A Photo Diary, Courtesy of Instagram.

Sunday, 3 February 2013
I don't really use Instagram but I've been making much more of an effort recently. I much rather enjoy browsing other people's photo's than remembering to take my own, but I do enjoy the fun filters.
So I thought I'd round up my week (seeing as it is now officially Sunday) with an Instagram journal of my week!

So, top to bottom, left to right:
1. Taken inspiration from my friend Thea and am visually documenting my strive to get more toned abs. Roll on bikini bod for March when I go abroad!
2. It's blooming cold up here in Scotland. I've been wearing my huge fluffy onesie, nothing is better than getting this out of the wash and it smelling lush :)
3. Blogged. Obviously.
4. Read the new Vogue.
5. Played with Oscar <3
6. Bought the new Vogue. (Maybe this should have been 4 instead so it made chronological sense.)
7. Wrote all my important dates in my Filofax.
8. Painted my nails pink.

A very unproductive week.
Do you guys Instagram your week? Send me links so I can peek!

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