If I was in WWII they'd call me Spitfire. [OOTD]

Thursday, 28 February 2013
Love a bit of Enter Shikari. Off shopping today with Bohn, not sure where yet. Edinburgh or Glasgow probably but we're on a time limit and want to find some good thrift shops :) This is what I am wearing, it is bloomin' freeeezing I'd like to add. I would also like to add, can we all take a minute out to admire my new love of my life, pastel mint smart bag from Asos. So. In. Love.

Shirt - Missguided.//  Jumper - Primark. // Skirt - Internacionale.//  Bag - Asos //. Boots - New Look. // Coat- Miss Selfridge.

I made an exciting discovery today. My much worn New Look booties got pimped out! I realised I could buy £3 exciting coloured laces from Schuh and pimp out all my trainers and boots and lace shoes!! So they can all get mix and matched up now and make outfits more fun!! So excited about this haha. It's a bit sad really. I matched them with my bag. Because I can. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Glasses - Claire's. // Lipstick - MAC,  Lickable. //  Laces - Schuh.

As you can see I am also sporting my adorable fox necklace!! If you guys want one too, head on over to my free giveaway to win one! Then we can match :) :) 

What do you guys think of the layering here? I may have gone a bit over the top in my attempt to block out the cold! Also I'm still unsure on the glasses! Opinions? :)

Edit : I said Enter Shikari in reference to a Prodigy song and this is all very embarassing. Either way I love both bands. \m/

6 comments on "If I was in WWII they'd call me Spitfire. [OOTD] "
  1. The bag is beautiful and works so well with the laces. You look adorable! x

  2. i've fallen in love with that bag! it's a gorgeous colour and looks great with your laces :)

  3. love the outfit, especially the collar/necklace/jumper combination haha :)
    not sure if your already following me but if not, check me out? I'm more of a beauty reviewy type blog haha.

  4. Love the outfit, very nice! Plus the colours are ace!

  5. Love this outfit & the fact you've quoted Prodigy! I'm now following! :-) xxx

  6. I love this outfit! Your fox necklace is just darling! xoxo
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