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Apologies from Abroad!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Hola my lovelies! 
I write this to you all from the comforts of an armchair. In a hotel. In Miami!!

As many of you already know, my boyfriend is on a university exchange and was shipped away to Miami Uni for a semester. (Alright for some!) After 3 months of being lonely and watching Legally Blonde constantly, I am finally reunited and out here for some much needed sunshine.

As you can imagine, blogging will be scarce. I'm here for 2 weeks, and I also still have Uni work to catch up on for when I come back. I don't know what I can promise by ways of Outfit posts but I can promise loads when I get back, hauls, (a lot of, I've already gone a bit crazy at Sephora and Victoria's Secret!) videos, and I might try a few vlogs too.

So apologies my darlings for the lack of posting which you are about to receive, but I promise I will be back soon bearing gifts for all.
(Speaking of gifts, don't forget to enter my giveaway. Check my archive under Feb - the post is called Giveaway.) I would link it but am far too sun ridden and lazy right now.

See you all very soon!

Haul : MUA & Primarni Jewllery

Monday, 25 March 2013

So as you can see I popped into Primarni to pick up some cheap jewellery bits and pieces for my holiday.
I was in need of a sunnies case and this one was just cheap and simple. Job done. Statement necklaces are a big thing this season and apart from my coveted chains I had yet to purchase one or see one I really liked. This one is perfect, I love the spikes and think it will be an awesome way to dress up a plain baggy tee.
Can't argue with the price either!

I loved the summery coral colour of this boho style ring, and the studded cross earings are fun. (But flimsy, I don't put my money on them lasting too long!)
To keep in the cheap and cheerful trend, I went over to MUA to pick up some cheap basic palettes so I didn't have to lug all my priceyer makeup over.

The Artiste Collection palette caught my eye because I really loved the shadow colours at the top, particularly the purples. The coral blushes are lovely and summery, and it also has a highlighter and bronzer. So basically a beach face in a palette. For only £6. The powders to get very powdery and kind of go everywhere, but it's to be expected for the price. It's in my hand luggage safely for fear of it shattering!

Lastly I thought I'd try out the Pro Base conceal and brighten kit by MUA. You need to really pack on the layers to get good pigment, but it does it's job and for £4 I can't complain.

I was spectical for a while about using MUA because I assumed cheap prices meant bad quality, but for one-off times when cheaper is easier, I would definitely recommend this brand and will probably buy from them again.

Have any of you used MUA before & if so, what did you think?

Sunday Snaps

Sunday, 24 March 2013
Instagram: CallieRobertson

Most amazing Elle cover ever // My birds//
Lame selfie on OOTD day // Black, two sugars // Gym bunny//
Chalice of the champions // Girls night out // New bikini!!

OOTD: Matted hair and Midriff.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Jacket - River Island // Crop top - Topshop // Shorts - Internacionale // Coat - Miss Selfridge // Shoes - Miss Selfridge

Finally finished the last of my essays due on before I go to Miami on Tuesday. Such a weight off my chest, although I had to sit in the library all morning and didn't have my hand sanitizer for the keyboars. Eww. (I'm a germaphobe.) 
I picked up these shorts yesterday when I went into town for some cheap basic summery things to take away with me. They were £12 at Internacionale which was grand. What wasn't so grand was walking around  uni with the label on all day. Good one.
I wore the Super Cosy tights from Primarni, although in hindsight I don't like them paired with these shorts. The tights are too thick and the shorts too tight for it to compliment each other. It looks a bit like I'm wearing really long weird leggings or something. Curse my huge hips and thighs!

Necklace- Topshop // Watch - American Apparal // Smiley ring - Topshop // Blue ring - Claires // Other rings - Miss Selfridge // Lips - Natural Collection Cherry Red.

Tans and Tippex Nails.

Vans: Schuh // Jeans - Primark //  Belt - Internacionale // Top - Topshop // Hoodie - Topshop // Glasses - Claire's

This was my comfy library day outfit.
I was in the uni library 9am - 4pm when I went to the gym and then fell asleep at 8pm. Living the wild student lifestye, clearly. As you can all see I am also sporting a nice, only mildly tangerine glow. I'm prepping for Miami with a little help from my old friend, St.Tropez. Let me know if y'all want a full review on it, it's the gradual build tan. Also, my nailvarnish is the one every beauty blogger has been speaking about, Essie's Fiji. I won't lie, I think it's been overhyped and for £7.99... I could have used Tipex and gotten a similar colour to be honest. Pulling out all the controversial views on this post!

 Chain Necklace - Topshop Oxford St. // Watch - Claire's // Thumb ring - Miss Selfridge // Smiley Face Ring - Topshop //  Blue ring - Claire's

Have you guys seen Essie's Fiji? What do you think?

OOTD: She's Dancing with Skeletons.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Shirt - Thrifted // Leotard- Primark // Belt - Internacionale // Jeans - Primark // Shoes - Fred Perry // Necklace - Topshop // Lips - MAC-Rebel

This is an outfit I wore the other day to grab some coffee with my friend Bicker and to do some shopping etc. I actually had an awkward run-in with an ex too. So this is an outfit for post-awkward situation coffee giggles really.
I've been loving some of Primarni's things lately and I got this bodysuit a few months back alongside a galaxy style one with a wolf and cut-out sides.
I hope they carry on doing more of these as they're so dope and I want them allll!!

I can't give the jeans as much credit, they're super baggy after being worn a few times. That said I think I have lost a bit of weight recently so I will put it down to that also. But in general they are a big baggier in fit anyway and you need to keep washing them to get them to fit right.

What do you guys think of Primark?

10 Little Beauty Secrets.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Snaps #7

Instagram : CallieRobertson

A purple wig. // Ink 4, daddy's birthday // 
A day for knee highs // Watching the Clansmen game in the snow, true supporters // Snow day #2
Bar girls on tour // OOTD // My flatmate and I .

Catch me on Blog Lovin, The end of Google Reader

Friday, 15 March 2013
Bonjourno Foxlettes.

As I'm sure everyone knows, Google Reader is going to be taken away from July 1st. This is beyond annoying. Whoever came up with this idea should re evaluate their life.

To lose so many followers is devastating, I feel like as a new blog I've worked so hard to get this far and now it's all being mucked up by some sap in a suit.

I ask you all kindly to catch me at BlogLovin or Hello Cotton so you can still follow me and I don't lose all of my lovely readers!

If you go to see Sara's post at Pretty in Pink she explains properly and also shows you how you can export all the blogs you follow from Google Reader onto Blog Lovin so you can quickly regain all the blogs you followed on a different platform. See her helpful post here.

What do you guys think about this move from Google? Nobody I have spoken to so far has approved!

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Noserings & Shoestrings. OOTD.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lipstick - Topshop - Legend.

First of all - Noserings & Shoestrings is my current favourite song from a new artist I've discovered, Nina Nesbitt. Y'all should go check her out, she's awesome and Scottish and lovely to look at and listen to :)

I really like this outfit!! I know I cut the shoes off, they're just my standard black wedges which I wear every single day of my life. In my Feb Favourites video and a haul and every other OOTD post I ever do probably so yeah. You guys aren't missing out on the shoes!

Panther top - Topshop (old.) // Skirt - Internacionale. // Jacket - H&M // Glasses - Claire's. // Hair - WonderlandWigs.

This jacket was picked up recently in the H&M sale for around a tenner I think, I'm so in love!
This wig is the Georgia by Wonderland Wigs. If you guys don't know, I've been doing a couple of videos and stuff for Wonderland Wigs which is super exciting and fun as I get to try out all the products! This is one of my favourites and asked to keep it especially because it's so natural looking and big!! It's super voluminous and thick and a nice chocolate brown that is much lighter than my current hair colour. It reminds me of Cheryl Cole hair or maybe Kate Middleton with all the layers and flicks.
You can see it clearer in the video on their official Youtube, and see how natural it really looks.

What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you ever wear a wig? Curious as I am loving them at the moment but more as a dress up thing to mix it up on my blog a bit more rather than daily wear, though I suppose it would save time in the mornings getting ready!!

Tattoos & Dungarees.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Dungarees - Miss Selfridge. // Jumper - Topshop. // Shoes - Nike // Laces - Schuh
Today I thought I"d try my hand at the dungaree trend that's going on right now. I won' lie - I'm not a fan of this look on me I think it looks very frumpy. Alas, with the Scottish weather this is the best I can do at the moment, when it gets sunnier I will be experimenting more. 
The dungarees are actually from a couple of years ago and are a size 14 despite me usually being a size 8/10. I wanted them baggy and also the 10s were toooooo short! Nobody wants to see butt cusp out! I also got my 4th tattoo today, as you can see still red and raw! I got my dad's birthday, as a tribute to him. He's my absolute hero. <3 I have the word courage for my mam too but I don't like it as it was badly done so will probably get it covered when I can afford it, perhaps I'll get something different for her in the future.

Necklace - Topshop // Watch - Claire's. 

If anyone is interested in me doing a pain factor post or anything on my tattoos and piercings (I've had 16!) let me know in the comments :)

Got the Swag and it's Pumping out my Ovaries.

Monday, 11 March 2013
Shirt - Thrifted. // Shorts - Miss Selfridge // Tights - Primark // Socks - Honour over Glory // Vans - Schuh //  Laces - Schuh // Sweatshirt - Adidas
Hat - Miss Selfridge.

A snowy day outfit! And a bit of Kreayshawn in the title to get us in a weird mood too. As you can see I did this outfit with two different hats, and ended up going against the trends and picking the leopard print one because it was fuzzy and warm :) Lots of layering going on here as you can see, I was snug when I threw my coat on over the top of this. My tights are the Super Cosy ones from Primark so my legs were just that - super cosy.

Neon Beanie - Topshop // Necklace - Topshop // Watch - Claire's

What do you guys wear for snowy cold days?

Anxiety, Depression, bullying, abusive boyfriends & more. How to deal.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

I thought for a while before writing this post. It is a series of extremely personal and painful events which I have gone through in my life, but similarly to Zoella and many other bloggers who have written similar posts, I want to be able to help anyone who may have gone through any of the following situations.
I'm sorry if this is long winded, and I know it's not the usual post so apologies if you aren't interested at all!
To know this helps even one person with a situation will make it worth it though. I also suggest you all watch this video by SprinkleofGlitter which was another inspiration for me.

Part One of my life - The worst times.

PMDD - I grew up for ten years with a sufferer of PMDD. It is an extermely rare mental disorder, called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. It is rarely discovered which is why it went a decade without my mother being diagnosed. This meant that I grew up in a scary environment, my mother was unpredictable, abusive and did not want any relationship with me. It began when I was 6 or 7 and continued until I was about 17. I urge anyone who has extreme mood swings and difficulty with social relationships who has not been diagnosed with bipolar or schizophrenia to look at the symptoms of PMDD, as it is so often overlooked by doctors. For some reason I was the target of all my mothers abuse, and my younger sister received nothing. As a very young child, this meant that I saw the situation as very black and white : Mother and sister = team 1. Me and my dad = team 2. This has had prolonged effects on me, I have no relationship with my sister at all now, we grew up under the same house and have never had a conversation before. A lot of people from close knit families may think this is sad, but for me it is normal and I don't feel I am missing out because I have no other situation to compare it to. After a series of terrifying events where my mother got worse and worse and unforgettable situations arose, she was finally diagnosed and has been getting better ever since.
The silver lining of this situation for me - I have an extremely strong relationship with my father now. He was my hero growing up, he would rush home from work to protect me, make time to play with me, and take the brunt of my mothers moods as she fell out with him for spending time with me. He tried to give me the childhood nobody else was giving me. A lot of men may have run, but he stayed with the woman he loved, determined to make her better and to have a family and for that I will always love and respect him.
My advice for anyone in a similar situation - Learn to forgive. My childhood has caused me many later problems, all stemming because I can't bring myself to forgive my mother. I am terrified one day she won't be here and I still won't have forgiven her. It is a horrible situation to be in - get them help, understand it was not their fault. It is an uncontrollable mental illness. Forgive them.

Abusive Relationships- When I was 16 I got my first real boyfriend. For the sake of this blog, lets just call him BadBoyfriend. I had no other boyfriend to compare him with, and thought a lot of his behaviour was right, and justified. At times he was very caring, charming and lovely to me, treating me like a princess. At others,  he was extremely possessive and controlling, about who I spoke to, what I wore, where I went and what I did. The slightest thing would set him off. He would belittle me, call me things like 'whore', and I won't say get violent, but I will definitely say physical. I have no doubts if I had stayed longer it would have become violent. He was shout me down and intimidate me until I was a nervous wreck, crying and promising to do whatever he wanted. To get very personal now - if I was too tired, he didn't care. I endured it for 9 months and the realisation point for me was after I said I didn't want to go to the same uni as him, and he screamed at me for the 4 hour journey home from an opening day, calling me every name under the sun, driving dangerously to scare me, slamming the car wheel. I was terrified. I cried silently while he told me 'bitch, dont cry, you're a fucking slut.' I was too scared to go home with him, and realised this had to end. It took me 4 attempts to break up with him. Each time he manipulated me in different ways, one time pulling a knife out and waving it around. Whether it was intended for me or himself I'm not sure. Another time he rammed his head into a wall repeatedly until I said I changed my mind. One time he refused, locking me in his car and when he unlocked it and I tried to run away, he chased after me, picking me up so I couldn't run anymore. The final time I managed I was at a friends house and she convinced me. He drove to hers and was banging on her family home's door for 40 minutes, screaming at me while we hid in her closet. It was the best decision I ever made.
Silver Lining - I don't take any shit from men anymore. It gave me backbone. I know what I want from a man and what I definitely don't. I see the signs of abusive traits quicker than quick now. I also know the details to filing a restraining order, as I was planning on doing when he kept contacting me constantly after 3 years of being broken up. He was just a sad, lonely, angry little boy.
My Advice - GET OUT NOW. Tell your friend to get out now. Too scared? Break up with him when someone else is there. Stay at a friends for a week after. Tell the police. Whatever it takes. Break up with him. Be safe. And watch out for the signs for next time!

Bullying - When I was at college at the age of 17/18 I was bullied. I always think of bullying as kids in a playground, pushing each other. There's no other way to describe this situation. I think she may have psychosis, as do many other people I have spoken to . I have never met someone so detatched from reality and emotions. We shall call her Bully. So I had known Bully for my whole school life. She had a reputation for being horrible, cruel, and picking new victims every now and again. Once she wrote an online burn book about everyone in our school and published it online, including herself so nobody would find out. Of course we all did eventually. When I moved to college, she noticed me, and it was my turn.
She began spreading rumours. I had slept with her boyfriend. (Who I barely even knew or spoke to.) I had threatened her. The list is endless.People stopped speaking to me. It was my word against hers. She keyed my car, and text everyone about it laughing. She manipulated every situation, leaving comments on friends walls on Facebook about me so I thought they were all against me. 'Hahaha, remember you were talking about Caz and said she was such a slut last week? She should close her legs!" was one I remember. I knew my friend had never said that, but at the time I became a paranoid mess. I had only ever been with BadBoyfriend, I couldn't understand why all this was starting or why she was picking on me. I got phone calls, threats that I would be beaten if I was ever seen in town. I stayed home all the time, in the library the entire time I was at college. I avoided everyone and shut myself off. Nobody was ever there to help me or stand up for me. My group of friends kept quietly uninvolved.
Silver Lining - I have a great life now and judging from what I've heard, she's exactly the same. No job, no qualifications, living off her rich boyfriend and his money.
My advice - Tell someone. I know you're not supposed to do this, but tell someone. Stand up to them. So many times I wanted to punch her in the face, and didn't because I was scared of the repercussions. At one point., one of my wilder friends said she was going to paint an extremely rude word on Bully's white Mini. I stopped her, knowing it would be me who felt the brunt of it.I knew so many secrets about this girl and never told anyone any of them for fear of stooping to her level, I'm glad I never did. But I wish I had confronted her, and told someone, anyone, of the situation going on so I had more support.

Part 2 of my life - Running away to Scotland.

As you can imagine, I fled my hometown quicker than a bullet. I was eager to get away, to start fresh. It took some more difficulties though.

Depression - During my first year of uni I began to feel the symptoms of depression more than before. As a child I had suppressed them. Nobody could have emotions at home except my mother. I was to stay quiet and not react to anything. Now I was out of the environment, my emotions started to spiral. I was drinking constantly. Not a casual drink, I was so drunk I couldn't walk most of the time, and got a reputation for being a party girl. I got another boyfriend, who felt the brunt of my wildness. I suddenly didn't want to go out any more. I would lock myself in my room in the dark for days on end, not wanting to shower, eat or come out to speak to anyone. I cried all day. I hurt myself. One day my friend dragged me out of my cave for a run and I ended up collapsing, crying on the floor. I didn't know why though, I was just sad. My friend made me promise to go to the doctors, and I did. Moving me onto the next part of my story.

Prozac. - I was prescribed Prozac, an anti depressant. It took a while to kick in. My first bad encounter was when I went out drinking. I didn't know you weren't meant to drink whilst on prozac. I kissed someone else and called my boyfriend straight away, begging for forgiveness. I am extremely anti-cheating. This was the first sign of what prozac was doing to me. Over the next few weeks, I felt nothing. I became a robot. I was no longer sad, but I was no longer happy, excited, nervous, eager, or anything else. I was just living. I became extremely unpredictable, doing terrible things I never thought I would do. I didn't care who I hurt, or what I did. I did something involving photographs which will probably follow me forever. It was when my boyfriend finally broke up with me I realised I hadn't been acting myself at all. I looked it up and saw some people suffered personality changes under the influence of prozac. After the summer, I went back to the doctor and said I didn't want to take it any more. I felt like it was a fresh start, and forced myself to exercise, be social, and enjoy where I am instead of dwelling on the past. I fought through and have been happy ever since.
Silver lining - The above!
Advice - Don't take prozac unless you absolutely need to. Try other drugs first, counselling before that. get exercising - a healthy mind stems from a healthy body. Don't drink alcohol. The change in your attitude comes from you, not from the drugs. They are just an aid.

Anxiety Disorder - I was recently diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I had my first panic attack aged 17 when I was going to a party Badboyfriend was going to be at. I was hyperventilating and shaking. I thought it was just fear, looking back it was a panic attack. It has gotten worse in recent months, specifically it is Social Anxiety Disorder, I think. I constantly believe people are judging me, talking behind my back, secretly hate me. I deleted all my social networks in an attempt to block myself out. I was writing status' and getting scared people would judge me for them. I get panic attacks thinking about the things I did whilst on Prozac, thinking that people who don't know the circumstances will judge me for how I acted then.
Most of all, home makes me panic. The thought of going back home makes me feel sick. I ran away, for good reason. When I am home, I rarely leave the house. I can't go into town for fear of running into someone who knew me at school. It's totally irrational, nothing would happen if I did run into someone from school. But I'm too scared about it anyway. I've changed so so much, I'm scared people still judge me for who I was when I was 14. I also panic at smaller, weirder irrational things on certain occasions, and have sleep problems when my mind begins cycling impossible situations which I convince myself are real and going to happen. I refuse to go on medication after last time, but I am exercising, meditating and detatching myself from triggers such as Facebook.
Silver Lining - No longer depressed! This is just my next battle :)
Advice - I'm still working this one out myself, so talk to a doctor and watch zoella's video post on it too.:)

This Chapter of my Story - The Happy Ending!

I am finally at a place where for the most part, I feel very stable and happy. I have a extremely strong supportive group of friends up here, and an amazing boyfriend who has taught me what love really is.

I am getting on with my mother a bit better, although we still have a very limited and weird relationship, and I only see her twice a year when I go home for a week maybe at a time. I feel as though I'm leaving all of my issues behind me slowly, and growing into the next phase of my life. I spend more time getting excited about the future than dwelling on the past for the first time in my life.

If someone is bringing too much negativity into my life, I'm sure to keep a fair distance. I have surrounded myself with amazing, positive people and am thankful for everything I have learnt. These experiences have made me who I am today, and not to blow my own horn, but I think I am stronger for it, and also more understanding and kinder.

I hope you weren't all too bored by this post, and if you ever need advice or help, I will do my best and you can contact me at

I hope you all have a lovely, sparkly day :)

Photo Diary #6

Friday, 8 March 2013
Instagram: CallieRobertson

New bulldog print top from the Zara sale // Lunging at Fee's.
Willy straws. Teehee // Second batch of wigs came :) 
30 day shred. No gym doesnt mean no work! // A night in with Audrey.

Sneaky Peek into my Student Space.

Thursday, 7 March 2013
I'm fortunate enough to have found a absolute darling of a student flat. It's very well furnished and homely and inexpensive. They're actually putting the price up next year, but that's okay as I shall be in my new flat by then :) I thought I would show you guys a few little bits from my room, and how I've made the space mine.

We all know I'm an avid Company Magazine reader but I actually really enjoy Glamour as well, they seem to have piled up this semester.I like re-reading them and flicking through constantly though so I like having them all out to find. The owl book heads were picked up in the Laura Ashley sale a short while ago, I think they're so sweet.

Today I went to B&M and picked up these little baskets for £2 each. I used one to put all my nail varnishes in, I threw out a load of old gloopy ones too. It feels good to have a big clear out! As you can see the majority of my varnishes are Barry M.

This is my little window space. We're fortunate to have a wee garden too which is nice to look out at in the morning. My heart decoration was from B&M for £2, likewise the little light up hearts which were £4. I still have my (very dead) flowers Matt sent me for Valentines Day because I can't bring myself to throw them out! In the middle is another one of the little baskets where I throw in important papers and stuff. The heart Tins were from British Heart Foudnation, £7 for the three and they have my jewellery, watches and hair curlers in them. The floral headband is Topshop from the sale, and then I have a photo of Matt and I from ages ago where we look about 16 and I have that horrible badger streak in my hair.

I'm an avid book worm, these are just the books I've bought recently, all the others are London-bound at home. I'm about to start Catcher in the Rye  :) Looking for Alaska by John Green was fantastic, his writing style was beautiful and unique and I enjoyed every minute of the book. A Streetcat Named Bob by James Bowen was an uplifting, happy and easy read. Read within 2 days but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I bought a book called ' My Beautiful Life' from Waterstones which promts you to draw out your life with little quotes. I thought it was lovely but haven't gotten round to starting it yet as I'm so swamped with Uni work.
The two leather bound books are journals, one that I'm currently using and the other which I plan on using next.
The Wonderful World of Fifi Lapin is a fashion book which I reviewed on my lifestle blog here. Under that is a travel journal I intend to fill up whilst in Miami. I haven't actually read Fifty Shades of Grey, my mother sent it to me oddly enough. I don't really want to read it but probably will. I've read halfof Obama's book, and the entire Blog Inc book which I got for Christmas and was very inspiring and helpful as I was starting off my blog.
Lastly, a beautifully bound Alice in Wonderland book which I reviewed here. One of my favourite classics. And Capital, by John Lanchester which I'm saving as my holiday reading. 

Lastly, this £4 mirror from B&M which I intend to paint and upscale, my perfumes (Diesel and Ed Hardy.) The bunting is handmade by my mother, the duvet cover is from Primark, and the map is a Paperchase treat :)

What is in your bedroom?


Wednesday, 6 March 2013
Hat- Missguided. Crop Top - SoulCal, Republic Skirt- Internacionale. Boots - Primark.

So I actually decided to crawl out of my hovel and be sociable last night. Or at least semi-sociable, I didn't actually drink or go clubbing. Still on my fitness freak stage and didn't fancy a naughty bevvy! (Which would have inevitably turned into a bottle of wine, knowing me!) 

 I decided not to wear heels because I always regret it. I can't walk on them and can admit that. I'm not woman enough to last more than an hour or two. So I went with my five quid booties but I think the crop top dressed it up. I wore it out with my fur coat. :) Sadly, Republic has since gone into admin so I'm not sure if you can still buy this top anywhere but perhaps SoulCal still have it?

As you can see I'm sporting a heavier makeup look than I would originally. My foundation is actually a bit too light for my skin as I've been sunbedding in preparation for my travels. (I know, naughty. It's a one off occasion, don't worry!)  

Foundation - I used MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation in shade NC25, which was too light for me. To try and darken it I blended in Dream Matte Mousse in Natural Beige over the top, and set it all down with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. I then used the Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Pearls as a bronzer to accentuate cheek bones. I used the tiniest bit of Topshop blush in Neon Rose to give me a healthy flush.

Eyebrows - I found this knock-off of the Benefit Browzings which I had sworn by but set me back £25 at a time. It was in Superdrug by a brand called Fashionista and cost a couple of quid, but it doesn't have a name. It looks exactly like the Browzing's case but slightly larger and the colours actually suit my brows more as there are more options. I went over them for definition in the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in shade Black/Brown.

Lips - MAC, Lickable from the Cremesheen range.

Eyelashes - For my upper lashes I used the Louise Gray mascara from Topshop which was featured in my February Favourites video, and then went over them with Bourgeois Volume Clubbing Mascara for more volume. For my bottom lashes I used the False Lash Telescopic by L'oreal as the brush is fine enough to get my lower lashes without clumping them or making a mess. This was gone over a second layer with the Louise Gray again.

Eyelids - In the corners of my eyes to brighten them and under the brow bone to give a nice arch I used Virgin from Urban Decay's Naked Palette. For the main eyelid I coated with Half Baked from the same palette, and for all around the crease I used Barry M's Dazzle Dust in number 17, which is a silvery green. I rimmed the bottom of my eyes and the top outer corners and blended it in with Dark Horse from the Naked Palette again, and lined the outer half of my waterline and top of my lashline with Rimmel ScandleEyes pencil liner, before smudging it with a little sponge brush to make it look smokier.

I actually really liked the Dazzle Dusk, which I'm always reluctant to use as it tends to be a messy application.

I also tried the look on with my wig from Wonderland Wigs, which I think worked well with the hat. The wig is the Hannah wig,and I have done a separate review on it. How I actually wore my hair was with my fringe pulled forwards as a full fringe and after using my heat protectant spray I curled using my Mark Hill curling tongs which I will swear-by, and then off I went for my girls night out!

What do you guys think of this look? What do you wear out? I just joined LookBook and added this look btw, so it would be awesome to get some support over there if you like it! x

Callie Signature

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