What's in my bag? & an illustration :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I've noticed my blog is lacking in the ever-popular 'What's in my bag' posts. I for one, love these posts, because I am the nosiest lassie ever and I love peering into what people carry around on a day to day basis. (You can't peek in people's bags in the real, non blogging world. It's highly frowned upon and people tend to think you're a pick pocket.)
As you can see, I've also thrown in a cheeky little illustration to go alongside this post. I don't have photoshop anymore so don't tend to do any digital art because it takes forever, as you can see I got extremely sloppy. But when all you have to work with is Paint, and your patience is relatively short lived anyway, sloppiness becomes a signature style.

So, this is my bag. It was a Christmas gift from my mother, and the tag said "Michael Yane", although I suspect it was probably from a weird market or Ebay or something as I can't find many Michael Yane bag references online . At first, I wasn't sure, but after a day I decided I actually really liked it. My mother said she had the same thing, when it came in the post she wasn't too keen, but grew to like it. It's massive, and can fit all my university books and blogging notebooks and stuff in it which is ideal. So this is what I'll be lugging around for the winter, especially whilst in uni. Onto the contents. Oh you nosy buggers! 

As you can see, I carry a lot around with me. Just in case! Quick run through: 
A small mint tin which says Matt on it. My mother got this for Christmas. I was really confused about it all to be honest, her justification was "your boyfriend's name is Matt, so I thought you'd like a tin with his name on it!" I'm not entirely sure about her thought process yet, and have yet to find a use for it or to buy mints to fill it with, so it's just sitting in my bag at the moment. 
Rosy Tint Vaseline & Case. Another stocking filler, this time mother got it right. Always have dry lips in the winter, and the rose tint is lovely. I love the little case for it too, so cute! 
Litte White Book. Just a notebook from Clintons, for on-the-go ideas.
Choccy Munchy Seeds. A healthy snack! Stocking filler again, I ate them today, they were delish.
Pocket Mirror. Self explanatory.
Phone: I sport the old Blackberry curve, as my new one broke. Roll on upgrade, please! 
Cath Kidston Hand Cream: Perfect. Rose scented!
4Head Stick: I suffer from Migraines.
USB Man: I stole this from my dad, I think he's hilarious. Especially when you rip his head off and stick him in the port.
Inhaler: I'm asthmatic too. 
Etc. Card Holder: My mum didn't want this so I nabbed it. Carry around my store cards etc. (Excuse that pun.)
Purse: From Paul's Boutique. I love it <3
Card Holder: This one just holds my Student Card and Drivers Licence, my two most used cards. If I go out I just take this rather than my entire purse, and slot notes in with bobby pins. This way I can stick it in a pocket and avoid taking a bag if I don't want one. 

So I hope you enjoyed nosing around my bag, let me know if you have a What's In My Bag post so I can have a nosey around yours too! 
(Changed my signature to Callie but feel free to stick with Caroline. Trying to move people away from the dreaded 'Caz' I've been stuck with since I was 11 but I realise Caroline's a bit of a mouthful.)

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  1. I have a USB man like that!! And i stole it from my dad too haha. Lovely post, no one can ever resist having a nose around the contents of someone elses bag.


    1. Maybe it's a dad thing to have!
      Thankyou :) xx

  2. love this post! I nominated you for a Leibster award since I love your blog a lot. So if you wish, take a look at my questions and pass it along. :) xxx


  3. Just found your blog and love it :)
    I especially like the little notebook and the skull keyring,

    Rosie x

  4. Just came across your blog!
    Lovely post!
    I love your blog! Followed!
    Check out my blog sometime? :-)

    1. Thankyou so much, I'll go see yours now :)

  5. Haha it's amazing how many things can fit in a woman's bag! Love your bag by the way!

    Check out my new blog:


  6. Lovely illustration! And great blog! I'm following!


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