The Magazine That Turned Me Into A Female.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the most extravagant attempt to gain work experience ever? Is it a genitalia swapping magazine? No. It's a standard Caroline blog post. A review, and a little story about myself. (Okay, perhaps a tiny bit of an extravagant attempt to gain work experience too.)
But mostly the other two.

Once upon a time, I was a boy.
Not literally, but almost! I would consider myself to be a relatively humorous person, and I love to read funny articles. After discovering my (ex) boyfriend's Front Magazine, I was excited to have finally found a magazine with hilarious articles. If I had to flick past some breasticles here and there, then so be it.

Oh the shame, when trying to buy that magazine in WH Smiths and having to peer around my shoulder to check there were no OAP's about. I know it's ridiculous to be ashamed of buying a 'lads mag' in today's society, but I felt like a filthy old man who shouldn't be looking at this type of magazine.

After some pestering, I managed to get work experience with them for two weeks in London near my family home. It was a fantastic  two weeks, I got to do loads of writing and learnt more about how a magazine is actually run. The entire team were absolutely hilarious and all really chilled out generally fantastic human beings. I give them all a big thumbs up.

On deciding to apply for an MA in Creative Writing (I realise my current politics/journalism degree doesn't quite fit the standard English Literature requirement),  I decided to start blogging. Walking past WH Smiths for my usual monthly sneaky purchasing of a naked lady magazine, and I see a Company magazine with a front page story about blogging.

Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't a full on lad-girl. I still read women's magazines, sure. But mostly for the fashion, rather than for the laugh-out-loud columns. So I bought my copy of Company, (head held high, front cover proudly on show, featuring definitely no  boobies thankfully,) and flicked straight to the blogging article.

Now, Company has seriously shaped how I look at blogging. Before, I did it every now and again when I could be bothered to put on my CV. Now I see it as a possible gateway to a career and am genuinely inspired. I feel a part of a fantastic forward-moving community and once again, I have to mention, no boobies!

The articles are funny, witty, and down to earth. It's got absolutely fantastic design work, which makes it a lovely thing to have on your coffee table and flick through just to enjoy the imagery.

My favourite thing about Company, is that the girls featured in the majority of it are real. It could be a girl from down the road, or a friend's friend. But they're real. Not A-list celebrities, or stick thin beach blondes who look like Barbie only that little bit hotter. Real, live, normal, beautiful girls.
This is what I think the magazine industry should be about. Company helps girls to prepare for work, giving advice and inspiration. It is easy to read with great comedic undertones, and it doesn't try and frame girls in a certain way. It accepts that society is what it is, and we should be proud!

So, if you blog, (or own a pair of breasts), you should definitely pick up a copy of Company and give it a go.

Now I'm going to tweet the Company Editor this post and sweet-talk my way into work experience and work my ass off and make my way into the big world and have an apartment in London and finish uni and get married and be happy and have a dog called Ralph and become the next Carrie Bradshaw, only with less heels and a better husband. I never was a fan of Big.

(P.S - If you actually read this Victoria, I make fantastic coffee and tea. Just saying.)

5 comments on "The Magazine That Turned Me Into A Female."
  1. I agree, I love Company. They have really sound real-world advice.
    Also I LOVE the paper, it's so tactile.

    It's the only magazine I have a subscription to, though I'm going to take one out to Glamour when there's a good free gift.

    1. If I had to subscribe to a magazine it would definitelyyy be Company! I say I won't because of the money but I end up spending more as I get it every month anyway! I'm so irrational haha. And I do love Glamour too, they tend to be the only two I really read :) xxx

  2. This is so cute! I only ever read from when stolen from a male friend, but it is a good magazine, and I do find myself picking up company when coasting through train stations, its such a good price for what you get too!


  3. Company is just the best magazine isn't it, although I must say I do love a bit of Front as well! haha.
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

    1. Maybe I wasn't alone in the sneaky reading then! haha :) x


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