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Sunday Snaps #11

Sunday, 28 April 2013
Instagram: CallieRobertson

Hamish the Hairy Haggis, only in Scotland. // 30 Day Shred //
Giving wee Oscar some attention // Muesli and Matilda // Primarni Sunglasses //
Sunny Campus // My Politics tutor likes dinosaurs // New Specks yo.

Kavita, Unicorns and some Inspiration.

Recently I have been feeling very lethargic, lazy and uninspired. (Hence the lack of blogging.) I've been stressing so much over the last few weeks that it seems to have erupted into a mass emotion of 'F*ck It., I can't be arsed.' Here's the low down on what I've been stressing about: In one month I will be homeless unless I can find a flat in the next couple of week. My dissertation proposal is due in on Wednesday and I'm scared it's not good enough. My exams are at the end of the month and I'm awful at revising and scared I'm going to fail them all. I am broke as hell and working in a job I really don't enjoy and that drains me of energy to make my pennies.

Today I woke up and watched Matilda and had some munch, and then decided I hadn't painted in ages and I find it so therapeutic to put on some Einaudi and paint. I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

So I deicded to paint Kavita from SheWearsFashion because I fell in love with her unicorn jumper this morning from DropDead (back to my being broke stress) and decided to just paint her like a creep.
So I hope you enjoy this Kavita, you seem to have inspired me into doing something constructive and creative rather than laying in bed all day being drained from stress and rolling around sleeping the day away. Thankyou!

(I use watercolours, random cheap colouring pencils for touch ups, nail varnish to get the sparkles in the roses and some crappy ink pens from poundland. Clearly not the most professional artist. I just like to play.)

Tattoo's & Piercings - My Experiences ♥

Friday, 26 April 2013

As someone who has had 15 piercings and 4 tattoo's I thought I would sit down and share some of my experiences with you, in brief, in case any of you are thinking about getting something done! These are only my opinions, remember everyone has different pain thresholds! This is just what I found!


Lobes: A standard piercing. Can buy jewellery for it everywhere. Can get done in places like Claire's and jewellery stores without much to worry about!
Pain = 1/10. Quick and easy to heal, no issues to take into consideration!

Cartilage: Another standard, common piercing. Much slower to heal, I've had some that have taken 2 months and some that have taken a year and ended up being taken out for the hassle.
Pain = 2/10. Remember to go to a proper piercing shop for these as if you get it done somewhere that uses a piercing gun it will shatter the cartilage. Should be done with a proper needle to ensure easy healing!

Lip: I've had my lip done for a few years now. May be frowned upon in certain jobs so take this into account, but you can always buy special clear retainers for this type of situation. Healing is quick and easy also for me. I actually got impetigo all around my mouth after getting this done because my immune system couldn't deal with fighting off a cold sore and healing my new piercing all at once, but this was just bad luck and hasn't happened to anyone else I know!
Pain = 5/10, quick and sharp but not too bad at all. 

Tongue: My first facial piercing when I was 16 or 17 I think. Easy to hide, nobody really notices. Yes, my tongue swelled up by I could eat fine after taking two ibuprofens to bring down the swelling. One thing to consider is that you cannot smoke, drink alcohol or kiss for 6 weeks. I waited 4, decided that was long enough and now my tongue is scarred with a white circle for life. When they say 6 weeks, they mean 6 weeks. The swelling subsided in two days for me and like I said, Ibuprofen made it barely noticeable, I still ate fine just a bit slower than usual.
Pain = 3/10. Slid through like steak, barely felt it. No sharp pinch or anything.

BellyButton: This was a sharp pinch and is another I have since removed. My body didn't like this one and it began pushing it out or rejecting it. Most people know if your body starts to reject a piercing it is best to admit defeat and remove it or it can cause real problems. I actually got the bottom of my belly button done as opposed to the top because it was less common and I wanted it to be a bit different. These are renown for getting infected easily so take good care of it! 
Pain = 6/10 - A sharp pinch one!

Nose: I've had this done twice now and both times taken it out. I love the look of nose rings on other girls but it just doesn't suit me, my tiny little nose can't pull it off and it just makes my face look cluttered :( Takes a while to heal and you have to be real careful when you're washing your face so as not to knock it or pull it out as I did a few times!
Pain = 6/10 - Again, a real sharp pinch. Makes your eyes tear!

First thing I'll say is definitely go to a better artist, for my first when I was 18 I went to a bit of a shitty place and regret getting it done there as it looks a bit tacky now and I will probably get it covered when I can afford it. 

1.Hip Bone/ Next to my fairy.- 
My first tattoo when I was 18, the word 'courage' in portuguese for my Mami.
Time taken - 15 mins. 
Pain = 5/10 

2.Foot underneath/behind ankle. 
On a whim, the Deathly Hallows sign, because yolo.
Time Taken - 10-15 mins.
Pain = 6/10

3.Back of Neck 
II.VII, my dad's birthday in roman numerals.
Time Taken - 10 mins
Pain - 2/10 - I could have fallen asleep!

A quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, edited slightly to fit. 'You cannot run away from weakness, fight it out or perish'
Time Taken - 45 mins, I had it done in two sittings as I decided I wanted two more lines added onto it.
Pain - 8/10 - I literally thought I was going to pass out and chunder at one point. 

My Future Plans: For tattoo's I want two roses on my hip climbing down onto my thigh. I want my fingers done, two on my arm (one on the bicep and one above my wrist) and possibly a thigh piece. I want a wolf or a fox somewhere. I realise these plans will affect careers which is why I'm holding off for now!  For piercings I only want my tragus done, I've had enough now!

I hope some of you guys find this helpful! If you have any more questions do let me know, and let me know about your piercing/tattoo experiences too! 

Reverse Hair Ombre'ing - L'Oreal Kit.

Thursday, 25 April 2013
                                   Before                                                                             After

Decided it was time for a change! Sorry the Instagram photo's aren't very clear but it was dark when I did it so I couldn't take decent ones. Before my hair was a rich chocolate brown and slightly lighter at the ends. I wanted deep black roots and lighter ends instead.
Products Used: 
Nice n Easy hairdye, semi permanent in black
L'oreal Wild Ombre kit for dark hair.
I also bought two deep conditioning and shampoo restoration bottles from the Aussie range because my hair deserves a treat after all this dying. (It's dry enough as it is!)

The times will range according to which dyes you use, but for the combination of these two kits I did as follows. 
I applied the ombre colour to the very ends of my hair which I wanted the lightest for 10 minutes. 
After ten minutes I applied more further up, and used the comb provided to blend it in to get the gradual fade. I left that on for another ten minutes.
After ten more minutes I applied the black to the roots of my hair down to where the ombre dye started. I used the brush supplied with the ombre kit to brush the black through the ombre to help it blend in.
After applying all of the black and ensuring it was covering the top layers of my hair and was blending into the ombre at the bottom half of my hair, I put the remaining ombre solution onto the very ends again just to make use of all the formulae.
I then waited 15 minutes before washing it all off.
It is definitely lighter at the ends.
Why are my ends so red and not blonde? I have previously dyed my hair with red colours. Red colourant is a stain as opposed to a dye, in order to get the vibrance. This means it does not lift when you bleach your hair or use dye remover in your hair. This is why after my hair was bleached it looks very red, because it's lifted the browns and left the red from my old hair dying days. If someone who has not coloured their hair before used the ombre kit they are more likely to achieve the blonde tones shown on the box.

I do like the black but will probably want it lighter as it comes to summer again which is why I used a semi-permanent so it can wash out slowly and gradually.

Has anyone else used this ombre kit? How did they find it?
If I had the money I would have had it done professionally definitely as the results would be much better and natural I think ultimately.

30 Day Shred - Level One Day 2

Much easier today, especially the press ups. Thighs still hurting but can get to the end of the workout now without being overly tired, I could probably do it twice if I had to. (Why the hell would I do that though!) I've found a new guilty pleasure in watching The Simple Life so have told myself I'm allowed to watch it only after my workout as a treat, so it gets me off my ass at night when I'm all lethargic and lazy and gets me working out which is good. Paris Hilton - saving unhealthy couch potato's worldwide.
Today I ate muesli with off-milk. It tasted of shit and looked like thrush but I was in a rush so I just finished it. It was only a day out of date but I'm really weird about my milk. I had a coffee and a fruit pot after my 9am seminar, and then for lunch had a chicken caesar wrap and chocolate flapjack for lunch. For dinner I had a salmon sandwich and two hard boiled eggs. Lacking in the veg, I need to go buy some. Drank around a litre and a half of water today I think, I forgot to take my litre bottle in to uni with me. 

I fancy doing a video tomorrow, any requests or ideas?

30 Day Shred - Level 1, Day 2

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Apologies for the crappy photo, I took it on my webcam in the dark. This is because I went out for casual drinks ( I stuck with water!!!) and forced myself into doing day 2 at 11pm. I'm glad I did it though, I feel better for it and like I didn't do the lazy thing and put it off another day.
The cardio is fine for me, but I went to the gym a lot before this. The strength training is harder, and today my biceps and thighs hurt a lot from yesterday. (Although I think the thigh pain is more from a lack of pre-stretching!)

Today I ate fruit and nut muesli for breakfast, and then had a mid morning coffee. I had a salmon toastie with butter for lunch, and then a 304 calorie lasagne from Waitrose. I snacked on a couple of potato wedges that my flatmate didn't want. I drank 2 litres today and managed not to piss myself, which is a bonus.

How To Look 12 Years Old.

Monday, 22 April 2013
Vest - H&M // Skirt - H&M // Creepers - NewLook // Hoodie -Topshop // Jacket - Thrifted // Pittsburgh beanie - Asos Marketplace // Sunglasses - Primark.

I look about 15 years old here, and I'm not sure why but let's roll with it.
I don't actually like the outfit very much now I'm looking at it but ho hey. Hey ho. Whatever.
My Creepers rip-offs are super comfortable from NewLook for about 30 quid and I do think they go with more outfits so definitely a purchase I don't regret. Same with the jacket which was picked up from a thrift store in Brighton for £12. Bargainous.
The sunglasses are currently in stock in the wonderous Primarni for a whole pound. So I picked them up in black and tortoiseshell, because obviously we have so much glaring sunlight in the UK that it was deemed a necessity.

Now back to crying into my pillow and wishing I looked my age so my boyfriend could stop looking like a schoolgirl snatcher.

30 Day Shred - Day 1

After a blissful 2 weeks of stuffing my face with American carbs and sugar like a starved dog, it is time to realise that I am now back in England and need to stop feasting on fat.
I have decided to kick-start my turn-around with the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.
First thing's first.

Disclaimer - I am not a nutritionist nor a personal trainer. I am using my blog to log my progress and so you guys can see how I get on and the process to get there. I do not expect anyone to copy me etc.without consulting someone first! Secondly, I am 5 ft 7 and weigh 55kg. I am not overweight. I am not doing the 30 day shred to lose weight, I'm doing it to shift an extra pound or two perhaps that I put on on holiday but mostly I am doing it to tone up. Once completed if I'm happy with the results I intend to move on to the Ripped in 30 series.

Giveaway Edit

Sunday, 21 April 2013
This is an edit of an old post from February. Since GFC has ended I will end the giveaway when I get 100 followers on BlogLovin. All old entries still count, but from now on rules have changed as below :) Also a lot of people never read the instructions and didnt leave their emails so their entries can't count as I can't contact them!

The treats!

I got you guys some emery boards to reflect my love of beauty, and a necklace for the fashion!
The emery boards have really lovely Cath Kidston designs, which is one of my favourite home brands.
The necklace is actually so sweet that I got one too, so I can match one of my followers! <3 It's a little foxy from a brand called And Mary. It's very delicate and feminine and is a short chain necklace so the little fox site just on your chest :) I thought it was so sweet and vintage looking with a little edge :) I'm so glad to be able to share these with you!

How to enter: 
Various ways to enter, the more ways you enter the higher the chance you have of winning!

1. You must follow my blog! On blog lovin. Leave me your Bloglovin name so I can check! 

Ways to get more entries: 

2. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! And leave me your Youtube name so I can check :) 

When you have done all these things, if you tweet about entering and mention me, I will add that as another entry :) 

Make sure you comment below with the required information and your email address so I can contact the winner! Thank you all so much as well for following me, I'm so happy to have started bloggging! :) 

Sunday Snaps #10

Apologies for the vanity this week - Since returning from Miami all I've done is worked and coursework so not many photo's taken of my daily activities!

Instagram: CallieRobertson

Cookies & Films with Stephen// Shall I cut my hair this length?? //
Snapback Wanker // Happy 420 //
OOTD // Working for again.

90s Kid Survey! // [Video]

Friday, 19 April 2013
I thought I'd try something a bit different and do another Youtube video as many of you will know I am trying to get into using Youtube a bit as I love wasting hours away watching it. I may as well become a part of it to try to justify this a bit more!

One of the things I really loved about my childhood was growing up in the 90s, so when BeautyCrush did this video I decided to do one too :)

Let me know what you guys all think, and please subscribe to my channel!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my Giveaway!

Neon & Studs //OOTD Video

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Shoes - New Look // Top - Zara // Necklace - Primark // Beanie - Topshop // Watch - claire's// Lipstick - Viva Glam, MAC // Disco Pants - Missguided

Even though I'm ill today and doing nothign that involves leaving the house I was so excited to try on my new jumper from Zara that I got up and played dress up to do another OOTD for you guys. I am literally in love with this jumper. It was a bit priceyer at £35 but I made the guy fish the last one out from the stock room and after that I couldn't leave it behind. They only had a Large left but it's okay as I like things baggy and oversized anyway, it'll look swell tucked into some high waisted shorts.


I seem to have fallen in love with this recent neon trend, totally loving it! What do you guys think of it?

Kittens & Crosses

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

As you all know I was super excited about these leggings and gave you a sneak peek on my previous OOTD and today I put them to good use! They are so crazy I love them! I haven't put up my usual little text with where I got everything from because it's all a bit vague to be honest!
My Vans were picked up from a Skate Shop in America for £25 which is a lot cheaper than back here in the UK. The hat was from the same place as my Aint No Wifey beanie, at an Ebay store here. I love how insane and bright it is, fitting right in with the current neon trend. It looks like the gloop at Homer's nuclear factory in the Simpsons.
My thin knit jumper is from Topshop although I saw it in the sale a while ago so I'm not sure if they still have it. The non-existant-in-photos backpack is from River Island. The Adidas Originals top was stolen from my boyfriend. He said he got it from a store called Pilot in Leicester, can anyone tell me if they have seen any others like it anywhere? I have scoured Asos marketplace and Ebay and can't find them anywhere else!! I wear it all the time and have a constant terrifying nightmare in the back of my mind that one day he'll claim it back. It's worse than the dream I had last night where a crocodile bit off my leg.

Finally, the piece de resistance, my leggings are from Abandon Ship Apparel. It fits nicely and doesn't have a designated front and back which works well because there is a big cat with its tongue sticking out and if I wear them with that cat on the front it looks like it's licking somewhere very private and naughty. I hope you all enjoy my rabbit face as mine was blurry.

Ain't No Wifey and a Bad Hair Day.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
 Jumper - Adidas // Leggings - Republic // Vans - Schuh // Tee - Topshop // Hat - Ebay // Bag - Victoria's Secret

Today someone described my style as 'funky.' I'll take that! So I woke up having a horrible hair day. The type of day where you think the night before you can go another day without washing your hair and wake up and realise it looks gross and your running low on dry shampoo. That type of day. Just as I was about to leave though, my parcel of hats came and so my day was saved!
The hat here is a knock-off of the Dimepiece ones, but I got this one for much cheaper on Ebay here

I bought my bag from Victoria's Secret in Miami when I couldn't be bothered lugging around my handbag. I prefer it to handbags anyway as it's so much easier and more comfortable to carry stuff around in, especially for the beach and when I have all my uni work and laptop etc. to lug about!
My lipstick is #111 Kiss Of Life by Rimmel in the Kate Moss range. It's staying power is average, I usually prefer Mac's Ruby Woo but my lips are dry from the sun!

I know I've been swamping you all with Outfit posts but I promise as soon as I get time I will be doing a Miami Haul video and I have some other exciting bits to show you in outfits! Here's a sneak peek ;)

Also if anyone wanted to know, River Island are doing 20% off Student Discount today and tomorrow only and Motel is doing a 25% off week if you use the discount code CallieR!

Neon & Chanel.

Monday, 15 April 2013
Top - Boutique // Hoodie - Hollister // Shorts-Republic // Shoes - Fred Perry // Belt - Internacionale // Bag - Sports Direct.

This outfit was compiled for my exciting day of GTL. No, not gym, tan, laundry unfortunately. Gym, tutorial, library. So again i went with comfort. The Chanel rip-off top was bought in South Beach from this awesome weird retro records store for like ten dollars, I love it!

The shorts are from the recently closed Republic (sob!) and the bag was super cheap from Sports Direct so I could carry around all my gym kit. As you can see the outfit is really comfy to just sit in the library and write essays in and I think the neon gave it a bit more of an exciting and fashionable feel as I didn't want to look like a total slob! My lipstick is the Nikki Minaj Viva Glam from MAC, a new favourite!
What do you guys wear for days like this?

Also guys, you get 25% off at Motel for this week if you use my discount code, CallieR :) So treat yourself :)

Sebastian the Ibis.

Sunday, 14 April 2013
Tops - University of Miami // Disco Pants - Missguided // Socks - HUF // Boots - Newlook

Sebastian the Ibis is Miami Uni's  mascot and emblazoned all over all my clothes. When I went to Miami I had saved for months to have enough money to shop without worrying and happily didn't spend much at all! So no shopping regret for me! I spent most of my money in the UM Shop to be honest, they have such a different level of college pride out there compared to the UK and I really loved it. The atmosphere is great. 

The store had everything you could ever think of with UM's logo and name on it, even toilet paper. Not that I'd spend money on UM toilet paper but still. So this was my comfy library day outfit, the wedges were because I'd spent the last two weeks in sandals and Vans so it was nice to put on some winter booties and my new amazing Huf Socks!
Seriously jetlagged and was pretty much dribbling on the keyboard today trying not to fall asleep as I finished my essay for tomorrow. Despite getting back earlier this week I've been working night shifts since I got back which hasn't helped but this week should sort me right out!

Instagram Diary Miami!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Apologies the images are so small, I had to cram them all in somehow! To see them all properly my instagram name is CallieRobertson :)
I had such a fun trip and it was so lovely to see Matt after three long horrible months! Apologies for the lack of posts!!
I plan on videoing a nice America collective haul for you guys in case any of you want to see what I got out there so stay posted!

America Haul #1

Monday, 1 April 2013

Obviously one of the first things to do in America is to hit the stores that you don't get in the UK. I got a bit penny-happy, and it hasn't improved. There will be a plentiful of hauls to come over the next few days - I can only apologise. Maybe I'll do a giant collective haul video at the end instead - let me know what you would prefer!?

Sephora was the first place I went to - Standard. I picked up the Naked Basics Palette because I love the matte colours involved and the Naked palette has been my all-time favourite. After avoiding the Naked II upgrade, I decided to branch out and try the basics. I haven't been wearing eyeshadow out here recently so it's been a bit of a waste, but I can't wait to try it when I get home!

The second Sephora bit I picked up was the Benefit 'How to look the best at everything' box. I love how it looks like a book it's so quirky. It basically includes a pore minimizer, a small foundation along with two concealers and a powder and brush. I got mine in the shade for medium. I really like this kit , particularly the Boing concealers and the powder. I think the pore minimizer is really nice for a lighter option also. I am excited to use this kit more at home as in the sun all my makeup tends to become shiny and melt off so quickly due to my combination skin so I can't give it an honest review.

Lastly, a combination of bits and pieces. Some cheap ass hippie glasses from JC Penny's, some pastel purple shorts (Think Vanessa  Hudgen, Spring Breakers style. Drool.) and some bits from my absolute love - Victoria's Secret. Some amazing fun sports shorts which are perfect for the beach or gym, some fun sports leggings which I can't wait to get into for the gym at home and a makeup primer and setter. I also got a hoodie and backpack a couple of days later which I will show in another haul. Oh, and also Nylon mag, because I've always wanted to read it. To be honest it was a bit of a let down, I much prefer Company and Glamour, there's more actual content.

What do you all recommend for picking up while I'm out here??

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