Galaxy Love.

Saturday, 12 January 2013
Another little haul from Missguided! I was so hungover when I got this parcel so it was a real treat!

 Hat - Missguided. Top - Missguided. Leggings - Missguided. Shoes - New Look. Watch - American Apparel. 

I bought some £25 disco pants from Missguided a few months ago and the zipper broke, so I returned them. I finally caved in and got some more, this time without a zip so I could avoid having the same problem! This worked out way better, as they're only £10 without the zip and are all elasticy so they fit well too. (Don't pull them up too high though or it looks like you have the dreaded cameltoe...)
The top is lovely too, although I had sort of hoped putting it on I would look exactly like the site model. That clearly didn't happen, but it's still a nice top, in trend with the galaxy vibe which is sweeping the high street.
I've wanted a bowler hat for ages as well, and this is the cheapest one I can find at £12. Bargainous.

My necklace was a concession at the Oxford Street Topshop and I can't remember the brand name unfortunately, but it was only £10 in the sale. 
What do you guys think of the galaxy trend?

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  1. Wow, this outfit looks amazing! You have great style.
    Erica xo


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