Kittens & Crosses

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

As you all know I was super excited about these leggings and gave you a sneak peek on my previous OOTD and today I put them to good use! They are so crazy I love them! I haven't put up my usual little text with where I got everything from because it's all a bit vague to be honest!
My Vans were picked up from a Skate Shop in America for £25 which is a lot cheaper than back here in the UK. The hat was from the same place as my Aint No Wifey beanie, at an Ebay store here. I love how insane and bright it is, fitting right in with the current neon trend. It looks like the gloop at Homer's nuclear factory in the Simpsons.
My thin knit jumper is from Topshop although I saw it in the sale a while ago so I'm not sure if they still have it. The non-existant-in-photos backpack is from River Island. The Adidas Originals top was stolen from my boyfriend. He said he got it from a store called Pilot in Leicester, can anyone tell me if they have seen any others like it anywhere? I have scoured Asos marketplace and Ebay and can't find them anywhere else!! I wear it all the time and have a constant terrifying nightmare in the back of my mind that one day he'll claim it back. It's worse than the dream I had last night where a crocodile bit off my leg.

Finally, the piece de resistance, my leggings are from Abandon Ship Apparel. It fits nicely and doesn't have a designated front and back which works well because there is a big cat with its tongue sticking out and if I wear them with that cat on the front it looks like it's licking somewhere very private and naughty. I hope you all enjoy my rabbit face as mine was blurry.

4 comments on "Kittens & Crosses"
  1. Ah my gosh serrrrious love for the leggings, loling at the cat lick thing haha! xx

  2. Wow the leggings are so awesome! love how you styled them up, the neon beanie is so on trend (:
    Amy x

  3. So obsessed with that hat! I saw some in NYC and was too tempted xo

  4. LOVE your beanie I want!
    S xx


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