Foxy Fashion.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
 Hat - Miss Selfridge // Jumper -Topshop // Jeggings - Miss Selfridge // Shoes - Schuh // Necklace- The Little Deer // Lipstick - Mac, Lickable.

A foxy outfit of the day, excuse the pun. In honour of the little foxy necklace I bought from The Little Deer. As my favourite animal (post wolf), I think it's really sweet and fun. I've actually just seen another fox necklace on their site and now I want that one as well. Too many foxes, too little money.

It is just adorable. My lipstick is current favourite, Lickable by MAC. (Although it's not looking great in that photo!)

These shoes I picked up yesterday at Schuh and they're one of Schuh's own brands. For this reason they were on the cheaper side of the spectrum at only £25 with my student discount. That said, they are horrible to wear in and I have the most awful blisters from wearing them today for the first time and I ended up walking around uni looking like I'd crapped my pants as I hobbled about in pain.
But they look pretty, and will look awesome in the summer with a tan and some short shorts.

What do you guys think?

3 comments on "Foxy Fashion."
  1. I love your shoes and hat :) Very wearable.
    Emilia x

  2. Your shoes are beaut! Lovely outfit:)

  3. Wow, such a cute outfit, I have a similar bobble hat and I love it never off my head xx


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