And woolly socks to match.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013
Top - Topshop. (Currently in the Sale!) Jumper - Topshop. Old.  Skirt - Topshop. Old. Socks - Gift. Boots- New Look.
Winter outfit? Summer outfit? I'm not all too sure what's going on here to be honest, a bit of a mix and match between seasons. I hadn't realised either that the entire outfit is basically Topshop. I used to work there, the staff discount did me no favours. It probably would have worked out cheaper to have not worked there at all to be honest.
I wore this to go shopping. (Don't get too excited, I didn't find anything so I spoilt the hamster instead.) I think it's hard to wear long socks, especially with heels, without looking like you're sixteen years old and dressed for a slutty school girl party. I still felt a bit odd, perhaps some trainers would have been a better shout with this outfit, but it was snowy so I thought the wedged boots would be best. I matched the socks with the cardigan which I would consider a cross between a crazy cat lady jumper and an old Nana jumper.
I did this on purpose as an attempt to desluttify the outfit. I think it worked relatively well.
In conclusion, it all looks a bit frumpy, until I took off the cardi you couldn't really tell if I was a size 6 or a 16, but I like that. It was warm and comfortable and I was snug as a bug when I got the coat on too. (Which made me look even more puffed up!!)

How do you guys wear long socks?

3 comments on "And woolly socks to match."
  1. Great outfit and I LOVE your hair!

  2. Your beautiful

  3. I swear Topshop makes the best cardigans! They're so cosy and look so chic; love this outfit


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