An OOTD involving disco pants and a fox.

Monday, 18 February 2013
As I mentioned last night on my Fickle Fox lifestyle blog, I was doodling foxes last night and wondering what to wear the next day and ended up drawing a dress up foxy.
I took a photo of the outfit this morning, apologies for the bad quality - it was 8am and I was half asleep and left it on video setting. D'oh! I thought this was a really fun and quirky way of working out what to wear!

It didn't really work to plan though, in the morning I discovered my midriff
was out, the crop top being shorter than I had envisioned the previous night. Unfortunately it is a) too cold for any part of my body to be hanging out and b) I am definitely not toned enough to be exposing the midriff.
I have noticed alongside the crop top trend which is sweeping the highstreet stores that a plentiful of girls are going all out, wearing very tiny tops, when they do not have very toned stomachs. I am all for experimenting with fashion,being bold and brave and loving the skin you wear. Just personally for me, I would only have my midriff out if it was toned because when I bend and all the little rolls pop out to say hello, I always wish I had opted for a baggy tee instead. Perhaps this is a self confidence issue I need to work on, after all, confidence is beauty.

I have actually started a 30 day shred style diet, involving lots of exercise to try and tone up for my holiday next month so if you follow my foxy blog you can keep up to date with that there. I would love some feedback and even other people to join me in the bikini body bootcamp!
Let me know what you think of this post!

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2 comments on "An OOTD involving disco pants and a fox."
  1. your stomach looks great, you definitely don't need to worry about this! I love your ootd drawing, it is the cutest thing!!
    Poppy | lets drive far away x

  2. Just so you know, it's a midriff. Not a mid drift :) Love the outfit though.


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