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Sunday, 21 April 2013
This is an edit of an old post from February. Since GFC has ended I will end the giveaway when I get 100 followers on BlogLovin. All old entries still count, but from now on rules have changed as below :) Also a lot of people never read the instructions and didnt leave their emails so their entries can't count as I can't contact them!

The treats!

I got you guys some emery boards to reflect my love of beauty, and a necklace for the fashion!
The emery boards have really lovely Cath Kidston designs, which is one of my favourite home brands.
The necklace is actually so sweet that I got one too, so I can match one of my followers! <3 It's a little foxy from a brand called And Mary. It's very delicate and feminine and is a short chain necklace so the little fox site just on your chest :) I thought it was so sweet and vintage looking with a little edge :) I'm so glad to be able to share these with you!

How to enter: 
Various ways to enter, the more ways you enter the higher the chance you have of winning!

1. You must follow my blog! On blog lovin. Leave me your Bloglovin name so I can check! 

Ways to get more entries: 

2. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! And leave me your Youtube name so I can check :) 

When you have done all these things, if you tweet about entering and mention me, I will add that as another entry :) 

Make sure you comment below with the required information and your email address so I can contact the winner! Thank you all so much as well for following me, I'm so happy to have started bloggging! :) 

4 comments on "Giveaway Edit"
  1. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

    My Bloglovin name is squidoodles92 and my Youtube is Hannah Coe.

    My email is

    Congrats on the followers, can't wait to get a few myself :)

    Hannah xox

  2. Following you blog on bloglovin! my name is shradha06 same with youtube but my name is shradha g!
    My email address is
    Congrats on how many you've reached!
    S xx

  3. Bloglovin: Penelicious
    YouTube: ThePenelicious


  4. Such a sweet giveaway.

    My bloglovin name is Hannah Marie
    My youtube name is KarimHM



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