Wonderland Wigs. Review & [Video]

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oh My God. This is the day my life has officially changed for the better.
I had been thinking about a wig for a while. I am forever wanting different hair and a lot of the things I want are either not possible (blonde) or I will regret (bobs.)
There were a few reasons why I left it a really long time before going for the whole wig thing.
1. The idea of a wig is weird.
2. What if it falls off?
3. Expensive.

I heard about Wonderland Wigs and loved the one I found, (The Hannah wig) and decided to go for it. First of all, their customer service has been literally one of the best I have ever had. A tweet about being unsure on a colour led to complete guidance on what the colour is like in person and also guarantee of returns etc. if not satisfied. It was friendly, chatty and helpful ( most importantly! )

So lets go through the motions here.

1. The idea of a wig is still weird to me, but it looks so fabulous I don't care.
2. It won't fall off. I'm really rubbish at putting on the wig and wig cap because I have so much hair to stuff underneath it but it still manages to feel secure. The better I get, the more secure it will get, so practice makes perfect. Either way I'm sure it wont fall off any time soon.
3. They are synthetic. At first I though 'Oh no, it will look like shiny plastic!' It doesnt. It looks natural, healthy, thick and I cannot believe  I got it all for under £30, including postage and the added wig cap!!! (I used a Twitter discount!)
I am literally amazed. This is going to change so many outfits for me, I cannot wait to buy more!!!
I cannot recommend this enough, this is the happiest I have been with a purchase in a really long time. It has totally outshone my expectations. They also sell boosters, extensions, fringes etc. so head on over, there's something for everyone :)

I've included a video as well as photo's , partly because I'm loving my new Youtube channel and partly to help you guys see just how natural it really looks.

Would you guys ever go for a wig? Let me know what you think!! 

Edit: I forgot to add , it arrived the next day! Retail world, take note. It is possible for less than £10 p&p.

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