How To Look 12 Years Old.

Monday, 22 April 2013
Vest - H&M // Skirt - H&M // Creepers - NewLook // Hoodie -Topshop // Jacket - Thrifted // Pittsburgh beanie - Asos Marketplace // Sunglasses - Primark.

I look about 15 years old here, and I'm not sure why but let's roll with it.
I don't actually like the outfit very much now I'm looking at it but ho hey. Hey ho. Whatever.
My Creepers rip-offs are super comfortable from NewLook for about 30 quid and I do think they go with more outfits so definitely a purchase I don't regret. Same with the jacket which was picked up from a thrift store in Brighton for £12. Bargainous.
The sunglasses are currently in stock in the wonderous Primarni for a whole pound. So I picked them up in black and tortoiseshell, because obviously we have so much glaring sunlight in the UK that it was deemed a necessity.

Now back to crying into my pillow and wishing I looked my age so my boyfriend could stop looking like a schoolgirl snatcher.

2 comments on "How To Look 12 Years Old."
  1. You look lovely! I definitely dress like a 5 year old boy on a regular occasion... xo

  2. You look lovely here, i love the jacket!. i feel the pain of also looking younger i get told i look about 16 and im 20. but hey least we will look younger when where older (hopefully) haha. lovely post x


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