30 Day Shred - Level One Day 2

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Much easier today, especially the press ups. Thighs still hurting but can get to the end of the workout now without being overly tired, I could probably do it twice if I had to. (Why the hell would I do that though!) I've found a new guilty pleasure in watching The Simple Life so have told myself I'm allowed to watch it only after my workout as a treat, so it gets me off my ass at night when I'm all lethargic and lazy and gets me working out which is good. Paris Hilton - saving unhealthy couch potato's worldwide.
Today I ate muesli with off-milk. It tasted of shit and looked like thrush but I was in a rush so I just finished it. It was only a day out of date but I'm really weird about my milk. I had a coffee and a fruit pot after my 9am seminar, and then for lunch had a chicken caesar wrap and chocolate flapjack for lunch. For dinner I had a salmon sandwich and two hard boiled eggs. Lacking in the veg, I need to go buy some. Drank around a litre and a half of water today I think, I forgot to take my litre bottle in to uni with me. 

I fancy doing a video tomorrow, any requests or ideas?

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