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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So as some of you may or may not know, I have recently deleted my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. (My blog Twitter is still available for you guys to contact me :) )
I'm not sure if it's a permanent deletion or if I will reactivate my accounts, but for now I am happy going without. To be honest, I thought I would break under pressure and end up shaking in the corner of the room, cold-turkey style. Not being able to stalk people?! What will I do in my spare time?!
But it's been two weeks now and I'm adjusting just fine. What do I do when I'm bored? Pick up a book, or a paintbrush, or look for new blogs to follow. What do I do when I want to speak to someone? Text them. What about my social life? Better than before, I actually speak to people in person now rather than on chat.

I deleted it mostly due to my anxiety, as a way to try to block out the world and focus on just me for a while. It's helped me to be more productive and positive for the time being. But the one thing I do really miss is the photographs! So I have started a totally personal lifestyle blog entitiled Fickle Fox, which I would love you guys to take a peek at. It's different from Student In Scotland, and I am using it as a public diary to store memories and photo's. (Like a Facebook account minus the social stigma and pressures!)

So to round up this post, the only personal social networking account I know use is Instagram, under the username callierobertson. This is my main blog, with Fickle Fox as a personal documentation blog. The only Twitter account I have is the one linked above, which is only used for blog related tweets.

A final question - I have been wondering about starting a Youtube channel for hauls and reviews etc?  Zoella's videos are one of the main reasons I started blogging, and I feel like it is useful for getting more involved in the blogging community? The only thing is because of my anxiety I worry it will be another thing to add to my ever lengthening list of things I'm later embarrassed about, or ashamed about and wish I never did because I got judged for it! What do you guys think? If I get any positive or supportive comments I will try desperately to take them all on board, I blog for my readers as much as for myself. :)
Let me know what you think anyway guys :)

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  1. Never worry about what other people think. Those that truly love you and your blog would enjoy seeing video posts; I know I sure would. Follow your instincts--they are nearly always right. ;)


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