A Bargain Hunt In Velvet.

Sunday, 27 January 2013
Scarf - Primark. Coat - Miss Selfridge. Boots - New Look. Top - H and M Dress - Boutique Socks - Primark.
So I ended up going out for the day and picked up some fantastic cheap bargains. I know, I know. Naughty.
This is the outfit I put together for the (very cold!) day.it was super comfy but a little bit more classy too which I liked :) As you can see, it was based around my Christmas LBD, which you can see more about in my post here. I was super excited to have found another, more casual way to get wear out of it using the tee underneath.

The first place I popped into after my unsuccessful Barry M lilac lipstick purchasthe other day was Inglot. I just popped in out of curiosity to ask how much the lipsticks were, and I had always thought it to be similar pricing to MAC. However I was suprised to find out they were only £9 and there was a 15% off offer on all lipsticks or 3 for 2 also. 
So I got the one I had been looking for (I can't resist a bargain) in shade 281.

It's much better quality than the Barry M one, with a vivid, clear Matte finish as pictured below. For not even double the price, it was a much better purchase and much more worth the price. I will be using Inglot a lot more from now on! As you can see from below, it's a really strong finish and lasts much longer than drugstore lipsticks, though still not as long as the MAC Matte finish ones. 

 And here are the rest of my bargainous finds!

These leopard print booties are a mere £5 in the sale at Primark now! Run and grab a pair, they are a sure fire way to spruce up a simple or plain outfit!!

After seeing my friend with this sparrow necklace and countless stops in H and M after my own which were always unsucessful, I suppose it was fate to finally find one in stock, in a buy one get one free deal! So I got the sweet bow one to go, I love the bold acrylic designs and most of all I love the super short chain length. (I don't wear long necklaces often.) So £3.99 for both of these. :)

Lastly I finally found some large round sunglasses to take to Miami in March. These were £3.99 in H and M so a very cheap find, and I really liked the shape. Nearly perfectly round, but not quite. As you can see I wore them with the outfit above so you could see what they looked like on. I can't wait to get to a beach to put them on!
Have you guys found any good bargains recently?

6 comments on "A Bargain Hunt In Velvet."
  1. I just love the color of your lipstick! And you look lovely!

  2. Love that lipstick!


    Sue x

  3. OMG that lipstick is so pretty !

  4. I really do love your dress! It's awesome, and I like how you've style the whole outfit. xxx

  5. Oh my this post makes me realise how much I need a purple lipstick and velvet dress in my life. I accidently went shopping today too, whoops!

  6. Oh my god, I need that lipstick in my life. Purple is my fav colour, lovely outfit too x



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