Five Pound Shoes! A Foot Fetish Post.

Friday, 22 February 2013
When I heard about the site Everything5Pounds, I was sceptical. How good a quality can you really get for just five pounds? However, what with living the student lifestyle and having no money, I took a gamble because if it was a treasured find it would pay off.
And it has!
I will admit, the clothes are definitely not to my taste. However, they have such a mahoosive selection of shoes, there is something there for everyone! (I actually found seven pairs I wanted, but realised that was slightly excessive and narrowed it down to the two pairs I thought I needed/would wear the most!)
I will also say now, that the postage is also five pounds. So essentially it is ''. It's worth it if you are buying more than one item though, even though I only got two pairs of shoes they were still only £7.50 each including the postage, which is still good!

The first pair I bought are these little fairytale red booties. I purchased them following my staple black wedge boots from New Look which I got not long ago, that subsequently have never left my feet. The reason being that the small heel gives me a feeling of being dressed up, but is still comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. I got them in red because I think it adds a fun pop of colour to any outfit, and I love doing red lips with a matching accessory. They look expensive, and don't feel cheap or plasticy. They aren't the most comfortable shoe in the entire world, but that said they do need to be worn in and it's nothing a little gel pad can't fix!

Ew. Feet. Apologies. The second pair I got are for my holiday trip to Miami in a month. (Eek! Sorry I keep mentioning it, just so super excited!) I will be the first to admit, these do feel extremely cheap and they are deceivingly lightweight. However they look expensive and I am in love with the chunky platform style.

(Both shoes purchased are available in multiple colours by the way guys!)
All in all, I'm pleased with what I got and do feel it is a bargain. The postage arrived relatively quickly, and they send you updates all the time on where the parcel exactly is which I always like. And they also came in separate, proper shoe boxes, so you don't feel like you're getting cheapy back-ally shoes! Have you ever used everything5pounds?
Let me know what you think! :)

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