New Summer Vans.

Saturday, 16 February 2013
I did a naughty purchase and bought myself some new Vans. I've fallen in love with Vans ever since my boyfriend bought me a bright pink pair for my birthday last year, which I have subsequently worn to their demise. (Thought I've still kept a hold of them. Until they are literally shreds, they will remain my the comfort of my wardrobe!)
I popped into Schuh and saw this new awesome 90's flashback style Vans, which I had to buy. They will look so awesome with a tan and some shorts in the summer. I cannot wait to wear them!

What is your favourite brand of shoe? 

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2 comments on "New Summer Vans."
  1. Love the shoes! (> w <) my favorite brand of shoes is Converse <3

  2. Love your new shoes! I have been lusting after a pair of purple vans for ages xx


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