Ain't No Wifey and a Bad Hair Day.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
 Jumper - Adidas // Leggings - Republic // Vans - Schuh // Tee - Topshop // Hat - Ebay // Bag - Victoria's Secret

Today someone described my style as 'funky.' I'll take that! So I woke up having a horrible hair day. The type of day where you think the night before you can go another day without washing your hair and wake up and realise it looks gross and your running low on dry shampoo. That type of day. Just as I was about to leave though, my parcel of hats came and so my day was saved!
The hat here is a knock-off of the Dimepiece ones, but I got this one for much cheaper on Ebay here

I bought my bag from Victoria's Secret in Miami when I couldn't be bothered lugging around my handbag. I prefer it to handbags anyway as it's so much easier and more comfortable to carry stuff around in, especially for the beach and when I have all my uni work and laptop etc. to lug about!
My lipstick is #111 Kiss Of Life by Rimmel in the Kate Moss range. It's staying power is average, I usually prefer Mac's Ruby Woo but my lips are dry from the sun!

I know I've been swamping you all with Outfit posts but I promise as soon as I get time I will be doing a Miami Haul video and I have some other exciting bits to show you in outfits! Here's a sneak peek ;)

Also if anyone wanted to know, River Island are doing 20% off Student Discount today and tomorrow only and Motel is doing a 25% off week if you use the discount code CallieR!

9 comments on "Ain't No Wifey and a Bad Hair Day."
  1. Love your beanie!!
    s xx

  2. You look amazing - I am SO obsessed with that beanie! xo

  3. Awesome post and I thought that you should know that your sense in
    fashion is off the chain girl!

    P.S-it would mean a great deal to me if you followed or atleast checkedout my new blog.Thank you!

  4. Such a cool look, proper in love with your beanie! xx


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