Apologies from Abroad!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Hola my lovelies! 
I write this to you all from the comforts of an armchair. In a hotel. In Miami!!

As many of you already know, my boyfriend is on a university exchange and was shipped away to Miami Uni for a semester. (Alright for some!) After 3 months of being lonely and watching Legally Blonde constantly, I am finally reunited and out here for some much needed sunshine.

As you can imagine, blogging will be scarce. I'm here for 2 weeks, and I also still have Uni work to catch up on for when I come back. I don't know what I can promise by ways of Outfit posts but I can promise loads when I get back, hauls, (a lot of, I've already gone a bit crazy at Sephora and Victoria's Secret!) videos, and I might try a few vlogs too.

So apologies my darlings for the lack of posting which you are about to receive, but I promise I will be back soon bearing gifts for all.
(Speaking of gifts, don't forget to enter my giveaway. Check my archive under Feb - the post is called Giveaway.) I would link it but am far too sun ridden and lazy right now.

See you all very soon!

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