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A Bargain Hunt In Velvet.

Sunday, 27 January 2013
Scarf - Primark. Coat - Miss Selfridge. Boots - New Look. Top - H and M Dress - Boutique Socks - Primark.
So I ended up going out for the day and picked up some fantastic cheap bargains. I know, I know. Naughty.
This is the outfit I put together for the (very cold!) was super comfy but a little bit more classy too which I liked :) As you can see, it was based around my Christmas LBD, which you can see more about in my post here. I was super excited to have found another, more casual way to get wear out of it using the tee underneath.

The first place I popped into after my unsuccessful Barry M lilac lipstick purchasthe other day was Inglot. I just popped in out of curiosity to ask how much the lipsticks were, and I had always thought it to be similar pricing to MAC. However I was suprised to find out they were only £9 and there was a 15% off offer on all lipsticks or 3 for 2 also. 
So I got the one I had been looking for (I can't resist a bargain) in shade 281.

It's much better quality than the Barry M one, with a vivid, clear Matte finish as pictured below. For not even double the price, it was a much better purchase and much more worth the price. I will be using Inglot a lot more from now on! As you can see from below, it's a really strong finish and lasts much longer than drugstore lipsticks, though still not as long as the MAC Matte finish ones. 

 And here are the rest of my bargainous finds!

These leopard print booties are a mere £5 in the sale at Primark now! Run and grab a pair, they are a sure fire way to spruce up a simple or plain outfit!!

After seeing my friend with this sparrow necklace and countless stops in H and M after my own which were always unsucessful, I suppose it was fate to finally find one in stock, in a buy one get one free deal! So I got the sweet bow one to go, I love the bold acrylic designs and most of all I love the super short chain length. (I don't wear long necklaces often.) So £3.99 for both of these. :)

Lastly I finally found some large round sunglasses to take to Miami in March. These were £3.99 in H and M so a very cheap find, and I really liked the shape. Nearly perfectly round, but not quite. As you can see I wore them with the outfit above so you could see what they looked like on. I can't wait to get to a beach to put them on!
Have you guys found any good bargains recently?

Lilac Lips & Literature Love.

Friday, 25 January 2013
I've found myself having a bit of a lilac crush recently. I'm not all too sure where this new found love for lilac came from, but I feel like it's coming just in time for the summer.
I thought I'd be a bit wild and try out a lilac lipstick, so went straight to Barry M as my first thought for a cheap brand which would have such a bold colour choice. ( I am on a strict spending diet, I am so poor right now!)
This lip colour is 129, Palest Lavender. I won't lie, I can't give it a great review. The colour goes on in a way which shows every dry imperfection, and its staying time is minimal. An hour perhaps? It's more shiny than matte and feels very slick, like lipgloss. Perfect for some, but not for me.
For under £5 I can't complain too much, although I can't help but think I should have perhaps gone with MAC's Lavender Whip or Inglots Slim Gel Lipstick in Number 65, both slightly more expensive options.

I then went to Waterstones to pick up some reading, and was totally drawn in (hold back the shock,) by a cover.
I know, I know. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
But I know the book, I know the story, and I loved the cover. It's my favourite Disney, Alice in Wonderland. The most trippy and extravagant of all stories.When I saw it in this beautiful leather purple binding with it's golden bookmark, classic illustrations, cream paper and pink detailing... well, I had to have it. Even at £15. I actually wanted the larger £25 one, but contained myself. (Matt if you're reading this, birthday present please!!)
I realise £15 is a lot to spend on a book, but I feel like this will end up being more of a keepsake treasure, it's so beautiful and the story is so timeless and classic. And it matches the lipstick.

What do you guys think? What's your favourite childhood story or book?

What's in my bag? & an illustration :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I've noticed my blog is lacking in the ever-popular 'What's in my bag' posts. I for one, love these posts, because I am the nosiest lassie ever and I love peering into what people carry around on a day to day basis. (You can't peek in people's bags in the real, non blogging world. It's highly frowned upon and people tend to think you're a pick pocket.)
As you can see, I've also thrown in a cheeky little illustration to go alongside this post. I don't have photoshop anymore so don't tend to do any digital art because it takes forever, as you can see I got extremely sloppy. But when all you have to work with is Paint, and your patience is relatively short lived anyway, sloppiness becomes a signature style.

So, this is my bag. It was a Christmas gift from my mother, and the tag said "Michael Yane", although I suspect it was probably from a weird market or Ebay or something as I can't find many Michael Yane bag references online . At first, I wasn't sure, but after a day I decided I actually really liked it. My mother said she had the same thing, when it came in the post she wasn't too keen, but grew to like it. It's massive, and can fit all my university books and blogging notebooks and stuff in it which is ideal. So this is what I'll be lugging around for the winter, especially whilst in uni. Onto the contents. Oh you nosy buggers! 

As you can see, I carry a lot around with me. Just in case! Quick run through: 
A small mint tin which says Matt on it. My mother got this for Christmas. I was really confused about it all to be honest, her justification was "your boyfriend's name is Matt, so I thought you'd like a tin with his name on it!" I'm not entirely sure about her thought process yet, and have yet to find a use for it or to buy mints to fill it with, so it's just sitting in my bag at the moment. 
Rosy Tint Vaseline & Case. Another stocking filler, this time mother got it right. Always have dry lips in the winter, and the rose tint is lovely. I love the little case for it too, so cute! 
Litte White Book. Just a notebook from Clintons, for on-the-go ideas.
Choccy Munchy Seeds. A healthy snack! Stocking filler again, I ate them today, they were delish.
Pocket Mirror. Self explanatory.
Phone: I sport the old Blackberry curve, as my new one broke. Roll on upgrade, please! 
Cath Kidston Hand Cream: Perfect. Rose scented!
4Head Stick: I suffer from Migraines.
USB Man: I stole this from my dad, I think he's hilarious. Especially when you rip his head off and stick him in the port.
Inhaler: I'm asthmatic too. 
Etc. Card Holder: My mum didn't want this so I nabbed it. Carry around my store cards etc. (Excuse that pun.)
Purse: From Paul's Boutique. I love it <3
Card Holder: This one just holds my Student Card and Drivers Licence, my two most used cards. If I go out I just take this rather than my entire purse, and slot notes in with bobby pins. This way I can stick it in a pocket and avoid taking a bag if I don't want one. 

So I hope you enjoyed nosing around my bag, let me know if you have a What's In My Bag post so I can have a nosey around yours too! 
(Changed my signature to Callie but feel free to stick with Caroline. Trying to move people away from the dreaded 'Caz' I've been stuck with since I was 11 but I realise Caroline's a bit of a mouthful.)

The Liebster Award

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I'd like to thank Leah for nominating me for this award, it's lovely to know people read my blog enough to want to know a little more about me!!

The Rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Ask new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 Facts About Myself:
1.  I'm at university studying Journalism and Politics.
2. I have had 15 piercings.
3. I have a hamster called Oscar, he's like a tiny, affectionate dog!
4. I have kept a journal since I was 9 years old.
5. I think I may have anxiety but I'm too scared to go to the doctors about it? Can anyone help me with some advice on this perhaps? It's not random, it's triggered by certain (irrational) things and situations.
6. One of the only personality traits I am proud of that has never caused me any problems is how driven I am.
7. I literally love  to write. As in it's all I want to do, all the time. It's always been an escape for me and I feel like when you're writing, anything goes. You can make up the rules and the ending and the angle of the story. You have total control, and it can spread so much happiness and inspire people to huge levels.
8. I really hate how dependent I feel I am on social networks, and even more so, how dependent society is becoming on social networks. But I can't stop. It's a love hate relationship.
9. I seriously struggle to walk into a shopping centre and come out empty handed. As in, it never happens.
10. I have a twisted, dark obsession with stationary. Paperchase is my haven.
11. I have 3 passports. British, American and Brazilian.

7 Lbs of healthy love.

Friday, 18 January 2013
I have lost 7lbs.
What a good day!
So I thought I would write a bit about how I've been doing it. Basically, I have been very lazy with exercise! It's so darn cold I can rarely bring myself to walk to the bus stop to get to the gym, so until classes restart and I'm at university anyway, exercise seems to have taken a back seat.
What I have been doing though, is eating super healthy. So here's a run through of my diet as of the 1st Jan 2013, which has led to this weight loss regardless of the minimal attempts at exercise I've undergone.
(To clarify, I will go to the gym once a week for an hour perhaps and flail around my room like a shot animal attempting to do my fitness DVD, before sacking it off after 10 minutes and doing a plank for 30 seconds and calling it a day.)

Breakfast: I've been alternating between a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and half a banana, and Oats with a bit of semi skimmed milk and half a banana. The oats and peanut butter sort out the protein, and banana's are just good for you and taste good. So yes. Those have been my two breakfasts, I haven't gotten bored of them yet! (it's my oats and banana in the spotty mug in case anyone was wondering. It looks a bit like vomit actually, but I assure you it is delicious.)

Lunch: Either: A tuna sandwich with a tiny bit of light mayo, red onions and cherry tomatos on wholemeal bread. I totally cram it so the tuna mix is like bursting out. Love me some tuna. Orr a big tortilla wrap with a bit of light spread, turkey breast and salad. Yum. I kept these to sandwiches because when I'm out during the day or at uni I can pack them.

Dinner: Low carbs!! I sometimes get the ready made 'fuller longer' meals from M&S or the 'lighter' Tesco meals, or cook myself some sort of healthy dinner. It usually involves some form of grilled meat, or fish, and then a few boiled new potatos and a shedload of veggies.

Snacks: Apples, cereal bars, banana chips, any small healthy thing under 100 kcal really!

And one day a week on Sundays I'm allowing myself a treat of whatever I want, regardless of how unhealthy. This Sunday I'm gonna get a Domino's as I've been craving allll week, but I'll still watch myself a little bit, and get a small thin based with low fat cheese rather than the standard medium with allllll the toppings.
I hope this helps some of you, I'll let you guys know of my progress once I get back into my gym routine! (I was going 6 days a week last semester whilst university was on!)


A cheap outfit for a cheap outing - off to Aldi for some munchies.
Living the student dream, evidently.
Can we all take a second out of our lives to examine my legs in the far right photo - is this normal?
I'm sure they shouldn't be bending all those ways.
Perhaps I'm secretly like the elasticated girl in The Incredibles.

 Hat - Missguided. Top - Primark, Old. Belt - Internacionale. Jeans - Primark. Boots - NewLook. Bag - Gift Watch - American Apparal.

So, this entire outfit (not including the bag and watch as they were both gifts) racks up at just under £50. £46 if we are being exact. But considering this does include the hat, shoes and belt I would consider this pretty bargainous. (I didn't include my underwear. BECAUSE I'M NOT WEARING ANY! I joke. Obviously I am. Moving swiftly on from my awkward jokes.)

My lipstick is also currently in the sale at Topshop, and is from the Louise Gray range in the shade Legend.
I think the pink compliments the mustard,which I guess is the staple piece of the outfit. What do you guys think of Mustard? Slightly out of season now, but still a favourite of mine!

Wearing the floral headband.

Thursday, 17 January 2013
I wore my new headband from Topshop to work tonight. It looks similar to the beautiful Crown and Glory ones which are knocking about at the moment, but which I can't afford. Boo you student life!
I actually wore it with my hair down and curled slightly, but when I got home and threw my hair up for a cuppa and some chill time I decided I actually preferred it up instead.

What do you guys think? How do you wear your flower hairbands?

A teeny tiny, teency weency haul...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
I know I'm supposed to be saving my money to visit Matt in Miami! I feel the guilt running through my veins. But I told you guys, I'm a recognised shopaholic. I can't help it. If anything, I need support and help through this difficult time of having to save money!!


So first of all, I went into Topshop. I actually resent spending any money in here whatsoever, after quitting my job for another I miss the discount too much. I feel like I should still be entitled to one. I worked for you're company for 4 years, Phil Green! Cut me some slack! But alas, I went staff discount free. But they were in the sale so still a bargain. The sunglasses case is a beautiful vintage brown leather, although I spent forever choosing between this one and a back crocodile print one! Perfect for Miami in March. Now all I need are the sunglasses... Bargainous at £6.

I wanted to take a close-up photo of this hairband because I think it's just so lovey. It has lovely forals all around it and also some studs. Perfect for the summer with some big wavy curls, or to spice up an evening outfit.

Next I headed to Claire's. I know, I know. I haden't been to Claire's since I was about 14. But I needed some new earrings, and they always have the 3 for 2 deal on. Since taking out my ear stretchers, I've missed them on occasion  I found some fake ones so I guess I get the best of both worlds now! I thought the hearts were adorable and then I got the simple studs to just wear everyday and to make the most out of the deal.

Lastly, (and these are justified!,) I've needed some boots for ages. I can't live in Scotland without some form of covering footwear, try as I have been.  These wedge boots from New Look were perfect, and you can't argue the price at £22 with student discount.
The little wedge heel is perfect for day wear and to spice up and outfit, and they are super comfy too. Win!

Have you guys found any good deals in the sales?
Let me know!

(P.s - My 'L' button ripped off my laptop whilst writing this post, I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic. Anyone know how to stick it back on??!)

The Magazine That Turned Me Into A Female.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the most extravagant attempt to gain work experience ever? Is it a genitalia swapping magazine? No. It's a standard Caroline blog post. A review, and a little story about myself. (Okay, perhaps a tiny bit of an extravagant attempt to gain work experience too.)
But mostly the other two.

Once upon a time, I was a boy.
Not literally, but almost! I would consider myself to be a relatively humorous person, and I love to read funny articles. After discovering my (ex) boyfriend's Front Magazine, I was excited to have finally found a magazine with hilarious articles. If I had to flick past some breasticles here and there, then so be it.

Oh the shame, when trying to buy that magazine in WH Smiths and having to peer around my shoulder to check there were no OAP's about. I know it's ridiculous to be ashamed of buying a 'lads mag' in today's society, but I felt like a filthy old man who shouldn't be looking at this type of magazine.

After some pestering, I managed to get work experience with them for two weeks in London near my family home. It was a fantastic  two weeks, I got to do loads of writing and learnt more about how a magazine is actually run. The entire team were absolutely hilarious and all really chilled out generally fantastic human beings. I give them all a big thumbs up.

On deciding to apply for an MA in Creative Writing (I realise my current politics/journalism degree doesn't quite fit the standard English Literature requirement),  I decided to start blogging. Walking past WH Smiths for my usual monthly sneaky purchasing of a naked lady magazine, and I see a Company magazine with a front page story about blogging.

Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't a full on lad-girl. I still read women's magazines, sure. But mostly for the fashion, rather than for the laugh-out-loud columns. So I bought my copy of Company, (head held high, front cover proudly on show, featuring definitely no  boobies thankfully,) and flicked straight to the blogging article.

Now, Company has seriously shaped how I look at blogging. Before, I did it every now and again when I could be bothered to put on my CV. Now I see it as a possible gateway to a career and am genuinely inspired. I feel a part of a fantastic forward-moving community and once again, I have to mention, no boobies!

The articles are funny, witty, and down to earth. It's got absolutely fantastic design work, which makes it a lovely thing to have on your coffee table and flick through just to enjoy the imagery.

My favourite thing about Company, is that the girls featured in the majority of it are real. It could be a girl from down the road, or a friend's friend. But they're real. Not A-list celebrities, or stick thin beach blondes who look like Barbie only that little bit hotter. Real, live, normal, beautiful girls.
This is what I think the magazine industry should be about. Company helps girls to prepare for work, giving advice and inspiration. It is easy to read with great comedic undertones, and it doesn't try and frame girls in a certain way. It accepts that society is what it is, and we should be proud!

So, if you blog, (or own a pair of breasts), you should definitely pick up a copy of Company and give it a go.

Now I'm going to tweet the Company Editor this post and sweet-talk my way into work experience and work my ass off and make my way into the big world and have an apartment in London and finish uni and get married and be happy and have a dog called Ralph and become the next Carrie Bradshaw, only with less heels and a better husband. I never was a fan of Big.

(P.S - If you actually read this Victoria, I make fantastic coffee and tea. Just saying.)

Galaxy Love.

Saturday, 12 January 2013
Another little haul from Missguided! I was so hungover when I got this parcel so it was a real treat!

 Hat - Missguided. Top - Missguided. Leggings - Missguided. Shoes - New Look. Watch - American Apparel. 

I bought some £25 disco pants from Missguided a few months ago and the zipper broke, so I returned them. I finally caved in and got some more, this time without a zip so I could avoid having the same problem! This worked out way better, as they're only £10 without the zip and are all elasticy so they fit well too. (Don't pull them up too high though or it looks like you have the dreaded cameltoe...)
The top is lovely too, although I had sort of hoped putting it on I would look exactly like the site model. That clearly didn't happen, but it's still a nice top, in trend with the galaxy vibe which is sweeping the high street.
I've wanted a bowler hat for ages as well, and this is the cheapest one I can find at £12. Bargainous.

My necklace was a concession at the Oxford Street Topshop and I can't remember the brand name unfortunately, but it was only £10 in the sale. 
What do you guys think of the galaxy trend?

Primark SS13

I am so excited to show you guys this! Primark have released their SS13 products, they should be out in store this month. Most of the range is like classic, sophisticated pastel type things. Lady-like clothes. Not really me, (I'm more of that horrible modern day atrocity you see in the street picking 5 day old fluff out of their hair,) so I've picked out a couple of my favourites.

They've done well on the spikey jewellery, lots of options there! I'm loving the Michael Kors watch lookalike , and I love it even more for its £5 price tag. The lilac pastel wedge trainers at £15 are another favourite, I'd wear them with discopants. <3
And I think the black studded satchel is perfect for taking my netbook into uni and lectures. Speaking of which, my timetable was released yesterday and is atrocious. No more lay ins for me. Ever.

What do you guys think of Primark and the products?

I'm starting a new trend - spread the word.

Thursday, 10 January 2013
Yesterday I was getting dressed for work and couldn't choose between two belts.

So I just wore both together.

I think we can make this work. Spread word guys!

Studded Belt - Christmas Gift. Leopard Belt - Miss Selfridge. Shorts - Bitching & Junkfood.

A Healthy Living Post

Friday, 4 January 2013
So as you guys may have seen in one of my previous posts, one of my New Years resolutions was to keep fit and healthy on the inside and out. This is just a little update on how it's gone thus far and what I've got to help me along the way.

My Fitness Items.
My beautiful Nike running trainers - I got these for Christmas. An important part of exercising is to have good footwear so you don't hurt yourself, and to have pretty ones so you feel good at the gym!
Skipping Rope - Skipping is one of the best cardio exercises you can do to burn fat and tone muscles at the same time. I got this for £1.99 at Sports Direct so no excuses, bargainous! When you just can't be bothered to get to the gym - the rainy walk to the bus stop always puts me off - you can just stick on your favourite film or some good songs and have a good long skip in your own home :)
Weights- As you can see, perhaps not the heaviest weights in the world! (But they are pink.) I use these during home work outs just as a little extra to boost the muscle toning process! £2.99 each at Sports Direct!
The Firm fitness DVD - I got this at HMV for £7. I will talk about this in a second.
Fitness Magazines - Cosmpolitan Body and Running magazine, for Fitspiration and healthy tips!

How I've gotten on so far.
I woke up eager and keen on the 2nd after a hangover day on the 1st filled with takeaway and lounging. I got myself a natural no fat yoghurt for breakfast. It tasted like what I would imagine thrush to taste of. I added a tablespoon of honey and it was a bit better. Probably not a favourite for me.
For lunch I had some humous and pita and cucumber. That was yummy and I was pretty filled up.
I went to the bus stop and waited 20 minutes before realising it was a public holiday and there were no buses, nor was the gym opened so I bought The Firm fitness DVD and my dumbbells. I went home to work out after the lunch set.
The DVD was hard. I was panting but it felt good.
Dinner was a 'salad'. I don't actually like salad though so it was basically a bit of lettuce, lots of greenbeans and carrots and peas, a bit of turkey bits and a spoonfull of cottage cheese. For my night time snack I had a cracker with cottage cheese. Probably not the best idea - carbs before sleep.
The next day my legs feel like they were being ripped by knives. Here's a tip - STRETCH BEFORE EXERCISING. My ass muscles are so sore I can't even sit down, curse those squats! I couldnt exercise yesterday or today because it hurts so much so I'll get back on it tomorrow at the gym, with stretches!
I switched breakfast to one slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and half a banana and oats with grilled banana instead. Much better than thrushy yoghurt in my opinion.

So to conclude - doing pretty badly so far! But it's only day 3, and I have a whole year to go! The healthy eating is definitely making me feel better, and I can't wait to get back to exercising! I have a lot to learn still, so feel free to let me know of any tips!
And drink lots of water too! Water is your best friend!
Moderation not deprivation on the sweets too, although for me it's more carbs. Love bread much more than sweeties.

Let me know what you think! How are you guys doing with your NY Resolutions?!

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