Neon Skeleton

Monday, 20 May 2013
Hat - Missguided // Skirt - River Island // Leotard - Primark // Boots - NewLook // Cardigan - Miss Selfridge

This is the outfit which I wore to a lunch date with my boyfriend, who has finally returned to the UK. Before lunch I went into a salon for my course (stay tuned for the big reveal next week!) and so I took my wee beauty case which I got from Ebay in with me. I can't wait to cover it in skate stickers.
I bought this skirt from River Island the other day, officially delving me into my overdraft. I thought it was worth it. I think I need to sit down and re-evaluate my life values.
I hadn't bought anything for myself in a while and felt like a crack addict walking past his usual den. I couldn't stop myself. I need to be sectioned or something for addiction to retail.

I kept my accessories and makeup simple to avoid scaring everyone away. Where I live it isn't really a place to experiment with fashion, the favourite outfit for most locals tends to be a matching velour tracksuit, and everyone else likes to play it safe to avoid being spat on in the streets. Sometimes when I dare wear my fur coat out I regret it and convince myself for the entire walk that I am about to be mugged because they have mistaken me for a woman of wealth.
The sad reality is that if they were to mug me they would make off with a broken phone, a couple of coppers and a card that is in debt rather than credit.
So if you are reading this with the future intent of mugging me, don't bother. You'll only be disappointed.

What do people in your local town dress like usually?

5 comments on "Neon Skeleton"
  1. waaah, this is amazing! really gorgeous outfit as always <3

  2. I love this outfit so much, epesh that leotard :)
    My town is full of chavs so a tracksuit is pretty fashionable here ;)
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  3. That bodysuit is stunning, and you look gorgeous xo

  4. Love your skirt
    Such a gorge colour
    S xx

  5. I bought this skirt the other day, I proper love it!

    Alice ♥


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