Reverse Hair Ombre'ing - L'Oreal Kit.

Thursday, 25 April 2013
                                   Before                                                                             After

Decided it was time for a change! Sorry the Instagram photo's aren't very clear but it was dark when I did it so I couldn't take decent ones. Before my hair was a rich chocolate brown and slightly lighter at the ends. I wanted deep black roots and lighter ends instead.
Products Used: 
Nice n Easy hairdye, semi permanent in black
L'oreal Wild Ombre kit for dark hair.
I also bought two deep conditioning and shampoo restoration bottles from the Aussie range because my hair deserves a treat after all this dying. (It's dry enough as it is!)

The times will range according to which dyes you use, but for the combination of these two kits I did as follows. 
I applied the ombre colour to the very ends of my hair which I wanted the lightest for 10 minutes. 
After ten minutes I applied more further up, and used the comb provided to blend it in to get the gradual fade. I left that on for another ten minutes.
After ten more minutes I applied the black to the roots of my hair down to where the ombre dye started. I used the brush supplied with the ombre kit to brush the black through the ombre to help it blend in.
After applying all of the black and ensuring it was covering the top layers of my hair and was blending into the ombre at the bottom half of my hair, I put the remaining ombre solution onto the very ends again just to make use of all the formulae.
I then waited 15 minutes before washing it all off.
It is definitely lighter at the ends.
Why are my ends so red and not blonde? I have previously dyed my hair with red colours. Red colourant is a stain as opposed to a dye, in order to get the vibrance. This means it does not lift when you bleach your hair or use dye remover in your hair. This is why after my hair was bleached it looks very red, because it's lifted the browns and left the red from my old hair dying days. If someone who has not coloured their hair before used the ombre kit they are more likely to achieve the blonde tones shown on the box.

I do like the black but will probably want it lighter as it comes to summer again which is why I used a semi-permanent so it can wash out slowly and gradually.

Has anyone else used this ombre kit? How did they find it?
If I had the money I would have had it done professionally definitely as the results would be much better and natural I think ultimately.

2 comments on "Reverse Hair Ombre'ing - L'Oreal Kit."
  1. Looks lovely!!
    Can't wait to see it in the light
    S xx

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see other pics xx


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