A Casual Messy Hair Type of Day.

Thursday, 30 May 2013
Top - Primark // Leggings - Primark // Shoes - Adidas Outlet // Watch - Claire's.// Hotpants - Miss Selfridge

Clearly a day for a cheap outfit. These shoes were a good find, 50% off at an Adidas outlet store for £30, bargainous. I had actually wanted to wear the shirt without any shorts on which is why I bought it in a size 14, but my leggings are the dreaded Primark leggings. We all know the type. We have all stood behind an unknowing Primark-Legging-Buyer who has gotten dressed in the safety of her dully lit bedroom, only to step out into the bright and blinding lights of retail stores, revealing to all behind her her choice of undergarment.

I was not about to be that girl. So I threw on my glittery hot pants, just to mask any panty peeking. Note: these hotpants are not suitable for day time, or night time wear unless you have leggings underneath them. Or Beyonce's lower body. 

The outfit was super comfy for a day chilling at the salon doing nails (: (For anyone from my town reading this I am in Pinky's Nail Bar on Tuesdays currently doing acrylics for just £20 :) )
I wore my teeny Internacionale skull necklace, and my Claire's watch to give me a bit more blingaling. My lipstick is my all-time favourite, Lickable by MAC.

In total, including accessories, this outfit cost me a grand total of £48. Wonderful!
What do you wear for a comfy casual day?

3 comments on "A Casual Messy Hair Type of Day."
  1. Love this, especially how comfy the outfit looks without being boring. Your nail varnish also looks sweet!

    Lauren xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit lovely, especially with the neon nails! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. You look gorgeous! I love your shoes xo


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