked the women's scarves in the hopes of finding something similar but to no avail. Then, low and behold, in the men's section I found the holiest of all holies - the very same scarf. For £25! They had other colours too, but I thought this one was the nicest and went with most of the outfits I wore. I honestly could have wept with happiness. The thing I love the best is that whereas one side is tartan (very on trend right now, well done Ralph), the other side is tweed. I am effectively getting two scarves for the price of one, with the reversible sides. Genius. The second thing I love about it is that I feel quite classy wearing it. Let's be honest here, if it wasn't Ralph Lauren this purchase wouldn't be quite as triumphant. A scarf by any other name just wouldn't smell as sweet.

A Christmas Vlog!

Monday, 18 November 2013
My two guapas came up to visit from down south, so we headed to Glasgow for a day of Christmas shopping, cocktails and ridiculous outfit testing. I thought I would vlog it, I know it's not my usual type of post or video but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway, I will be doing quite a few through December and may even take part in the Vlogmas challenge of a vlog a day :)

Trust No B****

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Winter arriving (extremely rapidly up North!) has meant I've started experimenting with a lot of layering up. I've noticed I tend to wear really huge jumpers for the baltic outdoors, then step into a sweltering moshpit at uni and want to strip but can't so end up fanning myself while I sweat like a pig and try not to smudge my face off.
I feel like mastering the art of layering will help me avoid such repulsive situations.

Today I went out for lunch with my now purple-haired compadre, Daisy. I wanted to wear my necklace, which I bought from a weird boutique place in Miami. I had seen people teaming this style of  necklaces with collared shirts, so I learnt from the wise and threw on my almost-forgotten spiked sheer blue shirt from Missguided.

My jumper has been in my recent haul videos and is a personal winter favourite from Primarni - a fabulously cheap Topshop/Zara dupe at just £8.  My skirt is from River Island, and beauty wise I'm wearing my new Chanel Rivoli dupe lipstick - Sleek Cherry, (check out my dupe post - this is the perfect lippie for fall). I have been tanning with my best friend St.Moriz in an attempt to look healthier than I feel, and put in my synthetic extensions from DevaLook.

  (Of course puppy cuddles became involved in the photograph process.)

I ended up really liking the mix of textures and clashing colours in the outfit, and stayed snug (but not sweaty) which was ideal.
How do you guys layer for this time of year?

Fall Favourites

Here are a few of my recent favourites for the Autumn!

What have you guys been loving recently?

Chanel Rivoli Dupe

Friday, 8 November 2013

For my birthday I treated myself to the Chanel, Rouge Coco lipstick in Rivoli, #21. Yesterday I went into Superdrug and saw they had a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics, so I picked up Sleek's Cherry from their Sheen range. I realised they are basically exactly the same, so at £3.99 for the Sleek version vs the £25 for the Chanel version, you can get yourself a real bargain here.

These show the Chanel swatch (left) and the Sleek swatch (right.) As you can see there is barely any difference, the Sleek version is slightly bolder but I also find it more dehydrating on the lips. At the end of the day, its a save or splurge situation. Below I'm wearing Sleek, Cherry.

Would you rather save or splurge?

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