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Wow, Those Are Bright.

Friday, 31 May 2013
Bodysuit - Miss Selfridge // Pumps - Miss Selfridge // Trousers - Primark // Watch - Casio, American Apparal.

Today, I dressed for a British summer. It was sunny outside, mild, almost muggy. The sky was blue and there was no wind. This is a rare occurrence. I picked these crazy trousers up from Primark earlier this week. With something so baggy and loose-fitting, it should be paired with something tight so as not to drown your figure out. I went for a lace pannelled leotard from Miss Selfridge. (Old stock sorry! :( )

I actually very nearly wore this outfit to a job interview yesterday with some court heels, but changed my mind last minute in case they thought "who was that girl we interviewed with the ugly trousers?"
This thought seemed to have paid off, as I opted for a cream and black outfit and got the job. High Five for boring interview style.

So off I went into town in the glorious sunshine, I popped into Orange for a quick question which as usual went unresolved (take note of my bitter emotion please, Orange. You're shite.)
I popped back outside and in the 3 minutes I was inside, it decided to pour with rain.  Scottish Weather.

I wore a black card over the top, just a plain simple Topshop one to keep me from getting chilly con carni.
(Great joke there, try to hold back the overwhelming urge to burst out in peals of screeching laughter.)

My lipstick is FullSpeed by Mac, which seemed to match the trousers almost identically. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, I always feel a bit silly going out matching, unless of course it's red. Red is timeless.

To conclude, I thought I'd share this outfit with you because these beautiful trousers were only something like £11 in Primark at the moment and because for once my outfit involves no leopard print. I chose not to wear jewellery with this because I didn't want to look overbearing or get mistaken for a disco ball.

My hair was curled with Mark Hill curlers if anyone was curious. They have zebra print on them which is why I bought them to be honest, but turns out they're actually really good too.
After town I went to my friend Toby's where I was greeted with 'Oh my God, those are a bit bright. What are you wearing?!'
I consider this a success. Always go for a reaction. No reaction means boring.

Do you agree?

A brand new, shiny, custom domain URL!

Aurevoir, Student in Scotland!

A brief update: I realised I finish uni in one more short year and will no longer be a student. I would be changing my URL eventually, and decided to try and boost my blog this summer as I'm still short on followers, even more so since losing so many to the dreaded Google Reader deletion.
I decided to go with something simple that won't change: my name.
I don't want to use my second name as it is something I would consider a bit more private, so I went with my first and middle names.
My first name is Caroline, I have always been called Caz, which I think is horrible and tacky. Nickname websites sourced me with Callie, which is much better.
My middle name is Kazumi, as my heritage is japanese. It means beautiful harmony, or something along those lines.

And there we have it!!
What do you think?

Heel Heights - How High is Too High?

Thursday, 30 May 2013
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Quick ponder for you all before we begin - If heights is spelt 'heights' why is high not spelt 'heigh'?
Someone answer this for me, I'm sure there is a simple grammatical rule but I appear to have looked past it. (Like when I mistakenly believed 'banal' to be pronounced in rhyming accordance with 'anal.' If I had bothered to realise if I take the comparison of 'canal' a humiliating moment during my Politics presentation could have been avoided but there we go.

In school when I was about 15 or 16, the 'popular girls' would strut around in town flashing their skimpy and barely pubescent legs in these teetering sky-scraper heels. As most of us less-popular girls did in school, I purchased my own pair in the hopes of achieving a higher style status. It didn't work. All I achieved was blisters, a sore ass, and humiliation.

For the last few years, the mantra with heels seems to have become 'the higher the better.' When going out clubbing, the heels some girls wear are reminiscent of the type you would get on a pole dancer, although at least then it serves the purpose of acting as a support and grip for the pole. On a night out it seems to provide no purpose other than to make your legs look phenomenal. I cannot argue the delight I feel when putting on a really nice, high pair of heels. The feeling of joy when my legs are transformed from stumpy tree trunks into long, lovely limbs. This feeling of delight is usually gone by the time I have walked 5 steps in them and realised I look like a fool and am also in pain. To the women who can wear 6 inch heels on a daily basis - I salute you.

The amount of times I have gone out in a pair of beautiful, sky scrapers on a night out and, add a few drinks into the mix, ended up a crumpled heap on the floor with a twisted ankle the next day is ridiculous. In fact, about a year ago I came to the decision that I cannot kid myself any longer - heels are not for me. I now go out in flats and feel like a little hobbit troll as I come up to the other women's waists while they saunter around me 7ft up.

Flat shoes are comfortable. Flat shoes can be stylish too. Flat shoes just don't make you feel quite as good as a really nice pair of heels though. Even buying a new pair of Vans or Nike's don't bring me the same joy I had when I purchased my first pair of Kurt Geiger heels. (Which have subsequently only been worn out twice and one of the times I trekked back home bare foot, head down in shame, heels in hand.)

Enter 2013 and the new revelation that we can get the best of both worlds. The midi heel has swept the catwalks, and now the highstreets. Zara have an absolutely mouthwatering few.
(Check out this one below at just under 4 inches. Perfecto.)

The midi heel can be worn all day without feeling out of place, or getting those sore legs and feet. I know that I have definitely walked down the street in heels and felt a bit like a night-walker who got lost on her nightly patrol. Usually if you see a girl out in shorts and sky-scrapers, the first thought is 'walk of shame!' Nobody wants to be that girl.

Recently I saw one of those 'popular' girls from my school on Twitter. She is definitely no longer popular, and her feet are probably covered in bunyons. She was tweeting about kitten heels, taking photos of people wearing them on a night out declaring 'go high or go home!'
I disagree. In ten years, we will have healthy, beautiful feet, and you will probably have disfigured ones from years of wearing overly high, cheep heels. You don't have to be the tallest girl in the room with the highest heels to be the best dressed, or to have the best legs. Confidence is what ultimately is the most attractive to males, and confidence is what will allow you to have that great, fun, carefree night out with your girls. 

Confidence comes from a hot, comfy pair of shoes, not from teetering round in 7 inchers and carrying spare flats in your bag for when the pain gets too much. Too many times I have spent the night sitting watching people on the dance floor, unable to move due to the shooting pain up my leg.
To conclude, I am usually always one to say it should forever be style over substance, but when it comes to shoes, I have to disagree. 

And, with all the new midi's coming out this season, it looks like the fashion world's feet are getting tired and agreeing with us too!  What's your favourite height to wear?

Note: I am definitely not slating anyone who wears a fantastic pair of 6 inch heels on a night out, if you can wear it, rock it! What I am saying though is that if you are like me, and struggle to deal with the pain and end up limping around like you have too much swag and may have wet yourself, you don't need to bother with them. You can look just as good 2 or 3 inches shorter! 

A Casual Messy Hair Type of Day.

Top - Primark // Leggings - Primark // Shoes - Adidas Outlet // Watch - Claire's.// Hotpants - Miss Selfridge

Clearly a day for a cheap outfit. These shoes were a good find, 50% off at an Adidas outlet store for £30, bargainous. I had actually wanted to wear the shirt without any shorts on which is why I bought it in a size 14, but my leggings are the dreaded Primark leggings. We all know the type. We have all stood behind an unknowing Primark-Legging-Buyer who has gotten dressed in the safety of her dully lit bedroom, only to step out into the bright and blinding lights of retail stores, revealing to all behind her her choice of undergarment.

I was not about to be that girl. So I threw on my glittery hot pants, just to mask any panty peeking. Note: these hotpants are not suitable for day time, or night time wear unless you have leggings underneath them. Or Beyonce's lower body. 

The outfit was super comfy for a day chilling at the salon doing nails (: (For anyone from my town reading this I am in Pinky's Nail Bar on Tuesdays currently doing acrylics for just £20 :) )
I wore my teeny Internacionale skull necklace, and my Claire's watch to give me a bit more blingaling. My lipstick is my all-time favourite, Lickable by MAC.

In total, including accessories, this outfit cost me a grand total of £48. Wonderful!
What do you wear for a comfy casual day?

Sunday Snaps #15

Sunday, 26 May 2013
Instagram: CallieRobertson

Ice cream date with Matt // Hot Choc pre exam // Just us chilling being badass //
Flowers and book for finishing my exams from Matt <3 // OOTD // Acrylics // 

koolkat_ss // emmalouiseconnolly // Sara_luxe //

Red Lips and Sore Feet.

 Jacket - H&M //  Skirt - Internacionale // Top - Thrift Shop // Shoes - Schuh // Beanie - Ebay

Today has been a good day. I officially passed my exam and am now a qualified acrylic nail tech! This is super exciting, mostly for the reason that I get to quit my long, late hours at the bar and can start working at the nail salon in town! 
Everyone send me a pat on the back and a high five, this is a good thing to happen after the nightmare of exams. (They were a high 8.5 on the natural disaster scales unfortunately.)

Monochrome is bigger this season than shag bands were in the 90's. It's a classic, timeless, sophisticated look. I am not classic, timeless, or sophisticated. For this reason I tend to jazz up my monochrome outfits with bright pops of colour or print. Today I opted for red, trying to bring some class to my style!
The lip is Cherry by Natural Collection. (My all-time favourite red lipstick. It beats all Mac and Rimmel red lips I've tried in the past and is only £1.99 so I urge you all to spend your loose pennies on a stick and let it work it's magic.)
The beanie I picked up from Ebay for about £6, and has the Dimepiece 'Ain't No Wifey' slogan. Unfortunately, being a student, I cannot afford to fork out what Dimepiece charge for their beanies, so I have to make do with Ebay style copy-cats. Oh the perils of student bank accounts.

The down side to the outfit is the shoes. I bought these cute flatforms from Schuh, and they are a Schuh's own brand, so they were a good price. However, every time I wear them they absolutely shred my feet. It feels as though I am walking on wire with pinched feet. I end up hobbling around looking like I've sh*t myself. I am trying desperately to wear them in, but the amount of pain they cause me makes me want to steer clear from them, which means breaking them in is taking much longer than usual.

Has anyone else had this problem with Schuh's own brand?

The Importance of the Fur Coat.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The other day I was walking around Waitrose in my pyjamas. My hair was scraped up in a freshly washed, still damp bun, and I had my trusty David & Goliath 'I want a hug' PJ top on with my rolled up Topshop jammy bottoms underneath. I looked like a total train wreck, and was in need of breakfast milk so ran over to get some. (I live next door to Waitrose. The joys.)
Despite being dressed to go to a 10 year old's sleepover party, I felt fabulous, because I had my trusty fur coat (faux of course,) covering up my lazy-girl wear. And that was when I realised. Everyone should own a fur coat.

They have been slightly victimised by the cheap and tacky knock-offs, courtesy of Primarni, and are fighting a battle similar to the likes that Burberry have seen, particularly in the dodgy London areas. But if we can shun off the negative and chavvy connotations associated with a cheap fur coat, they are actually a piece of clothing which covers many important clothing requirements.
1. They are warm.
2. They make you feel fabulous.
3. They are comfy.
4. You can use them as pillows.
5. You can use them as blankets.
6. If you add sunglasses and heels into the mix you look like a famous person.
7. They last forever. (Unless you burn them with hair straighteners like I did, then  they melt and go all hard and stiff.)
8. If you add a gold chain into the mix you look like a rapper or a Pimp.
9. If you wrap it around your head like a hat you look like the stereotype of a Russian.
10. Your mum will probably tell you it was a sensible purchase, especially if you buy it in the Winter months.

I found my fur coat in Miss Selfridge in the Christmas sales. It was £30 off and I had my staff discount, so it was a lot cheaper than the standard fur coat, though still a bit pricey. The other day I was walking through town and discovered the paradox and lies that come with ownership of a fur coat.
I look rich. I must be rich to afford this fur coat. The sad reality is I am poor as any other student and this fur coat plunged me into the depths of the ever-looming overdraft.
Was it worth it?

To conclude, you can be broke and go out wearing tracky bums and an old holey vest top, but throw a fur coat over it and suddenly you look eccentric, couture, vogue, and eclectic. Enter Oliver Proudlock.

Let's quickly run over a few people who wear fur coats.
Victoria Beckham. Cruella De Ville. 50 Cent. Millie Mackintosh. Cara Delevingne. Rhianna. Snoop Dogg. Miranda Kerr.

A plethora of interesting, unique, and stylish individuals.

Let's quickly run over who doesn't wear a fur coat.
Justin Bieber.

Who do you want to be?

Belated Sunday Snaps

 Instagram: CallieRobertson

New beauty case <3 // Birthday card for Jordan // Hands of the day HOTD //
Party food for Jordan :) // Snoopified // Nofilter.

I thought from now on it would be fun to also share my three favourite instagrammed photo's of the week too, so you guys can find some new people to follow :) Let me know what you think of this idea! <3

helloiamfiona // _alxdnn // thebeautycrush

Neon Skeleton

Monday, 20 May 2013
Hat - Missguided // Skirt - River Island // Leotard - Primark // Boots - NewLook // Cardigan - Miss Selfridge

This is the outfit which I wore to a lunch date with my boyfriend, who has finally returned to the UK. Before lunch I went into a salon for my course (stay tuned for the big reveal next week!) and so I took my wee beauty case which I got from Ebay in with me. I can't wait to cover it in skate stickers.
I bought this skirt from River Island the other day, officially delving me into my overdraft. I thought it was worth it. I think I need to sit down and re-evaluate my life values.
I hadn't bought anything for myself in a while and felt like a crack addict walking past his usual den. I couldn't stop myself. I need to be sectioned or something for addiction to retail.

I kept my accessories and makeup simple to avoid scaring everyone away. Where I live it isn't really a place to experiment with fashion, the favourite outfit for most locals tends to be a matching velour tracksuit, and everyone else likes to play it safe to avoid being spat on in the streets. Sometimes when I dare wear my fur coat out I regret it and convince myself for the entire walk that I am about to be mugged because they have mistaken me for a woman of wealth.
The sad reality is that if they were to mug me they would make off with a broken phone, a couple of coppers and a card that is in debt rather than credit.
So if you are reading this with the future intent of mugging me, don't bother. You'll only be disappointed.

What do people in your local town dress like usually?

50 F***s

Saturday, 18 May 2013
Following wonderfully positive feedback from a past blog, returned is the 50 f*cks list. No offence intended, just a bit of fun following some weird conversations with my girls. One in which this was quoted 'Ew, imagine sleeping with Lord Farquad.' (See Shrek for reference.)

50 F***s- 50 people I deem to be attractive enough to sleep with, in no particular order.
(To clarify, I'm not deluded. I'm aware to sleep with these people would involve drugs and illegal planning for the most part.)

1. Eric from The Little Mermaid
2. The hot guy in Tangled I can’t remember his name. (Edit: It's Flynn Rider.)

3. Colin Firth

4. TOM HARDY. I want his hardy.
5. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disgruntled BA Passenger.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Disclaimer: This is a photo of me looking disgruntled at Reading Fest 2011 because I found a spider in my bra. This picture is in no way connected with the disgruntlement I felt at BA, although it was a very similar emotion.
Imagine, an actual chunk of writing on my blog. I realised I do actually want to use this blog to write as well as to share my frequent dress-up sessions with you all, so here is a bit of a rant. (In true Brit fashion, I did intend to send an angry letter but I kept forgetting, so perhaps I will just email them this post instead. Up my page-views, two birds one stone. ;) )

So here is my tale, one of anguish, stress, and unnecessary cardio. As all of you will know by now, my boyfriend has been in Miami for 5 months doing a semester at UM. I went to visit, and everything was just dandy. As you can imagine, coming back from sunny Miami and lovely boyfriend to freezing Britain and loud, fat hamster was rather disheartening. Even more so when my flight from Miami was delayed and I had to wait around for a while listening to a father try to convince his son hat he was  allowed an iPhone on the plane, and no, they would not confiscate it.

My flight arrived and I realised I had made a rookie-flying-error. I had not booked my seat prior to the flight. I was in a middle seat for a 9 hour flight. Best part is that I was inbetween a couple who purposely booked their seats with a space in the middle because they were too overweight to sit next to each other, resulting in me being squashed between the pair of them for 9 hours of overnight flight involving no sleep for me. (Didn't fancy getting romantic and leaning on them for sleep.)

And so I arrive at Heathrow, where all my problems begin. I am extremely tired by this point. My flight was delayed, leaving me with exactly 20 minutes to get off the plane, and get onto my connecting flight to Edinburgh. I tore off the plane, and started very quickly power-walking around trying to get to the connecting flights. If any of you know Heathrow Airport you will know it is similar to the maze in Harry Potter, only bigger and with more obstacles to overcome.
On my way to the security I see someone from BA, and thinking ahead, ask her about which my gate is. (My ticket has been marked gate:540) for some reason. There are not 540 gates in Heathrow. She tells me it means gate 40, so I tear my way through all of the fast-track lanes and go off in search of gate 40.

I find a sign saying I need to go to Terminal B ( I am in Terminal A). This requires getting a tram, and I am advised it will take 15 minutes. I could make it if I run. So I run, grab the tram, and get off at Terminal B where I look at the gates. Gate 38, Gate 39, Gate 41... Where the France is Gate 40?! I look at the BA desks, but nobody is at any of them. I run to Duty Free where I'm told Terminal B is long haul BA flights only, and I need to find someone at the help desk to sort me out a new flight as I won't make this one. Except all the desks are totally empty. Nobody who works at BA is in the sodding  BA terminal.

So I am told to go back to Terminal A to find someone, although the tram only goes one way so I walk, head down, trying not to have a nervous breakdown, back to Terminal A. I arrive at Terminal A and find a BA flight attendant holding a sign for Edinburgh. I explain that is where I am going, on the 8am flight and need help. She tells me I have missed it, and to go back to Terminal B where someone will rebook my flight. So I am going back from where I have just come from. I walk back around to the trams and take the leisurely walk as a moment to call my dad and tell him I am having a nervous break down and am going to kill myself if someone doesn't help me soon. He tells me to stop being dramatic and pull myself together. I will add at this point that I suffer from Panic Disorder, so was doing well to keep it together this long anyway.

I arrive at Terminal B, and surprise surprise, no one at the BA desks. I go back to Duty Free and tell them I need to find someone from BA, now. I have walked from Terminal A to B several times now and am tired, jetlagged, stressed and angry. I  am told to try the premium fliers lounge upstairs, so I go up there to find two BA girls at a desk. "I have missed my flight to Edinburgh, and need another one now," I tell them. She gives me a big smile and says "Right! Well go back to Terminal A..." and then I lost my rag and leant in very close, like The Joker when he's being menacing in Batman. "I have been told to go from A to B 4 times by BA staff now, and nobody knows what they are doing. If I don't get put on a flight to Edinburgh very quickly, I am going to have a nervous breakdown" I tell her, very slowly for added effect.

The fact that I was shaking, my eyes were falling out of my skull and I probably smelt of a mens gym seemed to spark something in her because she started typing in my details into the computer. Turns out my Gate 40 was actually supposed to be Gate 5. (Good one, BA.) But wait! My flight was delayed! They are boarding now! I could make it! She takes me like some kind of master sending her student on a mission and explains where I need to go. She tells me I won't get there if I wait for the tram, I have to run down the walkway and try to make it that way. So off I sprint.

Only problem is, I am not fit enough for a 20 minute sprint. Or a 2 minute sprint, for that matter. I am huffing and puffing, carrying my bloody hand luggage and laptop and running like Napoleon Dynamite. At one point I want to stop and cry, but realise that's a waste of time so I keep on half running, half dragging my body across the airport. I look like a zombie from the movies when they run weird to stop their legs dropping off. I was probably dribbling as well for added effect but I can't remember what was going on exactly, I have blanked it out of my memories like when you have been abused and go to therapy to forget. I arrive at the gate sweating more than the guy at the gym  I saw once who had a puddle at his feet. I am red, out of breath, puffing, panting, sweating, stinking, and miserable as hell.

I finally get on the plane.
"Are you looking forward to your flight with us today? :) "
No! No I was bloody not!

To conclude, the BA staff scattered around Heathrow airport were totally clueless and I thought I was going to combust from stress, caused by them. If it wasn't for my flight being delayed 50 minutes I would have missed it entirely. So come on, BA. Send me some free stuff to take this post down from my blog, I fancy some flights to Italy, please.

Brownie Fotd.

Monday, 13 May 2013
This is a simple Face Of The Day look which I've been opting for recently as a more natural look. Here I was off to work (I work evenings at a busy bar) so I wore a bright lip to make it a bit more of a FOTN, but during the day worn with a nude lip or light gloss is good for a light and more natural appearance. (And you can see my ombre in these photo's finally, yay!)

Makeup Steps:

1. I primed using the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer. I don't really rate this primer to be honest, but I have no money at the moment and it is the only primer I have at the moment so may as well use it rather than spend money on a new one. What primers do you guys use? My foundation is the Rimmel Wake Me Up in 400 Natural Beige, set with Rimmel Stay Matte Press Powder. This is the best mattifying setting powder I have tried so far and swear by it.

2. For my brows I used a cheap kit by Fashionista which I picked up from Superdrug but it is VERY similar to the Benefit Browzings kit. I used this as a base and then defined with Mac Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Spiked. I try to keep the inner corners mostly powder to avoid too much of a scouse brow.

3. For my eyes I primed with Maybelline Dream Mousse Eyecolor in the shade Blissful Beige. This is my favourite clean eye colour to brighten the eye but keep it simple. I then did a simple thin wing eyeliner (I have hooded eyelids so I have to keep it thin) and used the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner, although recently I've been swaying away from this as the colour is not as deep as I like it to be and the line is often too thick due to the nib. My mascara as always is the Louise Gray Mascara by Topshop which I swear by for the top lashes and then the L'oreal Telescopic Mascara for my bottom lashes because the brush is much thinner.

4. Finishing touches! My lips are Pretty Amazing by Bare Minerals in shade Pizzaz. I usually stay away from lipglosses and stay with a matte lip but after blotting I really love the texture, colour and shine to this gloss and it stays on for ages. And a few weeny freckles to make the look seem more natural done with a Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown shade 001. 

What do you wear on a daily basis?

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