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If I was in WWII they'd call me Spitfire. [OOTD]

Thursday, 28 February 2013
Love a bit of Enter Shikari. Off shopping today with Bohn, not sure where yet. Edinburgh or Glasgow probably but we're on a time limit and want to find some good thrift shops :) This is what I am wearing, it is bloomin' freeeezing I'd like to add. I would also like to add, can we all take a minute out to admire my new love of my life, pastel mint smart bag from Asos. So. In. Love.

Shirt - Missguided.//  Jumper - Primark. // Skirt - Internacionale.//  Bag - Asos //. Boots - New Look. // Coat- Miss Selfridge.

I made an exciting discovery today. My much worn New Look booties got pimped out! I realised I could buy £3 exciting coloured laces from Schuh and pimp out all my trainers and boots and lace shoes!! So they can all get mix and matched up now and make outfits more fun!! So excited about this haha. It's a bit sad really. I matched them with my bag. Because I can. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Glasses - Claire's. // Lipstick - MAC,  Lickable. //  Laces - Schuh.

As you can see I am also sporting my adorable fox necklace!! If you guys want one too, head on over to my free giveaway to win one! Then we can match :) :) 

What do you guys think of the layering here? I may have gone a bit over the top in my attempt to block out the cold! Also I'm still unsure on the glasses! Opinions? :)

Edit : I said Enter Shikari in reference to a Prodigy song and this is all very embarassing. Either way I love both bands. \m/

What's in my bag? Updated!

What's In Your Pocket?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
I was recently approached by MoneySupermarket to take part in a really fun blogger challenge. It's part of a really fun campaign they are doing where the idea is that finding some extra money in your purse is one of the little things in life that make you s m i l e ! You can see more info about it all here

So I was given £20 to spend as I pleased as long as it either made myself or someone else smile! 
This is what I decided to do with the money:

1. I bought this lovely jar which I have decided to fill with positive things that have happened to me in 2013. I've already filled it with little memories and things like the diamond which was in the roses Matt send me for Vday. This way the inital little smile MoneySupermarket gave me can be continued throughout the year. As you may know, I've been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder, this way when I feel bad I can look through all the good things that have happened throughout the year and s m i l e :) 

2.I found this lovely little fox necklace on Asos. As you all probably know, foxes are one of my favourite animals. (Hence my lifestyle blog, Ficklefox!) When I saw it I absolutely loved how delicate and feminine it looked so I bought one. Then I thought how much I would like to share it and make someone else smile... so I bought two! And I'm giving one away in a giveaway post here! So to see all the details be sure to check out that post, as I wanted to be able to share the smiles and give something away to someone else!
3. Alongside the fox necklace, I got these Cath Kidston emery boards to give away also. I wanted to share my interest with both fashion and beauty so I thought the emery boards were a nice choice, and I love Cath Kidston so I thought I would share the love! 

I hope you guys liked this post, what would you all do if you had found an extra twenty quid?

Also if you have taken part in this challenge be sure to send me your links, I love seeing what everyone else has put the money towards :) 


I have reached 100 followers! In so little time I am super proud of myself, and thankful to all of you :)
As a little way of saying thank you, I thought I would take advantage of the Whats In Your Pocket challenge and give you guys some goodies!

The treats!

I got you guys some emery boards to reflect my love of beauty, and a necklace for the fashion!
The emery boards have really lovely Cath Kidston designs, which is one of my favourite home brands.
The necklace is actually so sweet that I got one too, so I can match one of my followers! <3 It's a little foxy from a brand called And Mary. It's very delicate and feminine and is a short chain necklace so the little fox site just on your chest :) I thought it was so sweet and vintage looking with a little edge :) I'm so glad to be able to share these with you!

How to enter: 
Various ways to enter, the more ways you enter the higher the chance you have of winning!

1. You must follow my blog! Either on GFK or blog lovin. Leave me your GFK name and Bloglovin name so I can check! 

Ways to get more entries: 

2. You can follow my lifestyle blog too for another chance to win :) Same requirements as above. 

3. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! And leave me your Youtube name so I can check :) 

When you have done all these things, if you tweet about entering and mention me, I will add that as another entry :) 

Make sure you comment below with the required information and your email address so I can contact the winner! Thank you all so much as well for following me, I'm so happy to have started bloggging! :) 

Claire's Accessories Haul! [Video!]

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
This post is also marking something very exciting/ scary for me!
My first video with speaking! I was so awkward and nervous, it felt so weird to be talking to myself but I thought this little haul would be a good way to start! Please watch the vid and let me know what you think guys! (It was filmed on my tablet as my camera's memory card isn't big enough and my laptops speakers are broken! So apologies for the weird framing!) 

As you guys can see I went a bit crazy in Claire's, which I rarely go into but when I do there are always a few gems! Here is what I found this time, apologies for the picture heavy post! Watch the video for details! <3

  (It still has it's protective peely bit on, that's why it looks a bit funny!)

What do you guys think of Claire's? Do you go in often or find great stuff? I always feel like I'm reliving my childhood when I go in but am always pleasantly surprised! I think the fact they do facial jewellery is a sure sign that the are for us oldies too now!

Foxy Fashion.

 Hat - Miss Selfridge // Jumper -Topshop // Jeggings - Miss Selfridge // Shoes - Schuh // Necklace- The Little Deer // Lipstick - Mac, Lickable.

A foxy outfit of the day, excuse the pun. In honour of the little foxy necklace I bought from The Little Deer. As my favourite animal (post wolf), I think it's really sweet and fun. I've actually just seen another fox necklace on their site and now I want that one as well. Too many foxes, too little money.

It is just adorable. My lipstick is current favourite, Lickable by MAC. (Although it's not looking great in that photo!)

These shoes I picked up yesterday at Schuh and they're one of Schuh's own brands. For this reason they were on the cheaper side of the spectrum at only £25 with my student discount. That said, they are horrible to wear in and I have the most awful blisters from wearing them today for the first time and I ended up walking around uni looking like I'd crapped my pants as I hobbled about in pain.
But they look pretty, and will look awesome in the summer with a tan and some short shorts.

What do you guys think?

Photo Diary #4

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still on a health kick// Got my first wig! // So much uni work due in :(
Writing for the Student papers fashion section // We've had sunny days! // Started Youtubing!
Finished Looking For Alaska // New swimsuit, ready for Miami now! // Survived off coffee this week.

How I Style Disco Pants. [Video]

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Disco Pants have been a big deal for a while now, and I absolutely love them. I love how versatile they are and also how comfortable they are! I managed to get mine for only 9.99 from MissGuided, amazing!
So I thought I'd try another video (still learning the Youtube ropes!) and put together a style video.
Let me know what you guys think and how you wear your disco pants so I can get more inspiration!

Which is your favourite outfit of the five I did?


Five Pound Shoes! A Foot Fetish Post.

Friday, 22 February 2013
When I heard about the site Everything5Pounds, I was sceptical. How good a quality can you really get for just five pounds? However, what with living the student lifestyle and having no money, I took a gamble because if it was a treasured find it would pay off.
And it has!
I will admit, the clothes are definitely not to my taste. However, they have such a mahoosive selection of shoes, there is something there for everyone! (I actually found seven pairs I wanted, but realised that was slightly excessive and narrowed it down to the two pairs I thought I needed/would wear the most!)
I will also say now, that the postage is also five pounds. So essentially it is ''. It's worth it if you are buying more than one item though, even though I only got two pairs of shoes they were still only £7.50 each including the postage, which is still good!

The first pair I bought are these little fairytale red booties. I purchased them following my staple black wedge boots from New Look which I got not long ago, that subsequently have never left my feet. The reason being that the small heel gives me a feeling of being dressed up, but is still comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. I got them in red because I think it adds a fun pop of colour to any outfit, and I love doing red lips with a matching accessory. They look expensive, and don't feel cheap or plasticy. They aren't the most comfortable shoe in the entire world, but that said they do need to be worn in and it's nothing a little gel pad can't fix!

Ew. Feet. Apologies. The second pair I got are for my holiday trip to Miami in a month. (Eek! Sorry I keep mentioning it, just so super excited!) I will be the first to admit, these do feel extremely cheap and they are deceivingly lightweight. However they look expensive and I am in love with the chunky platform style.

(Both shoes purchased are available in multiple colours by the way guys!)
All in all, I'm pleased with what I got and do feel it is a bargain. The postage arrived relatively quickly, and they send you updates all the time on where the parcel exactly is which I always like. And they also came in separate, proper shoe boxes, so you don't feel like you're getting cheapy back-ally shoes! Have you ever used everything5pounds?
Let me know what you think! :)

Blog Sale! Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Filofax & more!

Thursday, 21 February 2013
Time for a clear out! I actually had more things to get rid of, but my flatmate swooped in first, sorry ladies.
(She is a rascal.) 
So here is how it works!
First come, first serve. If you want something, email me at
Pay via Paypal, I will send you my details when you contact me and when I receive the payment, I will take your address and ship it out asap! 
Postage is included in the prices stated below.
All items have only been worn once, maybe twice. Although say £15 may seem expensive for a second hand dress, it was originally £30 so I have cut the price on all items considerably because they have been worn once and a few of them have marks. (Stated below.)
No returns just because it's a lot of hassle! The photo's are pretty clear though, what you see is what you get.
Apologies for the bad quality pictures of me it was partly due to no flash (I wanted the colours to be as true to life as possible) and partly due to me leaving the camera setting on film...again. Woops! 
If you want to see the items more clearly, bigger photo's are here
Happy Shopping!! :) 

Wonderland Wigs. Review & [Video]

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oh My God. This is the day my life has officially changed for the better.
I had been thinking about a wig for a while. I am forever wanting different hair and a lot of the things I want are either not possible (blonde) or I will regret (bobs.)
There were a few reasons why I left it a really long time before going for the whole wig thing.
1. The idea of a wig is weird.
2. What if it falls off?
3. Expensive.

I heard about Wonderland Wigs and loved the one I found, (The Hannah wig) and decided to go for it. First of all, their customer service has been literally one of the best I have ever had. A tweet about being unsure on a colour led to complete guidance on what the colour is like in person and also guarantee of returns etc. if not satisfied. It was friendly, chatty and helpful ( most importantly! )

So lets go through the motions here.

1. The idea of a wig is still weird to me, but it looks so fabulous I don't care.
2. It won't fall off. I'm really rubbish at putting on the wig and wig cap because I have so much hair to stuff underneath it but it still manages to feel secure. The better I get, the more secure it will get, so practice makes perfect. Either way I'm sure it wont fall off any time soon.
3. They are synthetic. At first I though 'Oh no, it will look like shiny plastic!' It doesnt. It looks natural, healthy, thick and I cannot believe  I got it all for under £30, including postage and the added wig cap!!! (I used a Twitter discount!)
I am literally amazed. This is going to change so many outfits for me, I cannot wait to buy more!!!
I cannot recommend this enough, this is the happiest I have been with a purchase in a really long time. It has totally outshone my expectations. They also sell boosters, extensions, fringes etc. so head on over, there's something for everyone :)

I've included a video as well as photo's , partly because I'm loving my new Youtube channel and partly to help you guys see just how natural it really looks.

Would you guys ever go for a wig? Let me know what you think!! 

Edit: I forgot to add , it arrived the next day! Retail world, take note. It is possible for less than £10 p&p.

A Day For A Fleather Jacket [Video]

Today seemed like a day to wear a fleather jacket. i.e. a fake leather jacket. This little treat has taken a back row hanger in my wardrobe recently due to the weather that is Scotland. However, today was rather mild so it came out to play. Oh, how I missed it. It was picked up in a thrift shop back home in Brighton for a mere £12. Bargainous.

This is an exciting post as well because I decided to try my hand at vlogging for the first time. I decided against speaking purely because the times I have attempted that I come across as very shy and awkward and also because as an OOTD post, it's pretty self explanatory. But mostly because of the awkwardness. Nobody likes to see someone dribbling in fear in front of a camera.
My editing skills are very debatable also. I assume this is something I will pick up with time!

Let me know what you guys think anyway :) 

Vote For Pedro.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013
 Top - Gift // Skirt - Internacionale // Boots - Primark.

Thought I'd do a quick Outfit of the Day post as I've neglected them recently! Based around my amazing Vote For Pedro top which I got from Stewart and Bohn on Valentines Day as my boyfriend is away and they are the loveliest most thoughtful friends ever! If anyone is missing out on the joke and haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, I suggest you drop whatever you are currently doing, run down to HMV and get yourself the DVD, it's absolutely hilarious. (Unless what you are currently doing involves holding a baby. Don't drop the baby.) 
So a super simple outfit just for going into uni, my tights are the SuperCosy ones from Primark which are £3.50 and impossible to ladder and soooo comfortable and warm! Flat shoes for rushing about to and from lectures in, which are currently in the sale for just £5.
I went for the old red-white-black combo here, teaming the tee with Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in shade 111 Kiss Of Life. It is the only Rimmel lipstick I own as I am a loyal MAC and Topshop enthusiast when it comes to lip colour. But this one was a present and I prefer it to my automatic go-to red which is MAC's Ruby Woo. I find it to be far too drying and difficult to apply, perhaps because it is from their matte range but at the same time I haven't had the same issue with other matte MAC's so perhaps I just got a dud stick. Either way the colour is pretty much the same but for once I prefer the Rimmel version, it stays on for a good amount of time and is much less dehydrating to wear. 

As you guys probably know, monochrome is going to be big this Spring with black and white combo's in every style guide from Vogue to the highstreet stores. I liked the idea of adding the leopard print boots as a quirky way to liven up the black and white vibe. What do you all think of the monochrome trend? 

Beauty Crush.

Monday, 18 February 2013
I've decided to do some posts (to be precise, three.) about the bloggers who inspired me to start Student in Scotland.
All three of them are Youtubers, and another reason why I am tempted to start Youtube video's myself. (I'm just so awkward on camera!)
This post is for Sammi from Beautycrush. Her style is casual, grungy, yet classy and sophisticated and the most similar to my own style out of the three girls. (The other two remain a secret until I write their posts!)
From her makeup techniques to her tattoo's, she is inspiring and beautiful.

I actually got the idea for these posts last night. I was trying to think of something to draw, and loved her LFW outfit so much I ended up doodling her, so I thought it would be nice to make a post out of it as a way of saying 'thankyou for blogging, you're an inspiration.'

Her blog is definitely fashion based, so if you are interested in fashion over beauty, go check her out :) (And if you're into beauty over fashion, try her Youtube :) )

An OOTD involving disco pants and a fox.

As I mentioned last night on my Fickle Fox lifestyle blog, I was doodling foxes last night and wondering what to wear the next day and ended up drawing a dress up foxy.
I took a photo of the outfit this morning, apologies for the bad quality - it was 8am and I was half asleep and left it on video setting. D'oh! I thought this was a really fun and quirky way of working out what to wear!

It didn't really work to plan though, in the morning I discovered my midriff
was out, the crop top being shorter than I had envisioned the previous night. Unfortunately it is a) too cold for any part of my body to be hanging out and b) I am definitely not toned enough to be exposing the midriff.
I have noticed alongside the crop top trend which is sweeping the highstreet stores that a plentiful of girls are going all out, wearing very tiny tops, when they do not have very toned stomachs. I am all for experimenting with fashion,being bold and brave and loving the skin you wear. Just personally for me, I would only have my midriff out if it was toned because when I bend and all the little rolls pop out to say hello, I always wish I had opted for a baggy tee instead. Perhaps this is a self confidence issue I need to work on, after all, confidence is beauty.

I have actually started a 30 day shred style diet, involving lots of exercise to try and tone up for my holiday next month so if you follow my foxy blog you can keep up to date with that there. I would love some feedback and even other people to join me in the bikini body bootcamp!
Let me know what you think of this post!

(( Top // Disco Pants // Watch // Shoes ))

A Timeless Tee.

Sunday, 17 February 2013
I don't know if you guys know, but I am a big fan of independent clothing labels. The only thing is I generally struggle to find things that are different, they all look so similar. One which I really love, alongside Honour Over Glory, is Timeless Clothing. Timeless has such unique and fun designs, and I have officially fallen in love with their recent Spring releases. I thought I'd share my favourites with you.

From left to right: Their pug tee. This will look awesome with some high waisted shorts, bright coloured vans and a tan for the summer. I love pugs as well so this was spot on for me!!
The Timeless floral logo is really pretty and simple. Teamed with some leggings or disco pants it would make a nice casual outfit.
The black panda tee is super cute, I can't decide if I prefer it in black or white. I think maybe white. I don't know. Check out the site and let me know which one you guys prefer?
And lastly, the minimalist tee in purple, because as of recent weeks purples and lilacs have become a favourite colour of mine as they are reminding me that summer is on the way :)

So I'd urge you guys to check out the site and let me know what your favourites are! I may have to have a cheeky splurge before I go to Miami! And sources tell me they're hoping to release some swimsuits and stuff. Can't get enough of my swimsuits at the moment so this made me a happy puggle.

Photo Diary #3

Valentines Day flowers from Matt <3 / Painting /
A tea party! / Girls night out / A snowy week/
New sunnies for Miami! / Ribs finished / Vote for Pedro top from Bohn and Bicker <3 /
New Vans to showcase new ink / Entering Vogues young writers contest / Oscar helping me with my new lifestyle blog!

Don't forget to check out my new lifestyle blog, where I talk about my weekly happenings such as these things in more detail! Hope you all had a lovely productive week!

New Summer Vans.

Saturday, 16 February 2013
I did a naughty purchase and bought myself some new Vans. I've fallen in love with Vans ever since my boyfriend bought me a bright pink pair for my birthday last year, which I have subsequently worn to their demise. (Thought I've still kept a hold of them. Until they are literally shreds, they will remain my the comfort of my wardrobe!)
I popped into Schuh and saw this new awesome 90's flashback style Vans, which I had to buy. They will look so awesome with a tan and some shorts in the summer. I cannot wait to wear them!

What is your favourite brand of shoe? 

p.s - Don't foget to check out my new lifestyle blog, Fickle Fox! x

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