Claire's Accessories Haul! [Video!]

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
This post is also marking something very exciting/ scary for me!
My first video with speaking! I was so awkward and nervous, it felt so weird to be talking to myself but I thought this little haul would be a good way to start! Please watch the vid and let me know what you think guys! (It was filmed on my tablet as my camera's memory card isn't big enough and my laptops speakers are broken! So apologies for the weird framing!) 

As you guys can see I went a bit crazy in Claire's, which I rarely go into but when I do there are always a few gems! Here is what I found this time, apologies for the picture heavy post! Watch the video for details! <3

  (It still has it's protective peely bit on, that's why it looks a bit funny!)

What do you guys think of Claire's? Do you go in often or find great stuff? I always feel like I'm reliving my childhood when I go in but am always pleasantly surprised! I think the fact they do facial jewellery is a sure sign that the are for us oldies too now!

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