Photo Diary #4

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still on a health kick// Got my first wig! // So much uni work due in :(
Writing for the Student papers fashion section // We've had sunny days! // Started Youtubing!
Finished Looking For Alaska // New swimsuit, ready for Miami now! // Survived off coffee this week.

3 comments on "Photo Diary #4"
  1. you're a really pretty girl.

  2. aww thank you for following back and your lovely comments! i also love looking at these kind of posts and your photos are great. the wig looks so cool on you and your new swimsuit is gorgeous :) it really is shocking when we get sunshine here! hope you're having a nice day xx

    p.s. your other blog...the one filled with things you hate...perfect!

  3. hey, this is so cute!! Keep blogging! Your posts are inspiring!

    Will be following you tonight xx


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