Sneaky Peek into my Student Space.

Thursday, 7 March 2013
I'm fortunate enough to have found a absolute darling of a student flat. It's very well furnished and homely and inexpensive. They're actually putting the price up next year, but that's okay as I shall be in my new flat by then :) I thought I would show you guys a few little bits from my room, and how I've made the space mine.

We all know I'm an avid Company Magazine reader but I actually really enjoy Glamour as well, they seem to have piled up this semester.I like re-reading them and flicking through constantly though so I like having them all out to find. The owl book heads were picked up in the Laura Ashley sale a short while ago, I think they're so sweet.

Today I went to B&M and picked up these little baskets for £2 each. I used one to put all my nail varnishes in, I threw out a load of old gloopy ones too. It feels good to have a big clear out! As you can see the majority of my varnishes are Barry M.

This is my little window space. We're fortunate to have a wee garden too which is nice to look out at in the morning. My heart decoration was from B&M for £2, likewise the little light up hearts which were £4. I still have my (very dead) flowers Matt sent me for Valentines Day because I can't bring myself to throw them out! In the middle is another one of the little baskets where I throw in important papers and stuff. The heart Tins were from British Heart Foudnation, £7 for the three and they have my jewellery, watches and hair curlers in them. The floral headband is Topshop from the sale, and then I have a photo of Matt and I from ages ago where we look about 16 and I have that horrible badger streak in my hair.

I'm an avid book worm, these are just the books I've bought recently, all the others are London-bound at home. I'm about to start Catcher in the Rye  :) Looking for Alaska by John Green was fantastic, his writing style was beautiful and unique and I enjoyed every minute of the book. A Streetcat Named Bob by James Bowen was an uplifting, happy and easy read. Read within 2 days but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I bought a book called ' My Beautiful Life' from Waterstones which promts you to draw out your life with little quotes. I thought it was lovely but haven't gotten round to starting it yet as I'm so swamped with Uni work.
The two leather bound books are journals, one that I'm currently using and the other which I plan on using next.
The Wonderful World of Fifi Lapin is a fashion book which I reviewed on my lifestle blog here. Under that is a travel journal I intend to fill up whilst in Miami. I haven't actually read Fifty Shades of Grey, my mother sent it to me oddly enough. I don't really want to read it but probably will. I've read halfof Obama's book, and the entire Blog Inc book which I got for Christmas and was very inspiring and helpful as I was starting off my blog.
Lastly, a beautifully bound Alice in Wonderland book which I reviewed here. One of my favourite classics. And Capital, by John Lanchester which I'm saving as my holiday reading. 

Lastly, this £4 mirror from B&M which I intend to paint and upscale, my perfumes (Diesel and Ed Hardy.) The bunting is handmade by my mother, the duvet cover is from Primark, and the map is a Paperchase treat :)

What is in your bedroom?

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  1. I love noseying at other people's bedrooms for inspiration :) i love your mum's homemade bunting & i also love finding out what other people are reading too, so i have a few new book buys to get :) you have a lovely wee home :)

  2. I adore your room, the bunting that your mum has made you is absolutely fantastic and I am completely in awe. And your room is so tidy! When I (eventually) go to uni, I am planning on my room looking exactly like yours!

  3. I love the owl books ends. I really need to read Looking for Alaska and other John Green books, I've heard nothing but good things!


  4. nice room view!thanks for sharing!

  5. I love how you decorated your place hun! Looks so cozy, yet so chic! :))



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