A coffee date, a pop of pink and a lot of Enter Shikari.

Sunday, 3 February 2013
Boots - New Look. Leggings - Republic (old). Jumper - Primark. Necklace -Topshop Concession, Oxford Street. Glasses - Thrifted.

A casual outfit for a casual outing. Off for a coffee with my friend Chelsea :) It's still blooming cold so I went with a thick knit jumper which I got from Primark relatively recently for about £10. Paired with leopard print leggings and my New Look boots which have
proved an extremely good purchase, I've worn them everywhere. I love the little extra added height without the painful feet! 
I love pairing heavy prints with plain contrasting colours, so this outfit is really comfortable and fun for me.
The glasses were picked up in Brighton down the Lanes, what do you guys think about clear glasses?
I actually had prescribed ones ( a drunken night out ended those for me when I decided to fall asleep on them...) but I really like what glasses can add to an outfit.
I'm never really brave enough to wear them out because I've heard lots of people complaining about the geek glasses trend, but these are neon pink. And leopard print. How can you go wrong??

What do you guys think of the geeky glasses trend?

2 comments on "A coffee date, a pop of pink and a lot of Enter Shikari."
  1. love the glasses! not the generic black rimmed 'geek glasses' so i think you'd get away with wearing them out a lot better :)


  2. Those glasses are uh-mazing,

    Rosie x


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