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Wednesday, 27 February 2013
I was recently approached by MoneySupermarket to take part in a really fun blogger challenge. It's part of a really fun campaign they are doing where the idea is that finding some extra money in your purse is one of the little things in life that make you s m i l e ! You can see more info about it all here

So I was given £20 to spend as I pleased as long as it either made myself or someone else smile! 
This is what I decided to do with the money:

1. I bought this lovely jar which I have decided to fill with positive things that have happened to me in 2013. I've already filled it with little memories and things like the diamond which was in the roses Matt send me for Vday. This way the inital little smile MoneySupermarket gave me can be continued throughout the year. As you may know, I've been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder, this way when I feel bad I can look through all the good things that have happened throughout the year and s m i l e :) 

2.I found this lovely little fox necklace on Asos. As you all probably know, foxes are one of my favourite animals. (Hence my lifestyle blog, Ficklefox!) When I saw it I absolutely loved how delicate and feminine it looked so I bought one. Then I thought how much I would like to share it and make someone else smile... so I bought two! And I'm giving one away in a giveaway post here! So to see all the details be sure to check out that post, as I wanted to be able to share the smiles and give something away to someone else!
3. Alongside the fox necklace, I got these Cath Kidston emery boards to give away also. I wanted to share my interest with both fashion and beauty so I thought the emery boards were a nice choice, and I love Cath Kidston so I thought I would share the love! 

I hope you guys liked this post, what would you all do if you had found an extra twenty quid?

Also if you have taken part in this challenge be sure to send me your links, I love seeing what everyone else has put the money towards :) 

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