A Day For A Fleather Jacket [Video]

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today seemed like a day to wear a fleather jacket. i.e. a fake leather jacket. This little treat has taken a back row hanger in my wardrobe recently due to the weather that is Scotland. However, today was rather mild so it came out to play. Oh, how I missed it. It was picked up in a thrift shop back home in Brighton for a mere £12. Bargainous.

This is an exciting post as well because I decided to try my hand at vlogging for the first time. I decided against speaking purely because the times I have attempted that I come across as very shy and awkward and also because as an OOTD post, it's pretty self explanatory. But mostly because of the awkwardness. Nobody likes to see someone dribbling in fear in front of a camera.
My editing skills are very debatable also. I assume this is something I will pick up with time!

Let me know what you guys think anyway :) 

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  1. nice outfit, I have that skirt and I love it x



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