Tans and Tippex Nails.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Vans: Schuh // Jeans - Primark //  Belt - Internacionale // Top - Topshop // Hoodie - Topshop // Glasses - Claire's

This was my comfy library day outfit.
I was in the uni library 9am - 4pm when I went to the gym and then fell asleep at 8pm. Living the wild student lifestye, clearly. As you can all see I am also sporting a nice, only mildly tangerine glow. I'm prepping for Miami with a little help from my old friend, St.Tropez. Let me know if y'all want a full review on it, it's the gradual build tan. Also, my nailvarnish is the one every beauty blogger has been speaking about, Essie's Fiji. I won't lie, I think it's been overhyped and for £7.99... I could have used Tipex and gotten a similar colour to be honest. Pulling out all the controversial views on this post!

 Chain Necklace - Topshop Oxford St. // Watch - Claire's // Thumb ring - Miss Selfridge // Smiley Face Ring - Topshop //  Blue ring - Claire's

Have you guys seen Essie's Fiji? What do you think?
4 comments on "Tans and Tippex Nails. "
  1. Essie is way too hyped up nearly all the shades are pretty generic you could find them somewhere else for a lot cheaper than £8! I love the crop top you're wearing I really want more baggy sleeved tops so I can wear my lacy bralette underneath x x x x

  2. I'd love a review on the St Tropez--it is getting to be the season and before I budget for it I'd like to know if it is truly worth it!
    And yes, Fiji is entirely overhyped, as is Essie in general!! Sally Hansen is just as good and dries so much quicker.

  3. what colour vans are these? I want them haha!
    and yes I agree that fiji is overhyped - the whole brand is in my opinion!

  4. Love the necklace
    S xx


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