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Friday, 26 April 2013

As someone who has had 15 piercings and 4 tattoo's I thought I would sit down and share some of my experiences with you, in brief, in case any of you are thinking about getting something done! These are only my opinions, remember everyone has different pain thresholds! This is just what I found!


Lobes: A standard piercing. Can buy jewellery for it everywhere. Can get done in places like Claire's and jewellery stores without much to worry about!
Pain = 1/10. Quick and easy to heal, no issues to take into consideration!

Cartilage: Another standard, common piercing. Much slower to heal, I've had some that have taken 2 months and some that have taken a year and ended up being taken out for the hassle.
Pain = 2/10. Remember to go to a proper piercing shop for these as if you get it done somewhere that uses a piercing gun it will shatter the cartilage. Should be done with a proper needle to ensure easy healing!

Lip: I've had my lip done for a few years now. May be frowned upon in certain jobs so take this into account, but you can always buy special clear retainers for this type of situation. Healing is quick and easy also for me. I actually got impetigo all around my mouth after getting this done because my immune system couldn't deal with fighting off a cold sore and healing my new piercing all at once, but this was just bad luck and hasn't happened to anyone else I know!
Pain = 5/10, quick and sharp but not too bad at all. 

Tongue: My first facial piercing when I was 16 or 17 I think. Easy to hide, nobody really notices. Yes, my tongue swelled up by I could eat fine after taking two ibuprofens to bring down the swelling. One thing to consider is that you cannot smoke, drink alcohol or kiss for 6 weeks. I waited 4, decided that was long enough and now my tongue is scarred with a white circle for life. When they say 6 weeks, they mean 6 weeks. The swelling subsided in two days for me and like I said, Ibuprofen made it barely noticeable, I still ate fine just a bit slower than usual.
Pain = 3/10. Slid through like steak, barely felt it. No sharp pinch or anything.

BellyButton: This was a sharp pinch and is another I have since removed. My body didn't like this one and it began pushing it out or rejecting it. Most people know if your body starts to reject a piercing it is best to admit defeat and remove it or it can cause real problems. I actually got the bottom of my belly button done as opposed to the top because it was less common and I wanted it to be a bit different. These are renown for getting infected easily so take good care of it! 
Pain = 6/10 - A sharp pinch one!

Nose: I've had this done twice now and both times taken it out. I love the look of nose rings on other girls but it just doesn't suit me, my tiny little nose can't pull it off and it just makes my face look cluttered :( Takes a while to heal and you have to be real careful when you're washing your face so as not to knock it or pull it out as I did a few times!
Pain = 6/10 - Again, a real sharp pinch. Makes your eyes tear!

First thing I'll say is definitely go to a better artist, for my first when I was 18 I went to a bit of a shitty place and regret getting it done there as it looks a bit tacky now and I will probably get it covered when I can afford it. 

1.Hip Bone/ Next to my fairy.- 
My first tattoo when I was 18, the word 'courage' in portuguese for my Mami.
Time taken - 15 mins. 
Pain = 5/10 

2.Foot underneath/behind ankle. 
On a whim, the Deathly Hallows sign, because yolo.
Time Taken - 10-15 mins.
Pain = 6/10

3.Back of Neck 
II.VII, my dad's birthday in roman numerals.
Time Taken - 10 mins
Pain - 2/10 - I could have fallen asleep!

A quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, edited slightly to fit. 'You cannot run away from weakness, fight it out or perish'
Time Taken - 45 mins, I had it done in two sittings as I decided I wanted two more lines added onto it.
Pain - 8/10 - I literally thought I was going to pass out and chunder at one point. 

My Future Plans: For tattoo's I want two roses on my hip climbing down onto my thigh. I want my fingers done, two on my arm (one on the bicep and one above my wrist) and possibly a thigh piece. I want a wolf or a fox somewhere. I realise these plans will affect careers which is why I'm holding off for now!  For piercings I only want my tragus done, I've had enough now!

I hope some of you guys find this helpful! If you have any more questions do let me know, and let me know about your piercing/tattoo experiences too! 

4 comments on "Tattoo's & Piercings - My Experiences ♥"
  1. I have a sun and moon tattooed just above the inside crease of my elbow (if that makes sense lol), it didn't hurt that bad, but was a bit sensitive after! Such a great post, I have a load of piercings too, including my septum, but I never know how to describe the pain when someone asks ha :)

    Lauren xx

  2. I think maybe I have a really high pain threshold or something, because I have just the one tattoo on my ribs, and it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! xo

  3. I love this post! Im a piercing fiend myself and I've had 10 piercings, but sadly only have 5 remaining as of now! :)

    XOXO Sade

  4. Ahh I flipping love that fox tattoo! I love wolves and bears! I'd like a little outline or something I think :) I've got two tattoos, both are shit haha! Definitely should have waited to be old enough to go to a good artist


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