The bag that broke my heart.

Friday, 15 February 2013
If you are an emotional fashion-obsessed wreck, don't read. The following story is too painful. When I saw the mint green tassle bowler bag with a rabbit embellishment on Louise's blog, I fell in love. It was absolutely beautiful, and perfect for the summer. Alas, at £35 it seemed a bit steep for a bag I didn't really need desperately, so I thought I'd wait it out.

Now I've started my summer shopping for my trip to Miami, and my student loan has come through on top of all my summer shifts at the bar (hallelujah!) I decided now was the time to own a green bag with a bunny embellishment on it. So over I hopped to Asos, (excuse the pun!) and my heart pretty much fell out of my chest when I saw it wasn't in stock. Devastating. And they had it in coral too, a beautiful,bright, summery coral. Which was also out of stock. Oh, the pain.

They have a lovely owl and horse version, but both aren't in the vibrant pastel summer colours I had my heart set on. But not to worry, I will just find out when Asos restocks. So a few tweets later, and my dreams of the woodland creature bags fell apart.
Asos. Don't. Restock.

What?? Is this retail teasing legal? I have been told they like to 'keep ahead of the trends', so rather than restocking they just keep releasing new stock. No! No Asos, no! Restock! I want you're old horrible stock amidst where my dream bag lies!

And then I have that horrible realisation, all this has stemmed from trying to be sensible with my money. I am being punished for trying to be sensible.

Where is karma?!

Which is your favourite of the woodland tassle bag range? (I am still considering the owl one but I need to Mourne the rabbit ones first before I can even contemplate moving on so quickly.)

(The mint and coral rabbit numbers. Sorry for teasing you all as well, I figured sharing was caring.)

And the beige horse and chocolate owl ones. Which do you prefer? 

4 comments on "The bag that broke my heart."
  1. they're beautiful; I think my favourite has got to be the horse version only because I love them so much :)
    and ASOS' "oh sorry we want to keep ahead of the trends" is heart breaking they've said it to me many a time *sad face. but I've noticed if you keep checking the bag they normally bring at least one back in stock from where someone has sent it back. when this happens I turn into a bit of an obsessive freak constantly refreshing the page 100x a day but this technique has worked for me most times so I highly recommend you try it. let me know if it works and you finally get your bag; good luck! :) xx

  2. owww they look so cute :'( it's too bad that they don't restock! (> - <) Asos, I just realized this is the first shopping website that doesn't restock on their products.

  3. Love the bag

  4. this post has also broken my heart! when i saw it on Louise's blog too i was instantly in love at first sight but put off getting it immediately. they should so restock! i just looked on Asos now and the only ones i can see is the brown owl one and one with a little dog on it. Love your blog by the way :)


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