Beauty Crush.

Monday, 18 February 2013
I've decided to do some posts (to be precise, three.) about the bloggers who inspired me to start Student in Scotland.
All three of them are Youtubers, and another reason why I am tempted to start Youtube video's myself. (I'm just so awkward on camera!)
This post is for Sammi from Beautycrush. Her style is casual, grungy, yet classy and sophisticated and the most similar to my own style out of the three girls. (The other two remain a secret until I write their posts!)
From her makeup techniques to her tattoo's, she is inspiring and beautiful.

I actually got the idea for these posts last night. I was trying to think of something to draw, and loved her LFW outfit so much I ended up doodling her, so I thought it would be nice to make a post out of it as a way of saying 'thankyou for blogging, you're an inspiration.'

Her blog is definitely fashion based, so if you are interested in fashion over beauty, go check her out :) (And if you're into beauty over fashion, try her Youtube :) )

4 comments on "Beauty Crush."
  1. Lovely drawing, i love sammi and her style! Shes such an inspiration xx

  2. Sammi is amazing, love her blog and videos!
    Your drawing is INCREDIBLE!


  3. This drawing is amazing! Which pens did you use? xxx

    1. Thankyou :) I watercoloured it though xx


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