Heel Heights - How High is Too High?

Thursday, 30 May 2013
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Quick ponder for you all before we begin - If heights is spelt 'heights' why is high not spelt 'heigh'?
Someone answer this for me, I'm sure there is a simple grammatical rule but I appear to have looked past it. (Like when I mistakenly believed 'banal' to be pronounced in rhyming accordance with 'anal.' If I had bothered to realise if I take the comparison of 'canal' a humiliating moment during my Politics presentation could have been avoided but there we go.

In school when I was about 15 or 16, the 'popular girls' would strut around in town flashing their skimpy and barely pubescent legs in these teetering sky-scraper heels. As most of us less-popular girls did in school, I purchased my own pair in the hopes of achieving a higher style status. It didn't work. All I achieved was blisters, a sore ass, and humiliation.

For the last few years, the mantra with heels seems to have become 'the higher the better.' When going out clubbing, the heels some girls wear are reminiscent of the type you would get on a pole dancer, although at least then it serves the purpose of acting as a support and grip for the pole. On a night out it seems to provide no purpose other than to make your legs look phenomenal. I cannot argue the delight I feel when putting on a really nice, high pair of heels. The feeling of joy when my legs are transformed from stumpy tree trunks into long, lovely limbs. This feeling of delight is usually gone by the time I have walked 5 steps in them and realised I look like a fool and am also in pain. To the women who can wear 6 inch heels on a daily basis - I salute you.

The amount of times I have gone out in a pair of beautiful, sky scrapers on a night out and, add a few drinks into the mix, ended up a crumpled heap on the floor with a twisted ankle the next day is ridiculous. In fact, about a year ago I came to the decision that I cannot kid myself any longer - heels are not for me. I now go out in flats and feel like a little hobbit troll as I come up to the other women's waists while they saunter around me 7ft up.

Flat shoes are comfortable. Flat shoes can be stylish too. Flat shoes just don't make you feel quite as good as a really nice pair of heels though. Even buying a new pair of Vans or Nike's don't bring me the same joy I had when I purchased my first pair of Kurt Geiger heels. (Which have subsequently only been worn out twice and one of the times I trekked back home bare foot, head down in shame, heels in hand.)

Enter 2013 and the new revelation that we can get the best of both worlds. The midi heel has swept the catwalks, and now the highstreets. Zara have an absolutely mouthwatering few.
(Check out this one below at just under 4 inches. Perfecto.)

The midi heel can be worn all day without feeling out of place, or getting those sore legs and feet. I know that I have definitely walked down the street in heels and felt a bit like a night-walker who got lost on her nightly patrol. Usually if you see a girl out in shorts and sky-scrapers, the first thought is 'walk of shame!' Nobody wants to be that girl.

Recently I saw one of those 'popular' girls from my school on Twitter. She is definitely no longer popular, and her feet are probably covered in bunyons. She was tweeting about kitten heels, taking photos of people wearing them on a night out declaring 'go high or go home!'
I disagree. In ten years, we will have healthy, beautiful feet, and you will probably have disfigured ones from years of wearing overly high, cheep heels. You don't have to be the tallest girl in the room with the highest heels to be the best dressed, or to have the best legs. Confidence is what ultimately is the most attractive to males, and confidence is what will allow you to have that great, fun, carefree night out with your girls. 

Confidence comes from a hot, comfy pair of shoes, not from teetering round in 7 inchers and carrying spare flats in your bag for when the pain gets too much. Too many times I have spent the night sitting watching people on the dance floor, unable to move due to the shooting pain up my leg.
To conclude, I am usually always one to say it should forever be style over substance, but when it comes to shoes, I have to disagree. 

And, with all the new midi's coming out this season, it looks like the fashion world's feet are getting tired and agreeing with us too!  What's your favourite height to wear?

Note: I am definitely not slating anyone who wears a fantastic pair of 6 inch heels on a night out, if you can wear it, rock it! What I am saying though is that if you are like me, and struggle to deal with the pain and end up limping around like you have too much swag and may have wet yourself, you don't need to bother with them. You can look just as good 2 or 3 inches shorter! 

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