Kavita, Unicorns and some Inspiration.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Recently I have been feeling very lethargic, lazy and uninspired. (Hence the lack of blogging.) I've been stressing so much over the last few weeks that it seems to have erupted into a mass emotion of 'F*ck It., I can't be arsed.' Here's the low down on what I've been stressing about: In one month I will be homeless unless I can find a flat in the next couple of week. My dissertation proposal is due in on Wednesday and I'm scared it's not good enough. My exams are at the end of the month and I'm awful at revising and scared I'm going to fail them all. I am broke as hell and working in a job I really don't enjoy and that drains me of energy to make my pennies.

Today I woke up and watched Matilda and had some munch, and then decided I hadn't painted in ages and I find it so therapeutic to put on some Einaudi and paint. I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

So I deicded to paint Kavita from SheWearsFashion because I fell in love with her unicorn jumper this morning from DropDead (back to my being broke stress) and decided to just paint her like a creep.
So I hope you enjoy this Kavita, you seem to have inspired me into doing something constructive and creative rather than laying in bed all day being drained from stress and rolling around sleeping the day away. Thankyou!

(I use watercolours, random cheap colouring pencils for touch ups, nail varnish to get the sparkles in the roses and some crappy ink pens from poundland. Clearly not the most professional artist. I just like to play.)

2 comments on "Kavita, Unicorns and some Inspiration."
  1. I hope everything sorts it self out soon and you feel better, lots of luck with your exams.
    The illustration is lovely.



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