50 F***s

Saturday, 18 May 2013
Following wonderfully positive feedback from a past blog, returned is the 50 f*cks list. No offence intended, just a bit of fun following some weird conversations with my girls. One in which this was quoted 'Ew, imagine sleeping with Lord Farquad.' (See Shrek for reference.)

50 F***s- 50 people I deem to be attractive enough to sleep with, in no particular order.
(To clarify, I'm not deluded. I'm aware to sleep with these people would involve drugs and illegal planning for the most part.)

1. Eric from The Little Mermaid
2. The hot guy in Tangled I can’t remember his name. (Edit: It's Flynn Rider.)

3. Colin Firth

4. TOM HARDY. I want his hardy.
5. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

6. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7. Channing Tatum
8. Michael Cera, anytime,anywhere.

9. Viktor Krum
10. Peeta Mellark
11. Awkward Threesome with Katy Perry and Russell Brand
12. Jack Sparrow all day long

13. Leo Dicaprio but only when he was younger like in Titanic.

14. Kovu from The Lion King 2

15. Edward Scissorhands if he didn’t have scissors for hands.
16. Ed Westwick (Obviously)
17. Chase Crawford but he’d have to be rough to make up for the fact that he looks so feminine sometimes.
18. Ryan Gosling
19. Bob Marley (If he was alive.)
20. Megan Fox (Obviously)
21. Shia Lebouf
22. The awkward guy from The Social Network.
23. Joseph Gordon Levitt
24. Most Abercrombie models.
25. The Olsen Twins. Not at the same time, that would be weird.

26. Penelope Cruz.

27. Heather Walker. (She made me put her here. )
28. Liam from 90210

29. Inbetweeners Simon

30. Stewie from Family guy, that’s probably weird but whatever.
31. Hilary Duff
32. Kate Middleton
33. Joe Hart
34. John Mayer but only one time, he seems like a crymaxer.
35. The drummer from Enter Shikari
36. Ellie Goulding
37. Both guys from Rizzle Kicks at the same time
38. Aladdin, on a magic carpet.
39. Cheryl Cole
40. Emma Stone

41. David Cameron
42. Francis from Malcolm in the Middle.
43. Blair Waldorf.
44. Miley Cyrus but she has to be gagged and only one time and only because I like her clothes.
45. Vikki Blows
46. Cook from Skins.
47. Justin Timberlake.

48. Cassie from Skins.
49. James Franco

50. Seth Rogan

(I would also like to mention the main guy in Green Street Elite who leads their gang thing, Rachel Mcadams, Amanda Seyfriend and Tom Welling, especially in Cheaper by the dozen. )

And 5 people I definitely would NEVER have sex with.
1. Gordon Brown
2. Anyone who has ever done any lame musical theatre, such as Glee, HighSchool Musical etc.
3. Any of the One Direction boys.
4. Justin Bieber
5. Robert Pattinson. his face looks like naan bread.

6 comments on "50 F***s"
  1. Robert Pattinson. his face looks like naan bread.
    Thats my fav :D x

  2. hahhaa I love this list!! Big fat YES to Joseph Gordon Levitt! x

  3. David Cameron, really?! xD

  4. LOOOOOVE the guy from the little mermaid
    And channing tatum would be so much higher on mine lol
    S xx

  5. oh i'm glad im not the only one that would with aladdin. (shameful ahaha)
    Joseph Gordon Levitt and the threesome with Katy & Russell.. yes please. x

  6. This made me laugh. love this! I too am a lover of Francis off MITM
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


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